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Trying to Find a Path to Recovery!

Hi, hi, hi. I'm Gatsby. I live in LA and I'm mid-twenties (and a chick). I'm here to learn healthier eating habits so I can lose weight. I've known for a while that I'm emotionally dependent on food -- when I'm excited/happy/celebrating something, I go straight for food. Likewise, when I'm upset/anxious, I go straight for food. I love food, which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing on its own -- I love ...
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How do others seek help?

Hello! Over the course of my life, I've always had one addiction after another: anorexia; an assortment of drugs including alcohol, heroin, and benzo's; cutting and other self-harm. In addition, schizoaffective disorder.

Now, it seems I'm having trouble with overeating. I eat when I am not hungry. I eat to cope with every mood, happy or sad. Instead of eating one portion of a meal, I eat four or five or more. I'm not eating ...
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Not sure if I'm a sufferer

Maybe others can relate, I'm not sure if I'm really suffering from a food addiction.

My parents in law are suffering an addiction problem at the moment. My fiance's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year but is finding it extremely difficult to stop smoking as is his wife. Speaking to the pair of them I've noticed similarities between my own attempts to lose weight.

I've struggled with my weight as long as ...
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I'm a sweet food addict and can't stop it

I'm 25 and I can't stop eating sweet stuff. I'm not fat, I think I'm chubby but this bad addiction of mine is going to make me fat if I don't do something about it.

I'm 5'7'' tall and weigh 185 lbs. Actually I'm not sure where the weight comes from, because if you saw me you would NEVER think I weighed that much.

The thing is, even if I go on diets and stop ...
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Just sharing my way of dealing with an eating disorder

Growing up, I was forced to take a lot of antipsychotics. As a lot of you may know, theh cause extreme weight gain Mainly due to the appetite increase. i became a tyoe 2 diabetic at age 19 because of it, and my appetite was never the same even after stopping to take the drugs.

I've managed to lose about 220lbs since 2009, and Im still overweight and battle food obsession daily. Taking lithium now, ...
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what are your stories how did this all start?

i feel like i may have had food addiction or bed basically my whole life but about maybe 5 or 6 years ago is when it has gotten really bad. and i think it may have gotten bad because of something that happened at that time but its not something i think about so maybe not?
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I am a Food Addict

Hello everyone I stumbled upon your website after trying to find someone to talk to about my problem, I'd like to start off my introducing myself. My name is Alex I am and 23 years and I have been overweight since the 5th grade. i came to this website because I have a food addiction problem. It might sound silly but I like playing video games a lot and last month I made a topic ...
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One Meal a Day Walking

Hi there,

I wanted to share what I have been doing to lose weight and get some feedback.

I eat one meal a day in the evening, something healthy and I walk a lot.

I did my research and this is healthy according to my sources. The articles said no one has time to prepare six small meals much less eat them and it's too costly. They said if you exercise i.e. aerobics, it makes ...
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Addicted to SPLENDA

i really hate to admit this and it is the first time i am ever admitting this but I am pretty sure I'm addicted to splenda. I prob go through 100 packets a week. In my coffee it is 2 packets but i seem to dip alt of my food in it. For example when I'm eating pretzels i pour a packet into my hand and dip it onto the pretzel. i guess i like ...
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Late night Munching

I constantly eat late at night ranging from 11-2am and i am just sitting around doing nothing when i should be sleeping because I am so tired. I am a student, 22, who is recovering from bulimia and I get up every morning at 8:30 and I am fine though out the day but wheneverI am in my apartment and the food is there i constantly eat whether I am hungry or not. I have ...
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