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A connection?

I have been mulling over whether or not there is a connection between these situations/issues. Today it finally came to me to Google the situation and see if I could find anything. So that is what has brought me here today. I struggled with whether to post this in this particular forum or one of the sexual abuse ones. As I do not feel as though I experienced abuse with my particular situation, I opted ...
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Everything in Moderation

I have an addictive personality.

Been addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, porn, masturbation and of course food.

The food addiction for me was out of boredom.

Anyway, many years ago I had a friend (heroin addict) and I'll always remember his words "everything in moderation". Whether he said this to justify his own addiction or whether it was genuine words of advice doesn't really matter because I listened, remembered and utilised this into my own ...
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Addicted to Food

Hello. My therapist agrees that I have a food addiction but my family does not believe me and they say that it’s just in my head and I’m making myself believe that. I binge eat junk food almost everyday and food is the only thing that makes me happy. Once I start eating I don’t stop and no matter how full I am I will continue eating. I sometimes throw up when I’m feeling full ...
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The worst part about being a food addict is

Knowing that the foods that i used to love I cant have anymore and pushy people at social gatherings who try to make me eat food that I shouldn't have.
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*mod edit*
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Anyone want to quit together?

I mentioned this in a reply to another post, but I thought maybe it would be better to bring it up here...

I am going to quit sugar (starting today) and I wanted to see whether any of you would like to quit sugar with me. I was thinking of using whatsapp (could be a group chat) to stay in communication and support each other through withdrawals and daily struggles. Or if you've quit before ...
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Over eaters Annonymous and dual addictions

Hi I am Elizabeth I am a recovering sex addict love addict and binge eater. I've got 1 year of sobriety in SAA.

I have not started OA yet but there are issues. I use to weigh 342 pounds. I had to lose 50 to get a painful hernia surgery.Then after the surgery I got an infection plus a wound from knocking out 1 or my drains.

I spent 5 and a half months in ...
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You'd never think I have a food addiction until you tell me I was supposed to have one cinnamon bun and I took three, and a bagel, and a GoGurt, and yesterday's shortcake, and the M&M's from a YoCrunch. God. I'm so skinny that I feel like if I ever told anyone what was happening, they wouldn't even believe me or listen to me. Whoops. I'm all alone.
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Food fills the emptiness inside me

Hi all, I wouldn't say I'm a food addict and I'm not exceptionally overweight but I am somewhat heavy. I fear one day I may become a food addict. Eating junk food and sweets helps fill the emptiness inside me and takes away the pain I'm feeling when I'm depressed. It really does make me feel better. I try to eat healthy at times but I crave junk food. I crave sweets and desserts. A ...
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Help me

My name is Kamryn, I'm 16, and I have a crippling addiction to food. It started when I was probably about 8 years old, when I would sneak into my family's kitchen, early in the morning every day, and steal Hershey kisses from a giant jar my parents had. From there, my food addiction arose. I suspect it's because I've not lived in the best conditions in my life and my family has been torn ...
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