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Forum for significant others, family and friends of people with mental illness to discuss relevant issues they face.
Forum rules
This is a support forum for the family, partners and friends of those with mental health issues. This forum is intended to be a safe place to discuss information, give and receive support and learn about all the issues related to being involved with a person with a disorder. Whilst it can be healthy to express various emotions, please remember to be respectful about the disorder itself. This is a place for constructive discussions, not a venting forum.

The issues experienced by the significant others of those with disorders cannot always be discussed in the other parts of the site in a way that does not trigger those with disorders. Moderators may therefore move threads from other forums into this one at their discretion.

help for a narc victim

Hi, brand new here, and brand new to this NPD phenomenon... id like to share my story because sometimes i feel like i have played a bigger part in this than i have...

I met this girl 4 years ago. after online dating for a while, and being constantly disappointed, i was ready to give up, then i met cheryl. she was beautiful and successful. we hit it off, like really hit it off. we ...
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Help. NPD with HPD GF, Push/Pull for years

I'm 26, also i'm a young doctor, i was diagnosed with NPD a few years ago, been seeing a therapist for 2 years to work on my problems and to learn to have a normal life. I'm in a relationship with an HPD woman, my age. I know she is an HPD after we went to a couple of therapy session together, before she quit saying it's not helping her.

First 2 years were also ...
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Is it counterproductive to talk to someone in therapy about

Hello I have a cousin I grew up with and he developed some mental health issues over the past few years. He sees a therapist regularly, he goes to a group, he takes medications, he spent some time at an inpatient facility, etc.

He still gets extremely upset at relatively normal people problems, to the point where he feels worthless.

I don't mean to downplay his predicament, I just get the impression that this treatment ...
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Narcissist wife

Good morning, this is my first post after reading this forum and many others. I'm looking for advice and help firstly to establish what is going on.
My wife of 3 years has the traits of a narcissist and I've only just learnt of this by reading about it and the many helpful pages available.
To sum up her, always right, there is no other reason and everything is black and white. There is little ...
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BPD friend advice

Looking for some advice/a space to vent more than anything.

Last year my friend got diagnosed with BPD. It didn’t really come as a surprise. At first she was drastically improving with treatment and doing well. However earlier this year her treatment stopped, and she went into crisis mode, eventually being admitted into psychiatric care after threats of suicide.

Since then, it has been challenging to be in her life. While she was in care ...
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Confusing signals from borderline ex after suicide attempt

I tried to post this once, but there was an error and it didn't go through.

First of all, I want to say that I wouldn't necessarily pigeonhole someone's behavior just because they've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. There's a real human beneath the diagnosis, and I feel that it's disrespectful and shortsighted to interpret all the person's behavior through that lens. Basically, I'm trying not to assume the worst about this person.

Anyway, ...
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New to boards. Question about HPD Ex wife

Hi everyone!

I was married to an HPD for awhile, who cheated, lied, played mental games and then one day she up and left with another man. When we dated, everything was great! Then the cheating began and she had to admit it to me when she got caught. Like an idiot, I begged her back, she convinced me it was my fault. So we got married. During the marriage she had many affairs. She ...
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Was my bestfriend right to do this?

I’ve had a bestfriend since we were 5 (we’re 21 now). Went to school and college together.
Over the years we’ve had a few arguments but nothing serious.
Lately we had a big one and I’d appreciate your POV.

Me and my long term GF of 2 years had broken up a couple of months ago.
Him and my ex never met but they did speak a few times on call, most convos about me. ...
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Narcissitic mother hits out beyond the grave

It doesn't seem possible that even now that she has passed, I found out a secret about her that hurts. Yesterday my sister told me a secret my mother told her 50 years ago. She said her son in law, my (ex) husband had made a pass at her. This is completely ridiculous. In fact, I saw her flirt with him. She has flirted with the boyfriends of my sister. She has a history of ...
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Flying Monkeys and Narc reappearance?

Hello everybody! I am new to this forum and quite excited to be here. I am looking forward to hearing opinions of people who know what it is to deal with Narcissists. My friends have a hard time grasping this concept.
But to the point.
I cut off my Narc around 2 years ago. Blocked him everywhere possible. Up to this day he uses my number for food deliveries (which I had to block), for ...
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