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Forum for significant others, family and friends of people with mental illness to discuss relevant issues they face.
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This is a support forum for the family, partners and friends of those with mental health issues. This forum is intended to be a safe place to discuss information, give and receive support and learn about all the issues related to being involved with a person with a disorder. Whilst it can be healthy to express various emotions, please remember to be respectful about the disorder itself. This is a place for constructive discussions, not a venting forum.

The issues experienced by the significant others of those with disorders cannot always be discussed in the other parts of the site in a way that does not trigger those with disorders. Moderators may therefore move threads from other forums into this one at their discretion.

Can't let go of distractive behaviour

I am a new Health and Wellbeing Coach and I am currently working with a client who is not able to let go of distractive behaviour. I know from personal experience that when we live with a certain behaviour for a long time then we are scared to let go because we know how to deal with the current behaviour even if it is not what we want. However, we do not know what it ...
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Please help me


My best friend, who we do everything together, has both bipolar and borderline, I have tried to help her through it for the last two years, hospital stay etc, we have had a few bumps in the road, but other than that, I look after her daughter when she is at school, we go for coffee, I was helping her sort her new home, and then out of the blue, she goes mad at ...
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Do AvPD dumpers ever consider reconciling?

My ex with AvPD left me after 6 years together due to a perceived betrayal. I say perceived because everyone of my friends, family members, and even therapist all have agreed that it was not a betrayal.

I cannot obviously control and nor would I want to control how she perceives things. However I do agree she was wrong. After that happened she told me 5 months later how hurt she has felt by it, ...
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12 years later..

I recently found out that my husband has a sex addiction. He has been visiting prostitutes and parlours for the last 4 years. He has given me a full disclosure, and is attending therapy, as well as SAA meetings. he has completely cut out sexual temptation out of his life, including porn.
Im struggling though. We have been together for so long, and he's always treated me so well. He was my best friend. and ...
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Visual hypersensitivity

Hi! So my boyfriend had a psychological consultation and was diagnosed with visual hypersensitivity. He never supported the texture of the makeup, and the doctors told him that he can panic when he sees makeup. I love make-up and it's a passion of mine. I would not want to give it up and I am looking for a treatment for this condition. What can we do to remedy his hypersensitivity?
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Trapped with Narcissistic Mother. no way out.

My mom is an abusive narcissist. There are many things she has done to me over the years which have left me horrified, fearful, trapped, and lonely.

My mom has done a lot of different things to me that I do NOT condone but I have not been able to combat in any way because she prevents me from setting boundaries to protect myself.

The list is long but she has smothered me, been extremely ...
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Coping with NPD boss

Have been at the job 3 years. I noticed the NPD on my first day. I would have bailed then because I was just crawling out of a full year of depression due to an NPD relationship, but I had assurances by family and friends that this was not the norm. There are family ties that make leaving difficult if not impossible. By the end of year 2 I realized the negatives officially were equal ...
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Sexual relationship with an HPD

Is it common that the HPD person has some repulse to sex, although talking about sex and saying she wants sex all the time ? This was a major complain I had from my ex. She complained about not having sex all the time, but I tried the impression was that she was not liking the experience. I was not aware of the condition (never heard about HPD until that point). And I could not ...
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NPD Cheated

She was distant for a few weeks, so I knew something "not good" was happening. She quit her job because she claimed she no longer liked her field and it seemed too much like a coincidence that, without needing to be over here to sleep an hour more before leaving for work, that she got distant right afterwards.

We were together without any breaks/break-ups for around 2 years before she met a guy at her ...
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Can wanting to not be seen cause someone to slouch?

I am wondering if someone not wanting to be seen can cause them to slouch.
Like if they don't want to be seen by their mom because they dislike talking to her, is it possible that they start subconsciously slouching to avoid being seen.
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