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Husband's ED not getting fixed...advice?

Hello, I am new to this group and am looking for advice. I am the wife of a husband with ED. Our background: We met in May 2019 on an online dating site. Liked each other after meeting so we started dating. He wanted to keep it from getting sexual for religious reasons and I was impressed by that even though he made me hot as hell...even though I was 63 at the time. Looking ...
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New to trimix

Miracle drug, just 8 units and rock hard for hour and 1/2. Orgasmed after about 5 minutes, Next time took about 5 shots of Wild Turkey. Rock hard but couldn't orgasm after 45 minutes, Going to try about 2 shots of turkey next time. Has anybody tried trimix and alcohol to get everything dialed in.
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shockwave therapy possible at home?


does anybody have some experiences with shockwave therapy machines for home use? Is it possible? And can you recommend a shockwave device?

Shockwave therapy is somethink like gainswave. Its especially usefull for vascular erectile dysfunction. Others I dont know. Maybe.

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Nice guy finishing last

I have been dealing with ED in one way shape or form for 15 years and no one can tell me why. It started at around age 29. Cialis is the only think that work for a very short period of time. I only get partial erections. The shaft gets erect but the head stays soft consistently. my wife is beyond frustrated and I can't blame her . She has even almost strayed. I have ...
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Losing erection, or short erection, or quick ejaculation

Hello. I am new to this forum. I hope I can find guidance and help what to do. Excuse me if I use improper language - I hope I will get notificaiton for this, so that I can re-write my post in a more suitable way.

I am a 31-year old man. I identify as gay. I have not been with many men in my life, so I don't have much experience, especially in sex. ...
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Can't get an erection with wife

My wife and I have been married for 35 years and we do everything together. We never fight and enjoy each other's company immensly. We're more like a brother/sister relationship than a husband/wife.

We rarely have sexual intercourse due to my ED when we try to make love. I can satisfy her by a long foreplay session and performing oral on her until she orgasms.

I wake up with morning wood, and have no problem ...
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Hard to ejaculate

I can get hard and stay hard forever, but it’s almost impossible to ejaculate. I have to take my mind to wild places to get over the edge and that only works occasionally. Will viagra help with this? It seams I have a major decrease in sensitivity, and body else experience these symptoms?
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Frustrated/Depressed and need some help please

I have Peyronies that's turned into ED. I'm very, very frustrated. Because of my injury during sex causing not only the upward bend, but also a decent loss in length and girth. Before my accident, I was "normal to slightly bigger than normal size." I wasn't huge by any standards, but I was pretty happy with my penis size. I've tried the Soma Erect, the Penimaster Pro and now have been using the ...
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Erections only at night or when waking up

I get solid erections waking me up most mornings, but have struggled with ED in bed, with viagra and cialis only helping some of the time. The doc insists that if I am waking up with strong morning erections, there is no blood flow issue, but a brain flow issue. Thoughts? This has been an off and on terrible issue in my life. I am 32, healthy, active, good t levels, eat healthy, dont drink, ...
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Shoudl I worry?

I realized 4 days ago I couldn't get a proper erection, I feel like I lost sensation and it can't get 100% hard and will go limp very quickly. I'm 37 and never experienced this. I have had a urge to urinate for years, I have to go pee every 30 min and drink a lot but that hasn't caused any other problem. I've been depressed for years and was particularly in a dark mood ...
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