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psychological,verbal & emotional abuse of seniors

This is more about psychological, verbal and emotional abuse than financial, although there has been that component also. I've recently, 3 weeks ago, had to go 'no contact' with my 40year old son, and of course that means my 3 grandchildren and daughter in law. I got the police involved as he was threatening me, it was not a direct threat on my life but threats non the less, and I rang the police because ...
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I need advice for this situation

my mother works for this elder couple where the wife had a stroke and is unable to walk. She's been pulled from two nursing homes because her husband doesn't trust them. He's very military. Her daughter is also being payed for taking care of her but recently she's been acting strange. About a week ago, she stopped giving her mom her pills. The other day after she was done yelling at her kids, she came ...
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my dads been financially abused

Hi everyone. I'm hoping to get some help from someone as I don't know what she to do. Since my mom and dad divorced 8 years ago a women and her 2 children have latched to my dad. They knew he was wealthy and ever since they've managed to get hundreds of thousands of $ from him.I moved to England with work but tried to get to the US as much as I could. This ...
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mothers and daughters

Hi - Are there any daughters out there having a difficult time caring for their elderly mothers?
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Thank you

Hi! :D

In this thread, you can take a little time to thank someone who has given you support or who inspired you through their own story.
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what is Elder Abuse

this may be a stuped question whats Elder Abuse?
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Unusual situation and need advise. HELP!

The elder was my friend and companion of 16 yrs..
He as a bad heart, Diabetes and one kidney that doesn't function well Physically over weight with a bad back.

He met a woman at a sex party, 25 years younger, yes a sex party. Well he supposedly fell head over heals in love with her and he dropped our friendship and has become very irresponsible ...
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Lost for an answer..

My mother (over 70) has my youngest brother living with her in a retirement home community.

He has a undiagnosed mental disability (or just lazy) and has not worked steadily in his entire adult life- my parents have always been there to save him from financial distress.

When our father died -the day of his passing my brother went into our father's bedroom room, threw all of our father's things to the side, moved in, ...
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A very abusive boyfriend!!!

I want to share this story with people and show them what my ex boyfriend mike plante has done. I was put done verbally and emotionally I have never been as hurt as I am now by a man in my life. I am now out of the relationship. It took name calling and him HACKING into my account to find a message i had written looking to meet friends. I am trying to heal ...
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At the start of what became an ugly divorce, my kids and I moved in with my grandmother at our relatives' request. She couldn't live alone, wasn't ready for a nursing home, and they refused to hire a stranger to live with her.

They promised us every financial incentive you can think of, short of paying us, along with the guarantee that all physical and financial needs would be met for keeping my grandmother's house ...
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