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I'm worried about how much I'm eating. It is a bad habit of mine but it is happening due to me staying at home and not having much to do and feeling restless. I want to go out to work full time but I'm not sure if my energy levels will allow it. I want to find a job which is flexible so if I have to cut down hours I can and I just ...
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Anorexia from fear of food

I get super sick from eating that now it takes a whole hour to get a small bit of food down and that's all I can take.

I know it's not about trying to lose weight but I just want to be clean so nothing hurts me however I have lost a significant amount of weight in a few days.

I don't want to be transferred to psych when I see my specialist but I ...
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Medications possibly making things worse?

Forgive me if this is old information, but I think it's worth mentioning (if someone hasn't already) that we should carefully examine any meds we're taking that may be influencing our impulsivity. Especially any meds that have anything to do with dopamine. I take Bupropion and Pramipexole (just switched to Ropinirole today actually) and I think both of those are having some influence on my impulsivity to some extent.

The Bupropion may be exacerbating my ...
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Hello. I am new here, and wondering if anyone else has this

Hello. I am new to the board. I was recently diagnosed with binge eating disorder, so I am fairly new to what most people experience with it. But what my problem is, is a complete fear of starvation. If something happens that I am in a place where I cant get enough food, or dont have time to eat, I binge later to make up for it. I dont binge out of boredom, or to ...

Bing eating severity

I’ve read through the symptoms of bing eating I’ve never been diagnosed as It’s probably not predominant issue but I feel like it fits at what point does it cross boundaries and becomes a disorder? Like for instance anorexia and Bulimia the symptoms seem to be very severe and obvious to anyone who sees the behavior as a disorder, is bing eating the same way or is it more of a hidden disorder that is ...
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COVID-19: Binge Eating

Ever since the lockdowns happened, we only have so much to do, and most of us had the tendency to turn to binge eating which made us gain weight.

How do you control binge eating? Or do you guys lean more toward eating healthy? Do you do some exercises?
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BED Is Destroying Me

I despise myself for binging again.
It has put me in so much pain. My head really hurts so much from this.
I truly want to stop this and never binge again but I don’t seem to be able to.
This disorder is ruining my life and my body and I can’t seem to stop it.
I am scared and I need help
Binging is such a horrific experience and it really does take over ...
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Nightmare Nigh Terror Dreams

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Long term Bulimia

Anyone else had Bulimia for a long time? Ive had it for over 27 years now and its not as bad but still there.

Anyone relate?

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