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Private School for Dyslexia Not What We'd Hoped

I realize that many zip codes do not have a specialized school dedicated to dyslexia, and I can understand the unfairness of that. But in our case, we have one! And of course we were thrilled when a private school opened up a couple years ago that specialized in teaching dyslexics. Unfortunately, we do not believe the school is well run. And we believe the academic side of it is not well managed either. We ...
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Splitting migraines

Hi guys since finding out I'm dyslexic this Thursday at the age of 43 I guess you guys know what I'm going through anger frustration disappointment about almost everyone everything the system that has let me down so many feelings my head feels like it needs to pop,*mod edit*

Need advice how do i stop this painkillers do not help and I'm allergic to opioids don't know if that's a good thing or not.
Ps ...
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Times Tables

So it's looking fairly certain my 7 year old son is dyslexic, fortunately due to it being in my husband's family and the knowledge they provide me, we have support in place at school, the one area i am struggling with is times tables. The school seem to be insistent that he needs to learn by rote his times tables and has to get 40/40 three times in a row within a time frame before ...
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Ways to communicate better on email

I am looking for ways to communicate better on email. I searched a few things, and I found something called *mod edit*. I started to use it, and it looks interesting. I wanted to know if anyone here can share his experience and give me some tips on how to use these tools more efficiently.
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Dyslexia and Eye Movement

I am not a pscyhologist, but I recently read an article in 'the Pscyhologist' about eye tracking and neurological conditions.

https://thepsychologist.bps.org.uk/volu ... and-psyche

Essentially eye movement varies across a range of such conditions. This relates to spatial information and 'attention'.

This in turn is raising the possibility that eye tracking will be used a diagnostic tool in the future.

Dyslexia was not mentioned in this article, but there is ...
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On Demand Speaking

I've had a successful career so far. I'm a systems engineer for a well-known software company. The team I'm a part of designs and manages critical infrastructure. As an individual, I've been very successful. I excel at robust system design and troubleshooting, which is how I got to where I am.

However, my career has hit a major roadblock. While I am good at designing and building technical systems, I'm awful at vocalizing ideas. I'm ...
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Age requirement?

Has anyone noticed the stigma attached to a person with dyslexia? Often, if the topic is searched, results come back with info regarding your 'child.' If the topic is discussed, others interpret you are speaking of your own child or when you were little. With bias, has anyone noticed that dyslexics are treated as slightly incompetent, slow, young, naive, fragile, or below a normal intelligence level? :( ...
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A few questions

I've known my whole life that I had a problem and when I heard the definition of dyslexia ,I knew that was the problem was. I just took a test for dyslexia on the Internet and it suggested I had a major dyslexia problem. I'm 71 and I fell into, maybe by the grace of God, I became a potter and a Volleyball instructor for my whole life. Still work every day with different direction ...
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I think my boyfriend might be dyslexic, dk how to help

I've been with my boyfriend since college (we are in our late 20's now). When we were in college he was an underachiever in school and preferred to party. Initially i viewed this behavior as immaturity but I soon saw some red flags that changed my mind.

He loves storytelling and watching movies, he studied film in college. He loves the movie princess bride, but when someone bought him the novel princess bride for his ...
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Adult with mild dyslexia...need help?

Hi there.

I'll try and keep this short: basically, growing up I was always a little slower than the others in class. I remember specifically having problems with putting things in the correct order, and then I recall getting very anxious and not being able to follow steps very easily. When I look back, I remember feeling very confused and anxious in school as a kid. I was a bit slow with reading, and my ...
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