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Held hostage by my former partner weilding the legal system

I'm now just over 14 months removed from an extremely abusive relationship (I own my share in it as - contrary to popular belief - I find that abusive relationships are very rarely one-sided).

We first met about 7 years ago in a cushy private D&A rehab / mental health clinic and very foolishly decided to move in together right away. Both of us being severe alcoholics with a long history of drug abuse and ...
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Is this abuse?

So I want to give some insight on how my relationship with my husband has been, I would love to hear opinions please.

I started dating him when I was 15 and not long after he would do things like skipping school to go hang out with other girls and even disappeared for a whole day and his mother and I search for him to find out he was with an exgirlfriend. A couple years ...
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Coercive Control

From my understanding Coercive control is all those little things they did which individually amount to nothing but put all together you have some abuse. I also understand that it's very hard to prove and get a conviction for. I also learned that in court your journals can be submitted as evidence. So I'm thinking of adding charges to my ex's file. He's already being charged with sexual assault. It's all a very complicated matter.
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Unsure if it's my fault

I met my boyfriend who've I've been in a LDR with for over a year. We have had issues before where he's been manipulative and cut me off from my friends, made threats ect but when i finally tried to leave him for good he begged and begged and said he'd change and i still loved him so i went back. and he did genuinely change this time unlike other times, so i felt comfortable ...
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How do I start standing up for myself?

Last relationship was severely abusive the arguments would go on for days if I dared stand up for myself I was punished mercilessly I left 5 years ago however I still get frightened when anyone displays any kind of aggressive behavior, even if it’s just raising their voice I get terrified but it’s time I started standing up for myself again I just don’t know how to get my voice back?
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Embarrassment or Overreacting?

So I am married to a guy who has been abusive in the past. After a close call with child protective services when a therapist I was seeing decided to make a report, he has made what appears to be an effort, or at least a decision to refrain from physical violence and overt name calling for the past year. I have also seen an improvement in his overt dishonesty and inconsiderate behaviors that ...
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Is there any light st the end of this darkness? *TW*

*Trigger Warning*

*mod edit*. I am 47 years old and have just survived the most horrific event of my life. I waited my whole life to get married as I only wanted to do it once. I found the man of my dreams in. October of 2018 and was happily married soon thereafter. My happy marriage took a very swift turn for the worse about a year in when my husband lost custody of his ...
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Merry Christmas everyone

Can be tough for a lot of us as it can bring back painful memories or force us to play happy families with our abusers and enablers, but to all of us here, I hope you get through it okay, I hope there is something special you can enjoy and let's all hope for a better new year.

(and now onto Sex Abuse)
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Am I being abused or am I being emotional?

Ever since I was young girl until the age of almost 30, my father has consistently verbally abused me me.and emotionally tormented me by making me feel as if I am worthless, as if I'm the worst person in the world even though I never did anything wrong and always obeyed him. He's done a lot of good things for me of course as he has been caring and kind and has provided me with ...
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BPD sibling making life impossible

So my brother is going out regardless of the lockdown (he likes to challenge authorities) and a couple days ago he got into a physical fight with the police. Now he will have to go in court, and he's all hyped and excited .

He LOVES to challenge authority and laughs at everybody who follows the rule (I.E. the "sheeps" who stay at home during the Lockdown).

When he's around I find his negative energy ...
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