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Am I being abused or am I being emotional?

Ever since I was young girl until the age of almost 30, my father has consistently verbally abused me me.and emotionally tormented me by making me feel as if I am worthless, as if I'm the worst person in the world even though I never did anything wrong and always obeyed him. He's done a lot of good things for me of course as he has been caring and kind and has provided me with ...
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BPD sibling making life impossible

So my brother is going out regardless of the lockdown (he likes to challenge authorities) and a couple days ago he got into a physical fight with the police. Now he will have to go in court, and he's all hyped and excited .

He LOVES to challenge authority and laughs at everybody who follows the rule (I.E. the "sheeps" who stay at home during the Lockdown).

When he's around I find his negative energy ...
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passive aggressive

So, i have to start off that i seek no attention, pity or sorrow. The recurring thought of suicide is so common now that it has become normal for me. Thats where im at right now, and have been there for a while.

I am in a relationship with a woman, lots of baggage between us, i dont care about her baggage (meaning that her past doesnt bother me in the slightest. matter of fact, ...
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Not understanding Male violence

Early on, in childhood, I suffered enough physical violence from my Stepfather to now have severe PTSD, to include dissociative episodes and panic attacks. I'm 72, divorced, and actually had surgery to change from male to female as much as possible. I was not "transgender" and am Celibate now.

I was married for 38 years to a very damaged, but successful woman who constantly quipped that males were inferior or some such trash. I did ...
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My sister's boyfriend is abusive, what can I do?

I have an older sister. We didn't grow up together, in fact, we met for the first time about a year and a half ago. We have a lot in common and became good friends.

I dislike her boyfriend, who she has been with for about 5 years. She has a very love/hate relationship with him. She's always saying that he's an asshole, cheat, alcoholic, druggie and that she dreams of leaving him but cant, ...
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Epilepsy and Spousal Abuse

I’m epileptic and my spouse has been my sole transportation for the past year. He married me 12 yrs ago knowing there could be bad times. He decided to limit his work to make this happen so I could still work, provide insurance, 401(k) and my salary. Late last year I had a terrible seizure that nearly took my life. After being comatose for a day, in the hospital for a week and enduring a ...
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the aftermath

ok so this is a first for me ... disclosing this part of my life...I just wanted to know if anyone else out there feels the way do..

so I am a dv survivor. I have experienced It for ten years of my life before fleeing.
You all know the ins and outs of these type of relationships...but what I have found I have struggled the most with after everything is dealing with it .... ...
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My wife beat me but I need that...

First off all I want to say hello to everybody and to say that I am sorry for bad English, it is not my primal language.

Well..when my wife think that I misbhave, she beat me with her hand, belt or switch. It start before 2years when I said something bad to her. She kick me with her hand and than with my own belt. She beat my leggs, back and ass with belt or ...
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My wife-beating father is getting married again

Hi, I hope this isn't too off-topic, but this forum seemed the most appropriate place to ask this. I'm having a really tough moral dilemma and no idea what the right thing to do is.

I'm not a domestic violence victim myself, but my mother was. Years ago my father almost killed her and only didn't succeed because one of my brothers happened to walk into the room just in time. My father has always ...
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Can anyone tell me if this is abusive?

Long story short, some stuff is coming to light from my soon to be exhusband. I'm so confused about everything. He constantly tells me that I've done things that I've never done. Here's a message (some info has been dotted out for safety sake):

I really wish you would have called me before messaging me these awful things that you promised you would never do again. One, ...
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