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Hello/ Our Experiences so far/ Trigger Warnings will be used

Hi everyone. Just didn't see a place for formal introductions anywhere and so decided to create this first post as one for us.
I am Heather- the host and share the name of the original (sleeping) person who was before everything happened.

We have others several other active parts.

Jenn- our teenager at 15 years old. She can be a lot to handle sometimes but we love her just the same. ...
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A Little Stuck

Recently, I was finally able to find other people to write roleplays with online, and it's been super fun writing with them. In our chats, we all get along really well and our imaginations run wild. Again, it's really cool, but at the same time, I see myself already falling into the trap I was in during my mid to late teens. Basically, I was addicted to the internet because I used it as an ...
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Painful Comments Aftermath Discussion

So there's been little talk about those comments (see the other thread here dissociative-identity/topic218642.html) since then... but yesterday it came up. I was working on next week in our bullet journal and she said "we have nothing next week, at all." I reminded her of the T appointment Tuesday morning. "Oh, that." She said with an irritated sigh.

So I asked her about those remarks. "So you know the ...
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Getting 'locked out' & finding the terms confusing - Jody

Hi Jody here so I'm trying to read up more but finding some terms confusing..some seem to be different terms for the same thing but not sure?

eg is co-hosting the same thing as what some people/sites call passive influence? or is it the same thing as being a 'shell-host'?

Is co-piloting the same as 'blending'? or fusing/fusion? or something different?

is 'the system' an alter that controls everyone and everything or is 'the system' ...
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I seem to be growing up

As I have said before, things within my system move very quickly, and today is no exception. I seem to be processing large chunks of my life experience in days or sometimes hours flat. I presume this is occurring because we have stopped resisting the process as much as we had to before. But that is neither here nor there, because whatever the reason, I have started to see some rapid changes occurring within myself, ...
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violent/scary alter


This is Jody again.. Does anyone else have a very scary alter? I'm left shaking after an incident in the field this morning.

As I mentioned before I haven't been 'at the front' long and this morning I'd gone to walk the dog. he had ignored another dog the whole way round the field cos we were playing ball and as soon as we were about to leave the dog takes off rushing at ...
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Integration: fusion

I sensed a part (R) having grown older inside. It became quite impossible to get in touch with her, and I did feel like I possessed some of her attributes more. I started wondering whether maybe she had integrated more? She is more of an ANP than trauma holder, and I felt like we had processed the part of the life when she emerged.

Then this week she unexpectedly showed up in therapy, explaining that ...
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It is here [Trigger Warning]

I am struggling so hard to type this out because my brain is going so fast, but I'm trying my best to slow it down long enough for me to say what's happening.

For years I have had the sense that a time would come when crucial stuff would start happening with regards to my life journey. Everything, one could argue, is crucial, but this ...
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How to feel safe?

CW for this post: autism, possible neglect, being unsafe

It's been a while since I last posted. I still do not have a diagnosis because it's not how my T works, but my trauma therapist is really good and we work really well together.

I said last time that how could I be plural if I had no childhood trauma? Well...it was discovered that I have autism and that I have sensory processing problems that ...
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Scared to talk to myself

Hi. I'm new here. Thank you so much for letting me in here. So glad I found this forum. I see that you give and receive so much support ❤️ Have ben diagnosed with did. I struggle with communication, even after years of trauma therapy.

My parts talk to my T and my husband, but not to me. We are about to start "self-talk" because that's something I can't do. When I had lots of ...
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