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Started working out Trauma ,Feels triggered but emowered als

I started working on my traumatic memories with a book coping trauma and dissociation.I sent daily worksheet to my therapist.who support me well.I was able to recognize some of my mind as parts that are afraid and are silent .I also start to realise I am working as a system and there is a pattern.Like each time I work up somememories I feel anger,and worry and many traumatic symptoms then I start to self Medicate.Actually ...
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A funny incident

Sooooo something HILARIOUS happened today...

I was out and knew I'd be gone in a little while earlier today, and was home alone...
So I put on a sports bra under our shirt.

When Zor saw it a little later he went to take it off... ROFLMBO I was in tears.
He was so struggling to get ahold of it and pull it and all this...

"It's not that hard." I teased.
"For who?! A ...
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feeling unfixable

weve been really depressed on and off for a while lately, like a few weeks or something maybe idk

and just in the last day or 2 we kinda realize its cos of loneliness? and like, trying to talk about it its like oh thats the whole human race right now etc but like, the thing is whats happening now is just like the rest of the world finally doing what we've done our whole ...
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The first topic about my main. accept

I am new to this forum.
So far I'm afraid of everything) And I'm also afraid of myself on this forum. This is not a phobia, but a moment of denial. I cannot admit or believe that this could happen to me. I read and assumed, but when psychologists and doctors began to talk to me about the symptoms of DID, I began to deny it. I see the symptoms and understand that my ...
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Complicated (3 insiders sharing the same body) Separated???

I met "one" inner world female (last night), who I had to put the word "one" in quotes because it is complicated.

I have a question, which may seem strange. If three people are sharing the same body, in the inner world, can they be separated (so they each have their own inner world body)? Only asking because that's what they want. By same body, I mean two are conjoined (but like something I've ...
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Scary guy in inner world (*****TRIGGER Warning)

So there is a guy (inner world) who told me he goes by the name "Terror Stalker of Doom". I was wondering if anyone has any ideas what this might mean. He won't say. All he says is "Isn't it obvious?" He is super scary. Some kind of shadowy fog-like creature, or even like black fire. I have no clue, but he is being super scary.
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alter afraid of therapy

im not really good at phrasing things so sorry if this post doesnt make sense. my system goes to telehealth therapy a couple of times a week with a therapist who specializes in DID. im an alter who has really bad trauma and surfaced kind of recently. ive been around for a long time but i usually just kind of strayed close to the front instead of actually fully fronting. im not very stable and ...
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The diaries of us

We're starting a new diary, or rather a series of diaries inside this one thread, for us to be seen as someone by someone in somewhere in this world, and to write down things before they get lost into amnesia.

This is meant for the use of all of our system members who just are willing to, it's meant for any of us to tell what's happening to them or us from their perspective, or ...
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Social relationships (personal)

It's not that other people aren't allowed to tell their stories in here, if you relate to what I talk about, have similar experiences or know something about these things in general, please do tell and share how you feel. Mainly we still made this thread to ask a question about us personally, and although topic is hard to comment on and I understand it, and we don't expect anyone has centered their focus on ...
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Do you have times when feels like no one and everyone are fronting and you feel really confused and anxious and unsure? What do you usually do when this happens?

There is some emotional unfamiliar and not so good parts also.. What is this?
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