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Something strange happened (Kinda like a flashback, BUT not)

Something weird happened last night.

Maybe it was some strange side-effect of our severe headache we had (but I don't think so, being that we tend to get that kind of headache at times). It was almost like a flashback, but I have ABSOLUTELY NO clue who those people were. I don't even know where I was (I mean, if it was some kind of memory.) It almost was like I was dreaming, but how ...
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Scared My Therapist Is Pushing a Narrative I Don’t Fit

*** trigger warning - mentions of childhood sexual abuse, mention of emotional/psychological abuse, mention of physical abuse, mention of childhood emotional neglect; nothing explicit but I don’t want to catch anyone off guard ***

So I’ve been seeing my current T for about ... half a year now, after going through a small handful of other professionals for various reasons. Current T is a DID specialist I found via the ISSTD, who’s worked with DID ...
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Can seeing someone else's memory be more vivid than your own

memory, unless it's an actual flashback?

My memories I see through my eyes and they aren't vivid. If I'm shown a memory it's like watching a video of it with sound sometimes.

This sounds like round the wrong way to me. Wouldn't my own memory be more vivid?

How is it for you?

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Question about absence and system knowledge?

Does this mean I'm the host or is this normal or has anything similar happened to you?

I was absent about 3 years. Before this I knew of Beth and Karen and the twins but only because they were decided as main fronts while with my husband some years before for approximately 3 years. The twins decided and I was told. I didn't know of other alters.

Over the last three years because of the ...
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Finally found a T !

Hello guys !
I hope all of you are doing okay.

I just wanted to share with you the really, really good news : we found a therapist.

She's not specialized into DID but is currently specializing herself into treating traumas, and she's a part of a European french-speaking association for trauma and dissociation (the AFTD, if other French systems want to know). It's how we found her, we check their member list sometimes. I've ...
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Journey Thread Sarandipity

I'm basically making this journey thread because I have major anxiety and I thought writing it out might help and that a thread about anxiety would be stupid.

The anxiety is about cleaning a woman's house. I used to clean houses so it doesn't make sense. I can do it, people loved me when I was a cleaner. I'm only doing it once because of this dread I feel over it. Then I've given it ...
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Face to face

I had my first face to face session with my T today after the lock down. Its been really hard just Zooming. It doesn’t work well for me or the others.
One of the little ones came out and spent most of the double session out. We have two more face to face meetings and one zoom left before she and i finish after 15 years and its really hard. At least we will get ...
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Journey Thread - littledaria

We decided to start this thread to hopefully help us make sense of things. Recently, since we found out we will be returning to therapy after several months. One would think we'd be happy and excited about this but we're not.

Instead, a palpable dread has permeated our system.

We've managed to discover at least some of why we are dreading therapy. Some of our littles fear our therapist is going to discontinue our sessions ...
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Quiet of alters?

If it feels quiet of alters is that good or bad? Or what does it mean for you?

I'll explain why I'm asking but if you just want to answer the question without reading this bit that's great too.

I wasn't around for 3 years and Paul told everyone my name is Lilly or at least said that to the outside bf. I didn't like the look of him, he looked too gangstery and I ...
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How do I handle littles

Vi here, I haven't experienced a little since I was about 11 and when I did experience the little I had other people deal with her. Now, miraculously, it seems like the little is back and I have no clue how to handle her. What should I do? How do I go about dealing with her in my adult life? I almost talked to her but she ran off before I could do anything.
Any ...
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