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What Experiences Have You Had That Blows Your Mind?

Are you still amazed by the details of your interworld? Are there facts that you don't know how your subconscious mind knew? What are among the most extraordinary situations you've encountered?
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Wondering how to procede with this?

As you know I have no memories of whether there are others inside (but there's a vague & distant feeling others once existed) but my 'twin' found her way out to me. We don't keep switching right now as that mechanism seems fragile and not working properly. No-one else seems to be able to 'get out', I can't remember if they had other names they used or only responded to the bodies legal name when ...
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We are a system of 6 . i believe.
2 men and 4 women/girls. Maybe more but not that were aware of.
2 of our alters are incarecerated. You can feel the difference from their absence.
1 of my alters is very angry, mean, and violent.
This alter is based upon my abuser.
My abuser (not my alter) recently committed murder.
My male alter is now also incarcerated and i miss him every single day. ...
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Does Henrietta Fit In the System?

Henrietta is the name I gave to the 1986 Ford Tempo that has been in our family since Dad picked her up from the dealership.

When I became her driver, now old with hundreds of miles, I seemed to project a persona onto her. I saw her as a grandmotherly figure, no longer a spring chicken but still able to get around. I was no mechanic initially, but I learned how to take care of ...
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Wtf do I do I have two distinct personalities

One that handles home life (still live at home - mid 20s) and dealt with parents
and my other persona/personality that speaks differently (comes out with friends)

What can I do? Can I merge them? The one I developed keeps me safe around certain people and the other one only comes out when I feel completely safe / then it's a complete switch of tone of voice and attitude.

My "perfected" one goes to do ...
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our system the only system that...

I'm Branden an alter of the host. My host gf said that it's odd that none of us have back stories. Is our system the only one that alters just became? Why can some alters age? I haven't but a couple alters in our system have.
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How do you close with a T?

Our T finally replied to our email trying to get her to see reason. She beat around the bush, wouldn't state where she stood, but just, "Here's my areas of specialty and I do want to keep helping you."

Clearly...it's done. We can only let nothingness rule us right now because this is going to gut us and we have no idea how we are supposed to keep going now, but...

We *NEED* a CLOSE ...
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My system

Hello. I dont know if I suffer from DID. I just wanted to tell you about the persons that live in me.
They woke up some weeks ago and they do not seem to correspond to medical treatment.

I have a young woman in me, called Jenny. She has long, orange hair and blue eyes. She is dressed like a hippie. She talks all the time with her twin sister, whose name is also Jenny. ...
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Grem & Co Journey Thread

i had a thing typed up and then i left the page and it deleted everything, so that’s cool.

anyways i wanted to leave a journey thread here. we have a journal blog but this is different.

we’ve been biking a lot recently, to get the freedom of going places back. it’s hard because we aren’t physically active and have asthma, but we’re getting there. it feels good to go places because our mom won’t ...
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Journey thread

Hello and how is everyone doing ? :D

Its been a while for me since ive been on this fourm ( mostly cause i lost the website ) but here we are again.

While reading through some old threads of mine ive noted that i have come a long way , and so have the others. Even our little has begun to mature ( while not ...
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