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A few curious observations and Questions?

As I came into my 'time out' with memory problems of the others initially until they started to be able to come forwards again I've noticed a few curious things that I can't explain.

example...i remember initially using bi-focal glasses to see the switch screen because if I didn't I struggled to read text in games or see smaller menu's clearer but then looking up to TV to read subtitles that was then blurred! (with ...
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An assertive Response

I wanna share a post from the "friend" that called us demons (literally) a few years ago and Zor's reply.

Warning, this MAY be triggering to some cuz it's cold-hearted barbaric medieval thinking... But I LOVE Zor's reply. :)

For context, the guy was running the every other week D&D game at OUR house... and cuz of like what he says here, he decided to kill that ...
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Apology to Board from Phoenix (Team Kit)


This Is Phoenix. I have been sent to apologise to the board.

Kit's outburst was partly my fault but in my defence I had genuinely misunderstood Yuna's intentions.

Our inside world was 'very shaken' by this medical incident and Kit suffered damage. It caused her to 'shut down' as she had been the one fronting at the moment the blood clot happened.

I was also quite close and have struggled with paranoia. the body's ...
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Is this normal?

I been searching up DID a lot lately but I want to know if it is normal to hear people talk as if they are using a microphone from far away muffled up.
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Apology from Yuna & Juno

Hello to everyone

Can I just say I'm very sorry on behalf of myself and Juno incase Kit's outburst caused anyone to feel upset or triggered in a bad way. :(

We are very sorry and sorry I didn't see it earlier as I wasn't planning to come back on until tomorrow (lucky I forgot to order the dogs frontline and worming tablets and saw an email ...
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inflation and OCD/autism

We have a problem and very little idea how to solve it.
D. presents with a lot of autistic traits and restrictive behavior that she uses to regulate herself. In the past she has used restricted eating and drinking when she got stressed. We were able to shift. Because she likes numbers we asked her to keep an eye on our finances. Becaue we are poor her restrictive behavior in that area has benefited us ...
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Got your attention???? good!!!! This is Kit speaking!

[and us!}

with help ..from Bobby, Little Susie, Phoenix and Jody! ....

can I get to the point? ..

We are happy to temporarily blend to help others and share information....I mean 5 of us have blended to give me the strength to get out here and be able to just type this!

But we do not want ...
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How do I help my friend?

I hope i'm in the right section, as I'm not sure if this is exactly DID or something else. I just need some help or guidance, and I hope someone here can provide that.

Over the past year i have gotten to know someone, that lives miles and miles away. We have never met in person, but he has become a very close friend of mine. He has told me about having some childhood trauma, ...
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Asking young parts to handle difficult things in therapy

To give some background info: our goal is integration and eventually fusion. We have been working with pur T for some years now and seem to be making progress. Internal communication is smoother, we rarely lose time anymore, daily life has gotten easier, and we have less flashbacks and trauma symptoms than we used to have.

We do, however, struggle a lot with allowing the T to help us. Real-time progress that is made together ...
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Not sure if I qualify...

Hey, I have previously posted in another section, but was soldiers might be better, even though i'm not sure that we,qualify as dissociative, assailants know what's going on with each other. My alter Jack is always there, he just sometimes takes a back seat...
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