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I guess I should start by saying I have no official diagnosis in regards to dissociative disorders. I had a psychologist (who I unfortunately had to stop seeing) acknowledge that I have dissociative parts and that she had talked to some of them. I don't know exactly what is causing that and I'm not trying to claim a particular label. If it's not okay to post here because of that please let me know! I'm ...
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ADLs for dissociative adults

Hi everyone, my system has been profoundly struggling and we don't know how to care for ourselves anymore. This has been a chronic problem, but it's been especially bad recently. Several years ago, we lived in a residential treatment center, and we had a printout of about 30 daily tasks (obviously more than the basic ADLs) to use as a model for positive daily functioning. I saved the printout for after discharge, but right now ...
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(Susan) Feeling I know who I am more and more ...

...as I travel further through the process of the menopause.

It's strange that at certain times of this hormone disruption and particuarly when I'm exercising too I suddenly feel I have clarity.... then the hormone levels will change, making some symptoms more prominent which in turn brings some alters out more than others.


So this week monthlies came back properly after not having one for ...
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book recomm if not in therapy?

Hi I am not sure how much longer I will be in therapy. It is sadly not working out very well, and I am constantly feeling annoyed, and a bunch of other things.. I may post more in detail on my journal thing here. But, anyways I found out there are no DID therapists in my area (like 200+ miles away...)..
So I was wondering if others knew some books to help work through my ...
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loss and its effects

as we mentioned we lost our beloved pet cat Kalhia yesterday afternoon. it was shocking, so totally unexpected, it took hours for us to relax.

it set off a system wide cascade effect, causing huge inner upset and turmoil.
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Virginity , consent and DID

Trigger warning :discussion of sex

How do you see virginity and consent as a system? I was wondering because my alter Vanessa says she (and therefore our body) has had sex that she consented to that I was unaware of. Is it really consensual if everyone in the body didn’t consent though? I guess saying that everyone has to consent doesn’t really work because most of us have kids in our systems and kids can’t ...
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I am Bobby

I am Bobby. I woke up. No-one here. just me!
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How does your life look very successful from the outside?

I realize that the forum is for support with things that outsiders won't necessarily understand or get, and things that we want validation for from others who go through similar experiences. And I know the emphasis is generally on what's "wrong," and the ways we wish things were better.

But I'm feeling really alone with how good everything looks from the outside--how successful my life looks, how much people seem to admire and care about ...
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Dreams!!! Vivid? Interesting? Scary? Recurring?

thought we'd open a topic about dreams!

we can have very vivid too realistic dreams that feel so real we can believe they really happened for quite some time afterwards. these are rather destabilizing and traumatic.

we also, according to our therapist, have flashbacks when sleeping, resulting in horrific nightmares, but fortunately we are on a medication for nightmares that seems to be working more or less.

also, we have had recurring dreams for as ...
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Let me start by saying I’m not diagnosed

I have huge gaps in my memory and others who have been present say I appear as a small female child during those times I can’t remember, when I’m sleeping I get up every night and go round house doing weird things amd eating stuff I don’t like for example chocolate I haven’t eaten chocolate since I was 8 exactly the age the young girl claims to be. My psychiatrist diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type with ...
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