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Troubles of a Questioning System

First and foremost, this is not me asking for someone to diagnose me. This is just a shout into the void, I suppose.

I've been questioning if I'm in a system since 2021. I've made no breaks in this process, either confirming or denying I may be in a system. I've heard things in my head that aren't me, I have very frequent grayouts and blackouts, and I have as many memories from before the ...
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Attachment issues

Something we've been running into as a issue that I haven't felt is something our current T can handle is these attachment cry episodes some of the kid parts have in evenings nowadays. It's nearly every night.

The kids will cry and cry and cry for either a) a real person we know who's a friend of ours or b) a fictional person we collectively like. And they just. Yearn and plead and cry for ...
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New alter new troubles

So I've had beverly who is 23. And wants to be in control all the time. If I tell her off she whines. Yet if I compromise with her she'll go totally ballistic and complain she wants to do nothing and just keep me up at night. I think she's lost, and looking for something meaningful to her. But she's hid away my one friend alter geovani, and won't let him out cause she's jealous ...
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Hi, an introduction to me and my alters

I feel like I dissociate all the time, and when I get put on medications I feel like my whole body shuts down and I just switch to an alter until I can get out of it. So, that may be me speaking right now, because I got forced back on medications last June and am trying to desperately get off them because they make me feel super alien, and in pain, and just whacked ...
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Grief and DID (tw for loss of a relative)

TW - implict talk about of the death of primary abuser's parent; cross posted from elsewhere online for wider reach bc we are really struggling ):

Recently, a family member (parent of our primary abuser) passed away, and it's hitting us a lot harder than expected.

Our kid parts are the big concern right now-- for context, they understand death as a concept biologically, but I keep hearing 'so isn't coming back?' inside, along ...
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Walking the cosmos (Narie's Systems Journey)

Walking the cosmos~
Narie's systems journey thread.

-Top post is a work in progress-

ImageWelcome to my thread -

Hello there! Welcome to my journey thread! Feel free to comment, give advice, talk with us, and anything else you like. We will probably be using this as a combination of a 'life update' thread, and a journal for all of us. We have one physically.. but sometimes getting on the computer and typing ...
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The Great Divide?

SG and I were browsing the internet the other night reading posts from other Dissociation forums too and were surprised to find some don't allow all your alters to talk individually and other members telling those who asked about 'others' that they didn't exist! :shock: ...quite passive-aggressively!

I thought Dissociation was just a shortened way of saying DID and everyone had alters on such forums ..so all ...
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New system, hello! Struggling greatly.

Hiya! I don't know how long this post will be.. so I apologize in advance! This post will also be trigger heavy, and I will try and put them as much as I can into sections, so if you need to skip them. I realized I just unloaded a lot.. and I apologize in advance for that as well.

My name is Narie, and I am the host, of our system. We are.. kind-of new ...
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Please help me

I'm Wayne.
I had a horrible childhood which resulted in me developing what was at the time called multiple personality disorder, now known as DID.
I developed (as far as I know) 13 personalities. Due to many reasons, the only way the doctors could help me was through hypnotization. My memory was practically wiped. I didn't know about this until a few years ago.
I have since recovered many memories, became aware of the ...
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Going through menopause (and Peri) with DID

I thought I'd start a new topic on this to see if ..in general people found that they switched more often when going through the menopause (including peri and post menopause stages).

A part of us have always been puzzled why when we got to our forties suddenly everything seemed to fall apart. At first it was thought to be depression from the death of our last dog who had been our assistance dog and ...
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