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To be or not to be

Hi so we are a system that for a time thought it was healed but it turns out we didn't blend into one but rather have become some sort of hydra. our little Peter is still seperate and probably always will be I think but we (the rest of us) are both fused and separate. I don't know how else to explain it. We share one name and act with consultation we are all conscious ...
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this is 'us'...so far

feel free to comment...

This has been a steep learning curve as the revelation of 'other selves' has come as complete shock to some of us!

So we seem to have 2 main halves - We'll call them Host SS and Host Kit

so Host SS seems to have been 'the founder/OS (call it what you will) and they have alters that seem to resemble them at different stages of their earlier life. I'm not ...
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Changed alter

I'm questioning the change in my alters behavior. He started changing when I was re-traumatized, last year. He wants to now be in charge. Which he says, but lies. He's himself when I'm in the house. But not outside. He likes to spend money, when I need essentials. But is ok otherwise. He started liking chocolate more, for his coping mechanism. And he uses it as treats as well. But I'm questioning why he does ...
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Not remembering a split/switch? More questions.

Hoping everyone is doing well today.

Last night my S/O and I were talking and they can remember a period of a few months (several years ago) in which she says, "You acted really different and everyone noticed."

I do not remember anything from that time period short of a notable period during a couple hour event when someone asked my S/O, "Is she OK? Did you break her?" (This was meant in jest, I ...
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Forgetting, disbelief, denial?

This isn't about amnesia so please don't be mistaken by the thread title.

It's about forgetting that I have dissociative disorder. I'm wondering if anyone else does this.

Who I am now has been extremely stressed for about the last 24 hours. The anxiety hit me out of the blue.

Anyway today I went out walking and I was talking out loud to myself/selves when all of a sudden one of the others completely took ...
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New System Questions

Recently diagnosed in the last few months, we are hoping someone may have some insight.

We have apparently been switching for pretty much our whole lives but it wasn't super obvious to anyone. A lot of symptoms were overlooked and misdiagnosis happened on more than a couple occasions a long while back. Fast forward and during a stressful point in time this year, voila alts. It sure explains a lot but with the new alt ...
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More validation of trauma

So the other day was my mother's birthday and I called to talk to her. During our conversation she mentioned talking with an aunt about some stuff in my childhood- specifically asked if I remembered when I broke my ankle at about 12 years old (I do - double riding on a bike and getting it caught in the wheel spokes so it pulled the foot between the wheel and the bike frame, jerking the ...
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Anyone have DID/OSDD with conversion disorder?

just wondering how common it is for people with DID/OSDD's to also have conversion disorders (now known as Functional Neurological Disorder).

Your specialist may have also referred to it as 'psychogenic' symptoms if you were diagnosed with it many years back?

A conversion disorder/FND would be where psychological/mental stress causes physical symptoms usually that specialists can find no physical cause for. It can also be where a symptom originally genuinely appeared (due to a physical ...
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How do you do to block an alter to come to front, please ?

HEllo !

One of my alter wants always to be in front and it's a mess.

How do you do to block an alter to come to front, please ?
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I really need to ask this question as I'm a bit confused.

I've been having "the nightmare" every night for the past 5 nights. I believe it to be me switching alters but I don't know if I'm asleep or not but a massive part of me feels conscious but drifting in and out.

I also believe that the alters who are coming forward at this time are trying to tell me something but they ...
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