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A Typical Day

What's a typical day like for you guys? Do your alters take turns different days or specific things if you have to go to work for example? Or specific ones in charge of things like shopping, cooking, diet & exercising, school run (if you have kids irl), social events, medical appointments etc.

Does one only come out when you're alone or do they take turns to come out and do things? (eg if you have ...
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Difficult Alter

How do you deal with alters you can't yet talk to & complete amnesia for when they are 'in'?

There's at least one floating around here that I can't reach yet.. They've been hiding my things (keys, phone, medicines.. Lost/stolen.. I live in a tiny flat that I've turned upside down.. None of its here.. Keys have been missing a week.. I'm up to my 4th missing box of medication. I'm starting to feel like ...
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Looking into your past

I was diagnosed DID three years ago. Hard to accept at the time, cos I don’t remember anything too traumatic or abusive.

I live with an aging narcissistic mum.

I've been told by an aunt that mum used to mistreat me as a child, and that dad, in fear of my safety used to take me to stay with his parents, rather than leave me alone with mum.

Coming from my aunt, I obviously want ...
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Did you name your alters?

I named my main one.
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Psychosis VS OSDD

Hello. Has anybody of you ever been misdiagnosed with psychosis or something similar?
I try to explain to my psychiatrist that I dont hear voices that tell me what to do. That pills dont help, because the "others" are parts of myself. They just have their own personality and so on. Every time that my psychiatrist rejects me, I feel bad. I want to go to another expert, but I have to wait for the ...
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Todays session

So today was my last session with my therapist for 3 months. I cried. I havent cried for a long time. I start my DID specialist May 1st but will be without a therapist until then. Wish me positive vibes I will be ok until then. Today we talked about Thorne. I said when Thorne comes out do you think I dissociate or am I co-conscious (keep in mind she has never seen Thorne come ...
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Back again

Hi all, Purple Haze here. After re-evaluating how I was spending my time online, I have changed how my time online is spent.

I will still be around, but less than before my break away. I and my alters are still wishing to be a part of this forum. On saying that, we looking forward to still being a part of it.

Thank you,

Purple Haze (& all in our system).
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Structural Dissociation


I've just read the book The Haunted Self, and it was very interesting. I know that someone here recommended it to me (thank you). Is there anyone else out there with information on this theory or approach? I have tertiary structural dissociation.

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DBT and danger cues

We've been learning a lot about the polyvagal theory, like the latest research on trauma and the nervous system.
basically it says that we leave the safe and social system when there are cues of danger and enter either flight/fight or freeze, depending on the circumstances.
Strictly speaking the 'hard' or high level DBT skills are danger cues.
inflicting harmless pain, cold pads, smelling salts, chili or intensely sour stuff, bright lights...
they kind of ...
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Not DID related, but..... (trigger warning)

I know I haven’t been here in a very long time and I apologize. Also, this is not DID related, but this is the safest place I know. Trigger warning throughout.

I need to know why people treat me like dirt ALL THE TIME!

I am a restaurant manager, my subordinate managers have stabbed me in the back openly. If I come to work an hour early and leave 5 minutes before my scheduled time ...
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