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Out of body experiences?

I don't know why I thought of it now because I so much wanted to ask all of you if you've had any? I don't mean like watching yourself, we probably all had that at points. I mean like full on out of body experiences. Not going inwards and it feels like outwards but I mean going out of body.

I had a few and something made me think of it and I wondered others ...
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DID & Sight

I have recently noticed something, if I have paused something on the tv and I am watching it from the paused location. The image on the screen is not as good as normal tv. It is hard to explain but I will try. The image stops and starts as I am seeing individual stills of the programme. Then it goes back to normal, this happens for the whole duration that I am watching the programme ...
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Self-healing method that are bringing results

I'd like to mention here, some method that I have now seen bringing some significant improvements
to those with dissociative issues.

1) get yourself a jaccuzzi : spend at least 6 hours in a row inside the water with bubbles.
If you can, try to rent one just for a day.

2) after the 6 hours of jacuzzi, get yourself to eat as full as you can : fruits, cakes, fruits, you name it. Anything ...
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Emotional Numbness and Vulnerability

I feel absolutely stuck. I am now seeing a therapist that specializes in dissociative disorders and somatic experiencing therapy. She’s great. I’ve been seeing her since I got the official diagnosis and it’s only been a couple of months. She received information from my previous therapist and also the doctor that did my diagnostic consultation. She acknowledges my parts and has been encouraging us to build trust, boundaries, and communication amongst ourselves.

The problem is, ...
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Rolfing/structural integration work

Hello, long time friends. I am wondering if anyone has engaged in Rolfing/structural integration body work. I started it, not realizing the link to treatment of PTSD. I am half way through the 10 session treatment. I entered the treatment for chronic body pain.

The first 3 sessions seemed fine, very intense and relieving body work. I didn't realize I had a reaction to the 4th session - I thought I was sick or something ...
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Numb tingling limbs


Since I "woke up" and whenever I am present or co-conscious in the actual body, I have a very annoying feeling of tingling numbness in my limbs.

There is also a quite notable ringing ear noise thing. It seems that the body has actually some form of tinnitus, but I perceive it much louder than others (and due to synesthesia I also "see" this noise all the time...). I guess it is probably just ...
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Therapy is stepping up

After many posts from me complaining about therapy - and any number of other things - therapy seems to be getting interesting and I can respond to it better.
This week, once again I related several occasions when I realised I had forgotten things or lost time. I often feel like I am living in the twilight zone and whilst T always asks for more details about the memory losses, we usually move on fairly ...
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Hating myself for feeling right now *TW*

Im so enraged right now.. I mean Im furious!!!! My name is Roxxy and I am in full control over everyone right now.. I just need to vent and see if someone kind of relates..
... I pick a target to get angry at and obsess over them .. I pick out my boyfriends ex girlfriend and feel like I want to stab her and I have violent thoughts. Although Id never act on them ...
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Special Inside Place (conversation)

So like I've got this super special place inside for JUST ME... like Angel goes there with me sometimes, but we're like super close and in our like inner world lives he and I are like married, so...

But this is a "secret love letter stash under the panties" kinda private place for a girl... SUPER PRIVATE.

Well this morning, we wake up (like outside wake up- so Zor does).. and he immediately like spaces... ...
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A new way forward

This is Kit! :D (sorry, excited haven't been able to post as myself for a while!)

It occurred to me that instead of just doing a daily journal to see 'who' was up front and what they were doing, (which still left me feeling disconnected) that I instead write my entire story (of me - the body's original self) as if I was writing my autobiography, ...
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