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Alters and Dissociative Fugue?

I have a question please? I'd posted it on the one already up about Dissociative Fugue but no-one seems to have seen it.

I have other alters... is it possible for only one alter to have a dissociative fugue?

eg if one alter was up front just going about daily life then something traumatic happened to them and when they woke up in hospital a new alter was up front with no knowledge that they ...
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Looking for advice

Hi all,

I have been searching the internets for advice about something that happened to me over the last weekend, if anyone here has any light to shed on this it would be great and all responses are greatly appreciated.

So, in November of last year I suffered a violent home invasion in which I was hospitalized with severe head trauma due to a bludgeoning by two assailants, I am in my twenties and have ...
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I recently left my partner because traumatic stuff was happening where I wasn't sure if i'd be killed or harmed. I ended up back with my abusive family and even went to stay in my abuser's home for a while. this person sexually abused me when I was a child and is a close relative. their partner was making sexual jokes and remarks to me and I felt so uncomfortable that I left. now they ...
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Over 9 months at age 9.

I am 24 and I found out I had dissociative fugue at 9 a month and a half ago. I just wanted to share a bit of my story. This board is empty and a few of the posts aren't fugue at all.

I don't know what happened to me at 9. I do know that I was perfectly happy before then. I thought I had the perfect life. Then in the summer when I ...
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recovering from long dissociative periods...

i am in my mid 30s, and recently have started... feeling again. i could feel before in spurts and at times, but had been spending years living a life that was frought with dissociative periods, with fatigue that was partly due to that, and partly to a pretty severe anemia.

i am managing that better, and think that my iron levels are better (gotta get that checked out,) but i also strongly suspect dissociative identity ...
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How can I rexperience the trauma?

Hello guys.I have been diagnosed by six specialists with (P)OCD,which seems it looses the grasp on me slowly...now that I dont feel so trapped in the ocd ''me'' and have some moments of clarity I started questioning some things.I have had a severe traumatic experience,and I do have partial memories(images from it),but the strange thing is the emotions are not there,and I amateurly believe that they are blocked....somewhere...They cant be diminished,they are ''written'' somewhere and ...
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Need advice about Psychiatric help

My mom has ran away from the house for more than three times now. She left saying that she is going to a nearby shop or someplace for few minutes but gets lost randomly.And once the person who last met her once told that she was fine and gave the sane reason that she was going to a nearby place as she told us while leaving home.. So it is sort of random rather than ...
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escape from home

my first dissociative fugue episode was during my 10th grade,i started to think how to escape from my house and leave all my families friends and start life as a different man with different personalities,all those movies played inside my mind,and i escaped from my home not fully but partially,my active,thoughtfull,energetic personality that have good knowledge on electronics and computer i leaved there and a new persoality,an introvert,shy,i changed in many ways,my father has told ...
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Incessant Need to Hit the Road * Possible Trigger*

Not sure if it is just winter snow making me feel the deeply persistent internal call to hit the open road again. Money is always an issue but that is a transitory monthly problem. I need a better c.d. player in order to blue tooth my cell tunes into. *very soon* Music+swisher cigars=my internal traveler side being happy. Working two jobs and college will start again but that is why they have online courses right. ...
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Could this have been a Dissociative Fugue?

I was in hospital with Schizophrenia, i had a command to 'go now, go'

i walked out in with no shoes or underwear as i was, I hitched 100 miles, I knew i was from plymouth i knew i was from the hospital and where my mum lived. I knew my sister had died hitching on the same road, but that's it. I felt i was doing it in her memory. I made up a ...
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