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Painful Comments

So the other day, traveling to the new house we're moving into since we've got guardianship of our niece and nephew now (the sister-in-law situation as seriously deteriorated and the kids have been unofficially and full-time with us since last May)... and on the way my wife asks about Monday's appointments (both doc and the over-seeing psychiatrist this month, so I got them back to back to spare two diff trips to the office).
"How ...
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Trying to figure myself out

I'm trying to figure out if I have DID or not after talking to my friend. I wrote a whole thing out and hit submit earlier but I'm not sure if it worked or not so this is also somewhat of a test.
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Sappy small update

I just wanted to pop in and say how we’re doing and give some positivity to everyone here. I know I don’t post much these days but that’s because I am in school/work! (I got a job! It’s been difficult starting out but now it’s getting better) I posted this on another support area as well but felt like I should post it here too; I miss this forum a lot and will try to ...
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Do your parts get stuck or freeze?

Sometimes if we feel uncomfortable or we accidentally block feelings/parts off we get "stuck" with that alter feeling that feeling until we figure out how to get that alter unstuck.
Is this common?
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disassociation and stress

something i am wondering is that i noticed that sometimes i will be stressed out and not really know why and i ask myself if i have been through a lot of stressful things and thinking back i realize that i have been. but it feels very distant (like i don't feel connected to experiencing the distressful thing but just have a vague feeling it happened.) Would that still affect my levels of stress if ...
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This is something that has happened for a long long time and I just accept it as being normal for me and its not really a problem but I'm wondering if it has anything to do with dissociative disorder.

The thing is I seem to start dreaming as soon as I close my eyes. I don't even feel as though I've fallen asleep and I'm having really vivid dreams. They're not necessarily scary or disturbing ...
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Alters delema

I really was yelled at by an abuser of my core in 2019. But. I can't handle moving on. I really need to stop being destructive. Before I lied. That's how I am. But I really need to face reality cause my core only has one body. I smoke to much. And I need help as to how I can handle emotional conveniences. Of how I was treated I need a littles pov. Cause
I'm ...
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Acceptance of system proving very difficult; advice needed

(TW for a passing mention of past suicidal ideation; no details and no plan to take action.)

Hello again, everyone. Without belaboring things, I'd like to ask for help in coming to terms with a DID system.

It's not actually hard to accept that we have DID; we've actually known about the system on some level, however small, for 6+ years. It makes far too much sense to ignore. However, starting about two years ago, ...

Klonopin helping some of my parts relax

I had some parts which are so anxiousband restless.they intrude me like 24 ×7 and kept me afraid if danger.they were on such alert state for so long probably 5 ,6 years Nd lonly time they relax was by taking cigarette,alcohol or cannabis.but I can't use that even though that helps those traumatic alters to settle doown because they are not meNt for treatment.also there is no one to monitor as while we are doing ...
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What am I supposed to do? (TW)

I feel like I have nothing left. My life is objectively so much better than it was a few years ago but I just don't feel like I can hold on anymore. I have this "tunnel vision" (?) that prevents me from enjoying almost everything and I spend most of my time now either angry or completely dissociated from all emotion. I have no one I can talk to. I see a therapist who specializes ...
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