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Dissociating and Looking at Experiences in “Past Tense”

I daydream and dissociate for a lot of my time everyday, but there is one weird habit I have I’ve never fully understood. A lot of times when I dissociate, whatever things or events I’m thinking about, I will be thinking about in literal past tense. It’s as if I’m giving a speech 10-15 years in the future, and reflecting upon events, feelings, etc. that are happening either at the moment of dissociation or prior ...
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Is this a maladaptively dissociative experience?

Please, keep an open mind, and please, be aware that the following is my account of a creepy experience of loss of control and contact with an entity subjectively perceived as malevolent.

Last night, I was in bed, sleeping. I live alone and I have been sleeping in this same bed in the same apartment for the past two years. I was in familiar surroundings where I feel safe, even if lonely.

At some point, ...
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Does my ex-best friend has DDNOS?

When we were still friends (and at that time, I didn't know anything about dissociation), after each time we argued, my friend usually "blank out", or didn't remember what we talked about at night before. One year ago, when she's really mad at me, she totally forgot how close we were after just one night. She still remembered other personal information (her name, other friends,...), just forgot everything related to our friendship (everything trips/things we ...
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Scared of reality and medication

Hi. I'm new. I've been on 100my at night Quetiapine. And only that for a year/2. Have no on anti-d's - made personalisation worse for me. That's much better and not been generally as stable in years. I've still got quite massive oc d and struggles though. I had an appointment with a psychiatrist thismorning. I've agreed to take 50% higher dose. So 150my night. I tried this twice before. But for only couple nights ...
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Strange attack in therapy


New here so I hope we have this in the right area if not im truly sorry.

On Monday we had therapy and all of a sudden the host started to have a weird kind of attack.
He started breathing funny and his face and hands contorted. he was out a long time.
It troubles me to think about it and I am a little worried.

Can anyone help or have had this before? ...
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Journey through the Aethernet

Hi! We're the Aethernet System!
I recently saw a "journey thread" and I figured "Hey, we should try this!" so here we are!
I guess we should get started, haha.
(This is based on the Conjoined Minds Saga! Thank you for inspiring this!)

Known alters: 7 (there might be more)
Body: African-American, decent health, currently in a group home, at a special program for school, 17
Home life: Currently in a group home with three ...
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recently diagnosed with a dissociative disorder -


I was diagnosed bipolar in the year 2000, was on the wrong medication for 16 years and was in and out of psych wards and suffered severe panic attacks for years. In 2016 was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and borderline traits. i am taking some great medication for the anxiety and depression which has put them in remission. I also have some memory problems. I will mention that i had severe trauma as ...
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Introduce your OSDD System!

I haven't seen an introduction topic here so I guess I'll start one?
The alter typing now is Day. I'm the host and about 19 years old (not the age of the body). Pleasure to make your acquaintance. :mrgreen:
My system has another host who will likely be posting here as well, as well as two protectors, two children, and one persecutor. Only two of the ...
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The Conjoined Minds Saga

Hi. We are the Conjoined Minds system.

We've been on Psych Forums for over a year now. Recently, someone asked us if we had a "journey thread". We didn't then, but now seems like a good time to create one. I don't really know how to start this, so I'll throw out some facts about our system.

Current Population: 100+
Body: Female, adult, poor health, agender presentation
Home life: single, no children, living with mother ...
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I wanna know what could be wrong with me?

I don't really have any idea what this could be. I don't know.
Okay, so, I have headmates is what I call them. I don't call them alters.
They can take over without me wanting them to, or I can call out for them to take over, sometimes they don't always. When they do though, I don't have any dissociative amnesia. In the moment, I don't know what's going on, but after I'm back, I ...
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