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C-PTSD & Dissociation- In a better place but feel worse

For the past 10 years I've been diagnosed with CPTSD and DDNOS. Long story short I recently moved out of state from a place were I was for 15 years. Definitely alot of changes so I can see why I'm activated and possibly more sensitive. However, where I am now is a much safer and happy place. Where i used to be was not. Now that I am here in this new place I feel ...
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New to everything- low end did?

Hello. I am “new” meaning, I just had the conversation with my psychiatrist regarding my “dissociative” tendencies. Truthfully; we’re both in agreement I am likely on the very low end spectrum. Naturally he had a great word he used that I feel accurately describes me, but I forget it. For now, we will will say extra compartmentalized. I have very “boxed” sections of my life- and I look at them and feel about them very ...
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Depression, anxiety, stress and a dissociative experience

Hi, I'm new here

And I really need a space like this, where I can talk about stuff like this. I wasn't quite sure where to post this, as I am the "lucky" sufferer of a bunch of things, which I at this point honestly cannot distinguish from each other. I have always been an anxious person, and I was an anxious child. I had loads of specific phobias, I had generalized anxiety and I ...
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Just Recently Found Out That I Might Have DDNOS!

So I recently found out I might have DDNOS from a friend whos studying psychology. Im having the symptoms of it such as hearing male and female voices in my head but not experiencing the typical black outs or lost time like a DID person would. I'm not sure how many I have in my system but there are definitely some that are nicer then others. Overall im very scared and new to this sorta ...
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Getting help

Does anyone else get frustrated because of the limited amount of help available? I have bee struggling for 10 weeks to get appropriate care from someone who knows something about dissociation. I don't think that this is an outrageous request, but I have insurance companies telling me I can't go inpatient anywhere because I am not suicidal, yet there are no outpatient therapists that actually know anything about it. I am so frustrated and I ...
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Bit mixed up newcomer

Just trying this out I have a load of kids living inside me. Sometimes they just wanna break out i feel trapped inside. I went to the doctor the other day she said I was like a young boy with ADHD. I'm nearly 40 years old woman. Lagathar is my warrior protector and is the invincible one. I have trouble with a supervisor who wants to crush everyone and a young boy called tom who ...
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Dual Consciousness

So, I never really know what to say, or where this is going to go :(

I feel so lost torn between two existences inside me. One is selfish, makes me happy, makes me feel secure. The other loves people, is kind, giving, patient.
Then there's me, waiting for the voice in my head that gives me directions next.

It's heartbreaking to make decisions because I morn ...
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I feel stuck at a younger developmental stage.

You know how kids use wrong words a lot, because they're still developing? And then some kids will think something is profound only because the words sound profound or the tone of voice it's said in, but they can't grasp why it's profound deeper than the surface. Or how some kids will do imaginative play based on only a surface level understanding of what they're imagining or something...I'm getting very angry at myself for not ...
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Does it sound OSDD? Seeking opinions

Hi, Im new here.

So I have a very long history of mental health issues - mainly due to maltreatment in my childhood.
I have had sever depression in my late teens and was seen by doctors and was on meds for it.
I have also diagnosed as ASD (Asperger's) a few years ago, and this, Im happy with the diagnosis.

I have been having flash-backs and mood-swings due to the trauma, and have seen ...
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Just a couple of things...

Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum and only starting to accept a diagnosis of dissociation. I'm just wondering about a couple of things I experience, and if they are things other have experienced as I'm not sure they are linked to dissociation.

Firstly, I've have a couple of periods of quite bad confusion. The first time I was thinking about buying winter tyres, then I got onto thinking where I would store my other ...
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