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Are people with OSDD (1b?) able to do this too?

Figuring out what subset of OSDD I have has been really difficult as I can’t find many good resources and the symptoms are hard to understand. I think that I may be OSDD 1b, at least have some form of OSDD, but the thing that really gets me on OSDD vs DID is blacking out/“co-hosting.” I’m going to use the term co-hosting for when I’m here (the core/original) in the background, watching, but someone else ...
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Mild Dissociation Because of BPD?

Anybody dealing with dissociation not exactly because of DID/PTSD but because of identity disturbance and diffusion issues of Borderline Personality Disorder?

They say our "sense of self or identity is probably made up of your beliefs, attitudes, abilities, history, ways of behaving, personality, temperament, knowledge, opinions, and roles. Identity can be thought of as your self-definition; it’s the glue that holds together all of these diverse aspects of yourself..."

& For me, I have so ...
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Wondering if I have DDNOS

Hi all!

First time posting here so I'm a little nervous. But I'm trying to figure out what's going on with me. I've been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and OCD. Recently after being overwhelmed for months I had I guess what you could call some sort of episode. After talking about it with my therapist, she thinks I may have depersonalization/derealization disorder. I think that kind of fits, but not exactly. I've also looked into ...
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I dissociate. I lose time. It happens frequently. My aunt (whom I live with) and my therapist have both witnessed it. My therapist says that I believe that I am a child again, the age that I was abused, which varies from time to time. I have complete amnesia in these instances. The last time it happened I lost 8 hours. This is strange to me because these "child like" people in me answer to ...
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DID/DDNOS/maladaptive daydreaming

Hello everyone, I am new here. This is an introduction and at the same time also a question, if anyone has anything similar going on. This might be a long story, I try to keep it simple. There are few questions in the end.

Growing up, I never had a sense on self, I didn't have my own identity. I have a sister, 4 years older than me, and I was like her shadow. I ...
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Feeling trapped in one persona

Does anyone have the type of DID where you only have a couple of characters or one stays for many years?

(Sequential MPD - “When an alter emerges it takes over for a long period of time before the next alter takes over for another long period of time. While one alter is out, the others go dormant” )

Has anyone ever become a persona then years down the line wanted to create a ...
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Could I deliberately switch dissociative "states"

By "states" I don't mean dissociative identities as I don't have DID/MPD. I mean different feelings/ behaviors in different companies and situations. Is there any way to deliberately and consciously switch it?

I have been diagnosed with PTSD and have recognised the changes that happen in me every time in certain situations/companies as a dissociative symptom.

For example every time in the presence of my certain relatives I become extremely tired, lethargic even, out of ...
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My name is Ciel, and I am a member of the Daniel system. We have some form of either DID/OSDD (the host is reluctant to accept the DID diagnosis they have received at times), and have been in various treatments for several years. Daniel and I generally are co-conscious with each other (or "fused," as we call it), which leads to confusion of whether or not there is amnesia. I have more power than Dan ...
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Losing Friends Because of The Others

I've been seeing a psyhologist for almost a year now and we're pretty much almost set on me having OSDD and it's been difficult to live with to say the least. My one issue with it is that I have friends that some of the others don't like and don't get along with. My major issue is the one called Len. He doesn't like any of my friends and instead of just not speaking to ...
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New to This - Need Some Guidance

Hey all!

New here. Host. I had definitely been shielding myself from the truth of all this for years - now it's all coming to me at once. Many painful memories, lots more dissociation, having trouble controlling my feelings. And I'm the type that likes to hide.

There are 4 I know of. 2 that caught me very by surprise. 2 are very self destructive.

My question is, how do you handle this in the ...
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