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Systematized amnesia

Unsure if this falls under this category.

My wife has severe PTSD from a few traumatic experiences in her life from as young as 7 years old. She has attempted to explain to me that her mind is similar to what we see in the movie DreamCatcher. She has never seen the movie. She explains she is able to erase memories at will or “file them away”.

3 years ago she was having a episode ...
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Just got diagnosed and am profoundly confused


I was just recently diagnosed with PTSD and OSDD, I don't know which one because my therapist was pretty casual about it and I didn't even know to ask. From what I read, I guess it would be 1a, but I don't even feel like I do that. I don't feel like I have parts. I just don't remember a lot of things. I do space out. I do the maladaptive daydreaming every day ...
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Is this dissociation? Related to a dissociative disorder?

Basically, I just wanted opinions as to if it's dissociation, and if it's related to a dissociative disorder or just depression/trauma response.

I use to do this daily in high school, but then it stopped for a while, and lately, it's come back. For a while now, daily, I wake up and stay in bed for 5-6 hours doing absolutely nothing other then daydreaming/thinking/being in a blank state of mind, and it feels like only ...
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I believe I have lost a part of my personality

I had a traumatic childhood. My father was an alcoholic who was either missing (at the bar) or when he was home he was abusive. My mother was unfeeling, and acted as if my sisters and I were her slaves. I was either neglected or forced to do her work for her. When I was 11 my father had a breakdown and tried to commit suicide *mod edit- graphic detail*

After he was taken to ...
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Possible OSDD. Advice welcome

*possible trigger warning for brief mention of abuse*

Hi all. So I’ve been wondering since college (almost a decade ago) if I have a dissociative disorder. I know that I experienced emotional and physical child abuse until I was 17, when I was diagnosed with PTSD. Also diagnosed with ADHD (not sure if I really have that or if it was a misdiagnosis, depression (hospitalized freshman year of college) anxiety, self harm history. I ...
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New System Fears & Loud Bang inside my Head?

Hi all, I know this is my first post so no one knows me yet, but I'm posting this in the hopes that someone might be on and have any suggestions.

Quick background; I very recently (as in last week) had a session with a healer in which I strongly experienced being in different part states in front of another person for the first time. I've had suspicions for about a year, but feeling that ...
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What's a Partial Merger?

When I was in the psychiatric hospital in 2005, I was diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder. However, the doctors soon changed it to Disassociative Disorder NOS because of one difference. I remember everything.

The doctors said that they needed to merge the two personalities. Not knowing anything, I went along. I saw a psychologist for the next two years, and, as of 2009, I thought that my alternate personality Jeanette was gone. Either 2010 or ...
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Someone close to me is on the discocociation spectrum but I'm not sure where.

I experience them as 4seperate people: a teen, a Dom, a little and a gentle female. (Body is male)

Thing is they insist that there is just one person. That what I see are mindsets. There appears to be no short term amnesia (they can remember everything done that day regardless of how many switch is see) but there is mid ...
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Feeling People in My Head

Hi. I posted about this funny ongoing issue of mine in the spring but something happened recently that I just kind of blew off. I realize that I shouldn't have, obviously, because I'm writing this. I don't know what to make of it.

Its pretty simple; the day before yesterday (7/21) I was chilling in bed at night, it hadn't been a particularly stressful day IIRC. I have been stressing about plans I made with ...
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been panicking about it off and on for a few years

Hi all. As the title says, I've been worried about having something plural-related for a couple of years. That probably started with this one friend. They had just learned that they had DID, and they were telling me about it. It didn't really register as anything important, and I just mentioned this time when I was around 20. I had gotten high, and the cruel things I usually berate myself with were suddenly a separate ...
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