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Told I may have something like this...

Please let me know if I should post this somewhere else, as I haven't been officially diagnosed with anything as of yet. I was recently told I may have some sort of dissociative issue and I just needed some support because it is a bit scary.

I was basically told by my psychologist that I may have different "states" or parts of me that act different and am dissociated from, and that there is a ...
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Our thread sorta kinda (jessica6 journey thread)

So like in the DID forum we seen people got their journey thread and so we guess its like having a blog or something but you get to use your colors in the DID forum? So if I put something in that forum Snaga will KILL me but maybe I can put it in OSDD? Is that okay?

So okay this is our silly thread blah blah its us journeying about what we feel sometimes ...
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Dealing with incoming verbal information

How do you and yours deal with incoming information that is being said to you?
For me it's like I hear it but at the same time I don't. It's all jumbled up. I think different bits of the same information are being heard by different parts of me. Like I'll go away and then afterwards different bits will come back at different times. It could be hours, days or even weeks later.
Just wondering ...
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Do I make sense?

I suppose I'm mainly looking for understanding. I find it very difficult to trust my experiences, I always feel like i'm making more of something or it didn't really happen like that.

I spend a lot of my time fairly dissociated, seems to have been this way since childhood. It's a bit crap and I'm at the point where I'm completely exhausted but I understand this aspect of myself and am working on it. ...
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New Here

Greetings to All:
I have just joined this board and this is my first post, a brief introduction. I was in therapy about 7 years at 42 with diagnoses of major depression, PTSD, and DD-NOS. Many years have passed since then and I find myself again preferring to isolate, experiencing unwelcome, intrusive thoughts, and self-medicate. I thought I was over all this, but have just re-entered therapy -- different place, different therapist. I hope to ...
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I am co-host, maybe? I suppose..

Hello, guys!

I am chaosed, the co-host of our very otherwise unexplored system, I suppose, since we just found out about DID about a week ago.
It is still very confusing but frankly I was more than welcome to accept it as Ileana, the "possessor of the body" I suppose has been trying to repress all my urges for almost 4 years now. So she is the principal one, I suppose, since she was able ...
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Is it possible I have OSDD ?

Hi There

What I know.

I have experienced amnesia as a child over long periods of time.
I have memory and was aware at the time of sexual abuse from 12 to 19. Often the abuse which I would recall then no recall after the beginning of it. Authorities kept returning me to the care of the abuser (not father). I was further abused by others during that time period.
I recall experiencing co-consciousness, twice ...
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Not Distinct Enough?

The psychologist who finally diagnosed us with DDNOS said that we aren't distinct enough for DID because we know we share a body and a legal name. We are confused by this because we've come across several DID systems who are also aware that they share a body and legal name.
What does it mean to be "distinct enough?

(The reason we care is because we keep coming across things that say that, if we're ...
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Does this seem like DDNOS?

Hi, this is my first post here.

I have current diagnoses of OCD and Complex PTSD. Im a survivor of child abuse and ive also been through a lot of other trauma in my life since then. I feel my mental state has worsened significantly over the past few years, even throughout trying various forms of therapy and medication.

One thing ive noticed about myself that worries me, is that i dont really feel like ...
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Hey, my therapist recently diagnosed me with a dissociative disorder (I don't know which type yet), and I brought up a possible symptom the other day just to rule out a OSDD/DID thing. Fortunately they didn't think it was concerning, but because of the nature of the experience it's been hard to explain, and I wanted to check if anyone here can relate to it, essentially as a way to rule out a more complex ...
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