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Childhood Movies/ Stuffed Animals/ Toys

I sometimes feel like I actually went inside certain cartoons or stuffed animals or a toy to dissociate..... does anyone else feel they did this? Its like I used my alters and also things I was surrounded by. I got lost in the wallpaper that had animals on it.. I would BE them. Maggie (alter age 5) drew a picture that said "Im a weird potato" I think maybe I jumped into a Mr potato ...
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symptoms of dissociation?

I don't know if I have symptoms of derealization but I'm an infp with terrible SE(extraverted sensing) and I have bad vision as I am nearsighted. I have had terrible trauma, and I don't know if since then or later on, I've been terrible at navigating through my environment. Recently I've been teased by a friend about it and it truly hurt my feelings but sometimes I think, is it that bad that it's cringy ...
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DDNOS or something else

I was diagnosed with DDNOS in the early to 2000s. I dont remember why or my sessions just my diagnosis. Anyway, I was like nah I dont have it and things were relatively calm. About 3 months I realized I hear chatter. I am 42 years of age. My old psychologist doesnt remember anything helpful about my case. My chatter which just sounds like thoughts say weird things like- I am going to take you ...
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Multiple fictive alters from one source?

Since my last post, I've met quite a few new alters and in getting to know them I've discovered that a couple of them are fictives. They're both introjects of characters from the same game and I'm just curious as to whether this is a common thing or not? I've only ever heard people talking about their fictives as one is from - for example - Harry Potter and another is from The Simpsons or ...
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Reaching the part of me that can't forgive

I was diagnosed with a dissociative disorder while seeking therapy related to my relationship with my husband. It became very obvious that I've been dissociating since I was very small (abusive father).

Anyway, while my husband and I were dating (9 to 12 years ago), he cheated on me with multiple women. One of my parts still lives in that time and doesn't believe or trust him. Many other parts of me do and can ...
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DDNOS, DID, BPD, or..? Intrusive thoughts or Alters?

Okay so I've talked on this website before to discuss my old really horrible codependency issues to which got me into three very toxic very codependent friendships to which I wasn't comfortable if someone wasn't dependent on me, severe depression, and odd behavior that had me repeating phrases over and over in a breakdown. I primarily go on this website where I need other people who are experienced in the disorder / mentally ill discussion ...
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Just dissociation or more?

I'm having more frequent episodes of brief dissociation, but I'm also having moments where, apparently, I'm actively continuing a conversation that I don't remember having. It doesn't seem like a lack of interest (at least I don't think it is, anyway). I didn't get much help the last time I tried discussing my heavy dissociation and memory gaps with a therapist and, short of trying to find a new therapist, I don't really know how ...
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Figuring Out If I Have DDNOS, DID, or Something Else

(Just a warning, this is long)

I'm relatively new to the forums but definitely not to mental illness. I'm 20 currently, and I'm in a point in my life where I'm making sense of my childhood.

I've been diagnosed with almost a dozen mental illnesses:

Social Anxiety

Psychosis (associated with what was thought to be MDD)
Bipolar Disorder (
Bipolar 2)


I've also lived in a place that's ...
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Are people with OSDD (1b?) able to do this too?

Figuring out what subset of OSDD I have has been really difficult as I can’t find many good resources and the symptoms are hard to understand. I think that I may be OSDD 1b, at least have some form of OSDD, but the thing that really gets me on OSDD vs DID is blacking out/“co-hosting.” I’m going to use the term co-hosting for when I’m here (the core/original) in the background, watching, but someone else ...
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Mild Dissociation Because of BPD?

Anybody dealing with dissociation not exactly because of DID/PTSD but because of identity disturbance and diffusion issues of Borderline Personality Disorder?

They say our "sense of self or identity is probably made up of your beliefs, attitudes, abilities, history, ways of behaving, personality, temperament, knowledge, opinions, and roles. Identity can be thought of as your self-definition; it’s the glue that holds together all of these diverse aspects of yourself..."

& For me, I have so ...
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