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post hypnotic amnesia for autobiographical information

A highly hypnotizable person can be coached via hypnosis into dissociating from aspects of his/her personal history. I've read a lot of articles based on short term controlled experiments but for obvious reasons iatrogenic creation of a real life dissociative amnesia is not something written up by any practitioners. On the other hand my experience tells to that there is a body of knowledge out there somewhere. Does anyone have any experience with this or ...
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First episode - so confused!

Today while on my last break at work I went to my locker, then next thing I know I'm down a block and in the chemist buying some butterfly stitches and tape. I had no wounds on myself, have have no recollection of getting myself there or finding the stuff.

Is this normal for dissociative amnesia?

This is the first time something like this has ever happened, although I do white-out when I get extremely ...
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I have a vague memory of something bad happening to me. (which I didn't know was a memory until it was confirmed, I thought it was just some vague image in a dream/nightmare I had the night it happened.) Is this enough to be considered amnesia? I don't recall details, I don't recall where it happened (only an assumption), I don't have an image of who it was, I don't have any emotional memories connected ...
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Systematized Dissociative Amnesia

Does anybody else have this kind of Amnesia and have had some difficulty with the perpetrators name or with the names of others that were tied to the trauma. - The type of difficulties might include just simply not being able to put a name to the face, difficulty with pronunciation or being deaf to the name when it is mentioned?
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(Phasing) Amensia.

Best way to put this for me i guess.

does anyone else do this?

I will go on for a certain period of life and wont remember anything important or key facts beforehand. However, later on. (Hours, days, or weeks rarely years later) I will remember both parts clearly.

I also "Switch" memory banks.

It's like i'm drawing from 2 different places when I try to think of my life.

When black or red is ...
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am i unusual?

I have no memories of the first 14 years of my life. After that it is fairly sketchy until I met my husband. I know my siblings and I had a very traumatic childhood but they won't tell me anything specific because they are afraid of triggering a memory no matter how unlikely I tell them it is. I always thought I wanted to remember so I could understand the things I do ( like ...
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The dissociative amnesia occurs right after the trauma,

during the traumatic years or moments, or later in life? Thanks in advance.
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amnesia question

How is amnesia in DDNOS?

Is it simulair to dissociative amnesia but milder?Or is there no amnesia or memory problems in DDNOS?
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Rage and Amnesia

I have anger issues and when enraged I have no memory of my actions and have to depend on witnesses to tell me. Is this Dissociative Amnesia or a total different disorder and if so is it common?
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Some Validation For Others (My Experience)

I am going to do my best to keep this as vague as possible, but I had better go ahead and start with a SENSITIVE CONTENT warning just in case. So there it is.

I just want to add some validation for others who are going through what I have been through and still struggle with. I have read a lot of book reviews and articles and such online that claim repressed memories are not ...
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