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Total blocks of time

Hi, :roll:

I really wish I could talk to someone like me. I have entire days and sometimes weeks where I have complete amnesia. I have had a brain disease which causes some memory issues so no one questions my memory issues. The problem is that I am missing out out on huge chunks of my life. Things I wanted to be present for.... such as ...
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Leaving The Forgotten Behind

There was a poet I met online who became like a mother to me. She was like the therapist I never had, but one thing that I couldn't agree with was her assurances that I didn't need to remember my lost past. Now I know that she was right.
Due to my mother's DID me and my siblings (all but one) can't remember our childhoods. My memories begin when I was about 13, and the ...
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Dissociated in front of Psychologist

At least that's what i thought was going on. This is the first time i became aware of this issue. Not sure if its childhood related or PTSD. Took me several weeks later to remember the point up to the moment it happened during my appointment with the doctor. I was so anxious getting testing done. I felt half way through the appointment like i was drunk or drowsy and then the room kinda closed ...
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Need help and insight into what I have?

I'm a 26 year old male. I have spoken to psychologists and therapists a few times within the past year due to an offence I committed (which is unrellevant for this topic). During those discussions the topic of Dissociative Amnesia has been raised but largely left alone which is why I'm here looking for some insight and guidance.

I will explain some points about me that I feel is relevant.

At 18 months old I ...
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I think or know that Ive had amnesia

Ok Heres my story.
Maybe someone could guide or advise me because I am actually scared for the first time in my life .
It started about 3 weeks ago when a girl from my youth found me on facebook. I sorta of remembered her but not really. We started talking and she kept asking if I remmebered when we did this or that and everytime she would start to tell me about a event ...
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I would tell you...but I forgot. AGAIN!!!

Apparently I am missing time, I guess. I only know that people will mention something I did, that I have no memory of doing. Even when they give me details I still can't remember. I had a Dr. apt where the Dr. gave me instructions. (or so I am told) At my next appointment he referred to the previous appointment and I kind of looked at him with a blank face. I actually argued with ...
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Who am I really?

I've been dealing with dissociative amnesia and have mostly got over the traumatic feelings of my recalled memories. Some of the things I have been able to remember, since accidentally blowing myself up mentally, are things that other people turn out to have known about and have even tried to tell me have happened, even though I have refused to believe them and told them they are crazy. Sometimes the police have been involved, but ...
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Recovery of Suppressed Memories

Hi all,
I have DID and I have been working on an area of my life recently that I have amnesia over. during therapy my sexual abuse by my dad has morphed into recitation of other people being there, chanting and group abuse of the worst kinds. I usually try to respect each memory, no matter how horrible unless a later memory shows it was incorrect. this time I find myself disputing the accuracy and ...
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Dissociative Amnesia and ADHD *Trigger Warning*

I was molested by my father as a child (I think multiple times) and don't remember it. I'm almost 23 years old and I still find myself "spacing out" for several minutes at a time with no recollection of what's going on around me regardless of how stimulating the environment is. This can be especially hard when I'm in intimate relationships with people but also frequently when I'm just hanging out in social settings. For ...
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rage memory

Hi, I'm new to these forums, but I need some help... My question is about my husband. He seems to have rage problems that need treatment. He breaks things, punches doors, etc. occasionally when we've had arguments. My big concern is a memory he has from one particularly bad night while we were living in Latin America. We had a fight about dinner, and he took off in a rage from the house. Since then, ...
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