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Unusual symptom

So I have this unusual symptom that's really been puzzling to me. I experience abdominal pain and anguish when I do things or even think about doing things. Even quite positive things I might otherwise enjoy, like reading, drawing, or watching a video. Almost everything triggers this pain and anguish. If I were to ignore and push through this pain and force myself to do many things, it could put me into an intense depression. ...
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I can't keep friends

I've never been good at keeping friends. I attract a lot of people for how friendly and upbeat I always try to be. Many get eager to be my friend because I'm so much fun on the surface, but when they actually get to know me and realize I struggle with a lot issues, then it's "... oh." :? They don't usually stick around for long. It ...
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Pretty depressed

I feel pretty depressed. I'm stuck in a rut and not going anywhere. I feel hopeless. I just can't go on like this. This is the worst!
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"Living isnt for everyone"

I heard that quote somewhere and it stuck with me. Right now it really applies because no one wants me. I'm ether a means to an end, to much of a hassle or just a complication.
I know I'm just badly depressed. I was doing ok when I reached out for help and was talking to some professionals online. But they got frustrated with me constantly, not understanding what I was talking about or that ...
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Is this due to depression?

Sometimes I notice I give off a "Dark" vibe. I like to think I haven't hurt too many people in my life, although I know I can get nasty when overwhlemed. Is this "darkness" depression? is it my imagination?

(muttering and anger, muttering nasty stuff at times)

I have a.d.h.d I have noticed this darkness with some others with a.d.h.d / a.d.d it comes out at times.

I do not feel the darkness is a ...
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Questioning going back to school

If this is in the wrong forum, let me know. Much like a lot of people, my mental health has taken a hit due to covid as of recent.

Back in 2019 I decided I wanted to get back into healthcare. I was 100% sure that this was what I wanted to do. I completed some classes in person with the remainder of the classes being online (which wasn't due to covid, that's just how ...
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Depression and Misanthropy / Well-motivated?

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I didn't see a Presentation section, so I'll just go ahead with this topic.
I am a man in my early thirties, got a PhD which contributed to my depression together with a very difficult family history, I am currently starting to work as a teaching assistant in schools, and at present I have ups and downs.
The reason I am writing here now is that I am struggling ...
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Feeling like I'm doomed to failure?

Hello all, it's exactly as the title says, I feel like I'm doomed to failure. I'm 23 and still not entirely certain what I want to do with my life (I have some ideas I guess but I'm not sure). It feels like no matter what I do I'm destined to become nothing but a burden on my family and society. I have no boyfriend, I've never really been in a relationship. My life is ...
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exercise is vague idea

i think it's vague when people say to exercise to help with depression, at least it's vague when the depression is due to the incident.

i'd want the psychologist to address the issue rather than suggest exercise or other stuff.

that's diversion. it's like ur body lacks proteins and ur suggesting carbs to repair the body.

again. it may help when the cause of depression isn't any incident /trauma. but for me (depression after ...
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Why am I lamented for being depressed?

Do people not understand that emotional pain can be just as bad as physical pain?

I don't have the proper money needed to get the years worth of specialized therapy to even have a fighting chance and people think that just popping prescribed pills are going to help.

I have terrible reactions to the meds but my moods are stabilized. I feel that it just makes it easier for everyone else.

I've lost 6 friends ...
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