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I feel guilty about having a mental illness

Does anyone else ever get this way, and if so what do you do to break free of this negative spiral? It's like Depression-ception, heh. :| I have depression and anxiety, and then I get more depressed because I feel guilty about having depression and anxiety. I feel guilty because of the way it affects/has affected my parents and the ones I care about. It's better now ...
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I have been prescribed zoloft 50mg for depression and anxiety. Anyone else who has been on this? first few days of taking it, I have been waking up a few times in the night, feeling more depersonalised than before. nausea...but on the upside a more stable mood.
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Anxiety and depression

Guys hello :) I am new here because I needed someone to share my story with and psychiatrist are something I can't afford right now.
My whole problem begins with a break up , but please don't judge me. I know it is everyday thing and that I have to be stronger, but..

May 2019. I have had a boyfriend for 4 years, he was my best ...
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Depression and relationship issues

I find life dull and pointless and every day I have to go into my work feels like I’m living a pointless tragedy. I was on the bus this morning as the sun was rising and thought about how nice it would be to go for a walk. But instead I was going into a dark office, where I won’t leave until after the sun goes down again.
My work is not so bad but ...
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This dreadful certainty

I’m not sure where to post this, but this seems to be as good a place as any.

I’m turning 43 next month, and that makes it 30 years that I have felt hurt, angry, but most of all tired, so, so tired.
I know that most of the pain and fatigue is caused by childhood abuse, and started EMDR therapy last year. The problem is that I’m autistic, and have a photographic memory.
For ...
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My Boyfriend battling severe depression

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years now, I was aware of his depression very early on and we have been battling it together. I have had my own issues with depression and mainly anxiety. To give a little bit of back story: My boyfriend was diagnosed with clinical depression at around 8 years of age and has seen different therapists over the years. At his lowest point, just over a ...
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depression and listening to "sad" music or other genres

i have looked into this in the past and also googled it just now and it still doesn't make sense to me or apply to me, but i was wondering what your guys opinion is on the whole research saying that people with depression tend to listen / like listening to sad music for comfort and what not, because if anything, for me, it's the opposite ( based off the "Research" i've looked at so ...
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Hope for success

I’ve only been taking antidepressants for 1 year but I still haven’t found what worked for me. I’m currently on lamictal and cymbalta (on cymbalta for 6 weeks and lamictal for 5 days) and I’m really hoping that this will help me. I’ve been on at least 15-20 different meds the past year and I was doing well on one but I had side effects and I had to be taken off of it. And ...
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How do I get out of this

I would like to know what I can do to (at least mentally) get out of this situation? I am depressed because of my living, financial, and social situations. I don't really have a way to deal with this so I work until I am blue in the face, worry about my finances until I know where every dollar has gone, and stay away from fun social situations with other people. This leads me to ...
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Loneliness & how to deal with it

I'm self employed and I've read so many articles & have been given advice about loneliness by so many "experts" over the years, and they all say things like:

- join a club
- spend time with friends
- make friends at the gym
- go out and chat to people
- call family
- host a dinner party
- talk to neighbours
- make online friends

... but none of these "experts" seems to ...
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