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Feel like crying sad and depressed

I feel like crying I’m sad and feel depressed but I don’t know why I’m on depression meds but I still feel this way do any of you ever get depression and not what causes your depression
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Getting better, so why am I still having symptoms?

Hi there. 15F, no family history of mental illness, no trauma, I have ADD and aspergers if that makes anything any different.

I was diagnosed with situational depression w/ self harm and suicidal thoughts and prescribed prozac when I was 12 after something as simple as a fallout with friends, starting out with coming out as gay to my best friend / crush and her pushing me away. It was also complicated by struggles with ...
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SSRI problems/IDK whats going on anymore

Hi! This post is probably going to be TMI and very personal so just a warning in advance. :-)
I am an 18 year old girl who has recieved treatment for MDD in the past (started therapy off and on and was diagnosed when I was about 15) and when I turned 18 I started taking an SSRI (prozac) because I had a really bad episode. Before ...
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Does situational depression=emotional immaturity?

When I was a preteen I was diagnosed with situational depression, and medicated with Prozac. Now I am seeing around the web it is identified as adjustment disorder. I had depressive symptoms for several months, even to the point of self harm or wanting to die. I was constantly sad, hopeless, guilty, self-hating, and lonely. The event in question that triggered this was a falling out with my best friend / crush, which evolved into ...
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Long-term Depression plus sudden Bereavement

I already have Major Depressive Disorder and a bunch of other problems that have keeping me from beng functional or productive lately. But recently, thing got much, much worse. My beloved cat is missing and is unlikely to return at this point based on time he's been missing and knowledge of his habits. My family and I have done all we can, walking and driving around looking for and calling for the cat, telling all ...
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Conditional Offer - Advice On Resigning!

Hi All

Hope all is well.

I have been offered a new job with a new company. It's a conditional offer based on satisfactory DBS and references checks. Once all come back fine. I will be given a start and a copy of my contract.

I have been informed my new employer my references has come back fine. They are only waiting back for my DBS.

DBS can take time to come back. I have ...
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Short Psychology Survey!

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Lost all my friends

I'm 42, and I've got no friends left.

I was suicidal before, and had such a terrible mood and outlook on life, and I pushed everyone away. I wanted to be alone, to hide under the covers, and to avoid life.

Now I've still got my MDD, but I have it under control, with diet, exercise, and meds.

I have a nice new home, and a great vehicle and a new job. Everything is starting ...
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Normal reaction to Prozac??

Hello everybody!!
Just for context, I am an 18-year-old girl living in California. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with MDD and I was in therapy for about 6 months until my family's financial situation prevented me from going. I have had a few depressive episodes since then, but it's pretty off and on and I actually had a period of time last March-May that I felt the best I have ever felt. I ...
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