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In A Bad Place

I'm struggling with depression at the moment. Life has been slamming me harder than usual. I don't know where to begin to explain everything so I won't. My life is complex and complicated with a lot of past traumas and abuse. My problem is that nothing seems to help and I have tried a LOT of things. I'm educated, self-aware, and emotionally intelligent, I read self-help books and I practice things. I've done a lot ...
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delayed anti-depressant prescription due to weed use?

I remember that a couple years ago a psychiatrist told me they would prescribe anti-depressant once I had been abstaining from weed for 3 months, which is what ended up happening. Does this seem usual to you? I quit using weed a week ago. Now I want to try anti-depressants again and I don't really want to wait three months while severely depressed again. It sucked the first time, especially the disillusionment since the stupid ...
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Everything feels hopeless. I dont know how to pull myself ou

Hi everyone. I've been struggling with depressing for as long as I can remember. I have Clinical Depression, GAD, autism & Complex ptsd. I feel so hopeless. I'm struggling to get up out of bed each day. I just stare at the ceiling or scroll on my phone. My house is a mess. My life is a mess. I don't have the energy to cook most days so I eat like crap & even just ...
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Empty and tired

I am a shell of what I used to be. How does one keep going? I have people to live for but I can’t seem to climb out of this black hole that has become my life.
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New Study Refutes 'Depressive Realism'

The TL;DR is that I apparently don't have a sense-of-reality edge over the Pollyannas out there, and yes, it rather irritates me. I've been a ######6 Eeyore for nothing?

https://online.ucpress.edu/collabra/art ... -Robust-to

So much for my self-consolation that at least I have a better grasp on reality over those folks that don't get depression and anxiety. Apparently I'll have to try harder with the medicine I dole out in ...
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Enduring Life

I have been in and out of therapy for years, and I take meds. I read self-help books and work on myself. But me or my life never really improves or gets better. I suspect I may have treatment-resistant depression. I have had a very difficult, challenging life. Survived multiple traumas, to the point where I don't even know myself anymore. I have been trying to figure out how on earth I can be a ...
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New Treatments Just approved

That do not involve hallucinogens.

The TL;DR is that the FDA has approved a pill that combines the cough suppressant dextromethorphan with a little buproprion (Wellbutrin). It's the cough medicine that actually relieves the depression, and the Wellbutrin component slows the metabolizing of the dextromethophan and keeps it active.

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New Treatments On The Horizon

Another video from Dr Campbell. I'm really not pushing this dude in particular, I just like the way he collects and aggregates data, then presents it in a form even I can understand.

The TL;DR here is that some startups and university studies are indicating psychedelics as a future treatment for depression and anxiety.

Some trials have combined pretty heavy drugs with therapy in a controlled psychedelic experience that is thought to make the brain ...
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SSRIs work, but serotonin isn't the cause

I follow this fellow mostly for his Covid information, but in this video he talks about depression.

The TL;DR is that depression doesn't seem to be as related to serotonin as previously thought. New information intimates that there is no difference in serotonin levels in people with or without depression. SSRIs do work for depression, but the medical community is realising they don't know why they work.

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why do people keep making me miserable on purpose? both strangers on the internet and the ones close to me always hurt me for no reason whatsoever, feels great. this is literally one of the main reasons my depression has worsened, i literally cant escape it no matter what i do. therapy barely helps, and my own mother doesnt want me to have anti depressants. what do i even do at this point? im so ...
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