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Recurring MDD: Am I Sad or Slipping Again?

Hi all,

I found out a few months ago that I was given the "diagnostic impression" of Recurring MDD. These results came out two years ago, but no one gave me my packet at the time; I had to ask my parents repeatedly while applying to colleges (where I am now). Because the only formal diagnosis I was informed of was ADHD, I assumed that this "diagnostic impression" meant that I didn't actually fit the ...
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Self worth and expression? (long vent)

I never feel like I am good enough. I've never felt like I was good enough and I've always felt worthless. I think it starts from my dad, who I've always just wanted to please. He's been working hard his entire life, and he's always said things that made me feel like Im not good enough or that made me seem like I'm the bad side and I'm always the one that has to end ...
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New Job - Not Impressed!

I started a new job around ten days ago. My work experience and knowledge comes from mental health background. This new role includes outreach human trafficking. A subject I have zero experience and knowledge on.

I took on this new role as it offered better salary than my last job. No weekend working and proper office hours. So I felt it could offer a better stablity whilst I study outside of work preferrably in the ...
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Stuck in a Rut

Hello there, first post, nice to meet you all!

Recently my depression has been really bad (what a way to kick off the new year lol). I've lost track of all time, I'm letting my schoolwork slide, my room's a mess, I'm a mess, and I have no motivation to do anything at all. I've read so many articles about how to deal with a depression episode, but they're all for curing the simple blues. ...
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Feeling aimless, hopeless

Hi everyone,
I am a 24 year old male. After taking Amitriptyline 10 mg/day for two weeks I stopped realizing it’s side-effects such as daytime sleeplessness, intense emotional feeling, crying etc. I cried almost everyday but once a day for almost two months remembering my childhood memories with my parents. Now after six months I still feel some blockage on my head. It seems my aim, hopes, future-plans etc. are blocked from being interesting. For ...
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Depression and Regret Over 'Possible Attempted Kidnapping'

I think I may have almost been kidnapped as a child.  I was in the first or second grade, can't remember for sure which one, and we were told as children during a child safety program that if ANY unfamiliar adult tells us to go to their car for ANY reason, that we were to yell "No!" and run the other way.  So I was arranged to be picked up by my grandmother most days ...
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Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline

I was wondering if any board members have been taking Amitriptyline or Nortriptyline for Depression and Anxiety? I have been on Zoloft for months but it hasn't been particularly helpful treating the Depression. My doctor has recommended Amitrip as an excellent antidepressant. I responded very well to another TCA called Clomipramine some years ago but it stopped working. My biggest concern are the side effects. He said expect to gain weight on the Amitrip. Has ...
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Feeling hopeless

Hello everyone.

So, I qualify as having Bipolar II depression, but I thought I would post here instead of in the bipolar forum as I am mostly dealing with depression here.

I've been taking Abilify as a mood stabilizer and for my depressive symptoms, but I think that maybe the medication has stopped working for me. Lately, I've just been feeling so sad and like I want to hurt myself. I'm not going to hurt ...
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Feel like crying sad and depressed

I feel like crying I’m sad and feel depressed but I don’t know why I’m on depression meds but I still feel this way do any of you ever get depression and not what causes your depression
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Getting better, so why am I still having symptoms?

Hi there. 15F, no family history of mental illness, no trauma, I have ADD and aspergers if that makes anything any different.

I was diagnosed with situational depression w/ self harm and suicidal thoughts and prescribed prozac when I was 12 after something as simple as a fallout with friends, starting out with coming out as gay to my best friend / crush and her pushing me away. It was also complicated by struggles with ...
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