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Depersonalization and inability to sleep

I've not been diagnosed with any sort of dissociative/depersonalization related disorders, but I haven't slept for the last two nights. I planned on sleeping tonight, and now it's five in the morning so I figured I could vent.

Is anyone here familiar with solipsism syndrome, or at least the philosophical definition of solipsism?

Let me back track

I have never experienced what it's like to have a "fixed identity" or stable sense of self. I ...
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Life long chronic depersonalization

Hi I’m 35 years, I’ve had chronic DP most of my life, weed triggered it when I was 14 years old. It would come on as spells until one day it came and never left. It’s literally ruined my entire life from being a normal human being. I’ve tried every drug almost with little to no success. Right now I’ve been on viibryd for a little over a month and if no better my dr ...
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Not sure, if it counts as Depersonalization but.

Very rarely like after I drink alcohol or play a game for too long on my phone.

I feel as everything is not real, that things have to render around me kind of like how in a game you get blur. Also my head would feel weak, this takes 2 weeks at most.
But I have to constantly remind myself that this is real, and don't do crazy $#%^ when this happens.

Also the doc ...
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Is this dissociation?

Hi, I'm in a long standing extremely frustrating stage in my life.
Somebody commented suggesting I'd ask at the associative category whether this could be dissociation.

Please read my post here: social-phobia/topic212703.html

I don't really experience episodes where I "wake up" lose memory of what happened, and I don't assume a new identity which I identify with and believe I am.
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Has anyone here been able to recover?

This is my first time posting here so I am sorry if I don't follow all of the rules.

I (21M) have been struggling with what I think is some kind of chronic depersonalization disorder for a little over two months now, and I was wondering if anyone has actually been able to make a full recovery from this or if it is something you just have to learn to live with?

I believe it ...
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Not sure what to think...

Hi all! I've been trying to figure out my brain and where it's at. I'm 43 and have been going to therapy for a few months, but the more I go, the more realizations I have that things aren't as "normal" as I thought they were. Makes me wonder if I've dissociated, have DID, just a really bad memory?

Here are things I've been thinking about:

1. Had a very chaotic childhood (the little bit ...
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Sudden memories causing depersonalization?

I'm new, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I honestly didn't really know where to put it.

There's a very strange occurrence that happens to me, seemingly at random. I can't pin down any triggers or causes at all. A memory will come to me, very suddenly, and then I'll forget it pretty much instantly. Immediately afterwards, I feel detached from my body. I'm diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, and i've felt ...
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Friend opinion

I have a friend who’s been very depressed and has at one point mentioned feeling emotional and battling suicidal thoughts. He’s doing better but it seems like he’s just getting himself by. He told me he sometimes he has spells and doesn’t remember where he is just sort of finds himself not knowing who he is or how he got there. Does that seem like depersonalization? -not looking to diagnose my friend simply want opinion.
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What is happening to me?

(i dont know where to post this, so i guess ill post it here since i consider myself a survivor of trauma?)

recently something really strange has been happening to me: whenever somebody starts talking to me, it takes my brain a while to register what the words mean? like i know that they are saying something and i hear that they are saying something, its just i dont "understand" it so i have had ...
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Feeling different

I feel so heavy and disconnected and lacking vibrancy, I never ever felt this way before and I'm so sad and almost disappointed in myself :(
I'm still desperately craving...vibrations, I don't know how to put it, and I can get them but still...I don't feel like myself anymore, nothing is the same and unlike before I can see all the truly bad implications of things.
I feel less connected to my family, father especially.
Lately ...
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