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I dont know if this is the right place; What is this coping

I know someone whose coping mechanism is to pretend to be someone else entirely. They will pretend theyre a fictional character and act out scenarios in their head. The coping mechanism became just a daily habit of theirs but I know when they're really upset or having a breakdown theyll pretend their character is crying instead and it calms them. They told me before they sleep at night they will lie there and just act ...
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Doctor confirming depersonalization

Hey guys I need a note from my doctor verifying my depersonalization has anyone had any success?

I read online there's no simple "test" you can take.
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My trip back to reality

I was diagnosed with Depersonalisation around October/November in 2019. Depersonalisation is an anxiety disorder and a quite disturbing one at that. It can often leave you feeling detached from yourself and reality around you. Some people get Depersonalisation or aspects of it when they feel extreme anxiety, which could last a short while. But some people, like myself, can have it constantly for months, maybe years. I have seen some cases online where people have ...
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Moving back and forth

I would like to explain what has happened to me from yesterday. I gone to work and just sat in front of my cabin and I was in a state of consciousness that no one needs to look at me. So I was compatmentaliszing myself from surrounding. I feel a block in my head yes it was intentional. Then after that I suddenly become angry for a reason and then I just got out of ...
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Feeling dead

I am feeling dead, like my mind has actually stopped working. I am so different from what I am 9 months before. I just want to sleep sleep and that's it. Nothing came to my mind. Like about future about past or anything. This heavy emotional numbness making me so hard to live through life. Just being fed up with life in every way. It appears so nothing empty and all.
I cannot also feel ...
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I've decided to sign up to this forum because I hope to finally get some support from people who have had similar experiences. I started having my symptoms when I was 12. I can vividly remember the day everything changed. I was in a pool doing a swimming competition for my school. I have always been a strong swimmer so I was rather confident. Anyways, I was swimming before I all of a sudden felt ...
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DP/DR cases solved with prof help. Experiences?

I'd like to ask you to briefly tell your successful stories of solved depersonalization or derealization disorder cases by the help of a professional as a therapist regardless of his/her theoretic orientation. I'd appreciate if you tell your path step-by-step, I mean from the beginnings of your symptoms (age, triggering situation if any, etc) until your "lowest point" of desperation (if any) and then the choice of asking help to a pro and your improvements ...
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*posted in wrong place

posted in wrong place. Sorry.
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Spiritual awakening? Nope, just plain ol' depersonalization

Most of my life, I'm just going through that everlasting impression of not being real and not existing. That my "I am me" consciousness is just the by-product of my brain's function. That me, as a person, does not exist - because there is no such thing as a person, just a fake consciousness that a blob of fat and salt and electricity creates in order to be able to interact with its outside environment. ...
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What's going on with me?

I'm pretty sure I have depression and social anxiety. I've just seen a therapist once so I don't have an official diagnosis for anything, I'm going to see her more as soon as I can.
I don't remember a lot of how I felt earlier in my life, I just remember the events, so I have a hard time knowing how long some things have been going on with me. I didn't realize that the ...
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