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Question my perception of reality

My derealization is severe to the point I have nihilistic delusion. Is this a typical part of my mental illness?

I hold firm beliefs that nothing is real and due to history of severe developmental delay, I can't comprehend how most of humans have superior intelligence and discovered and build electronics. So how do I learn how to appreciate this complexity?
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Words look strange.

I've recently been experiencing dp/dr due to my OCD and move from a home I lived 10 years of my life in...
So having OCD, I believe that my dp/dr is caused by dementia or Alzheimers or something otherwise unlikely, but that's not the point.

I am an avid writer, it really helps me cope. But I find myself struggling to write words I had no problem with before, or I frequently think they look ...
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A few strange things that have happened.

i have wondered if i was in my apt i felt like someone capture me and i was somewhere else even though i could see where i was.. eh..

i was having a panic attack one night. i was awake.. i saw 5 fountains with stone boarders and my body was floating down toward them and i was afraid that when my body would touch the water i would die. i was terrified

first time ...
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My story of understanding this symptom

Depersonalization/derealization/Alice in wonderland

Hello everyone. This is a long overdue post of my story understanding derealization. February 21, 2016 was the day the I first experienced derealization. For me it appeared to be at the time out of the blue. No drugs were used and alcohol was not consumed. Followed was a 6 month period of misdiagnosis and multiple other physical and mental symptom. Finally I got the diagnosis of pure OCD and Lyme disease ...
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Trying to Understand

Since forever I always believed that the feelings, attitudes, and reactions I’ve had in my life were normal. I had a slight sense of peace before when I was unaware. I thought that feeling numb, not feeling empathetic at times, and having different versions of myself was normal. For a while now all I can ask myself is who am I ? I have no sense of self and it worries me. I am sick ...
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