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My story of understanding this symptom

Depersonalization/derealization/Alice in wonderland

Hello everyone. This is a long overdue post of my story understanding derealization. February 21, 2016 was the day the I first experienced derealization. For me it appeared to be at the time out of the blue. No drugs were used and alcohol was not consumed. Followed was a 6 month period of misdiagnosis and multiple other physical and mental symptom. Finally I got the diagnosis of pure OCD and Lyme disease ...
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Trying to Understand

Since forever I always believed that the feelings, attitudes, and reactions I’ve had in my life were normal. I had a slight sense of peace before when I was unaware. I thought that feeling numb, not feeling empathetic at times, and having different versions of myself was normal. For a while now all I can ask myself is who am I ? I have no sense of self and it worries me. I am sick ...
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My Marijuana induced DP Story

So my depersonalization actually comes from the first time i did marijuana about 10 months ago. It was actually super scary for the first hour (after that it was pretty fun) and I think that that is the specific trauma that caused it. The day after my first marry jane use I just felt different. I felt like everything I did was a distant memory, I felt like time started to move scarily quick (these ...
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I don't know who I am

I don't speak english very well, so I apoligize for my possible mistakes.

Everything is strange and confusing to me, like if my actions and thoughts didn't interfere with each other.
It takes a lot effort to me remembering things about my life. My memories are like on the other side of a translucent glass. There is some kind of unability to distinguish between memories that are actually real and the ones that aren't.
They ...
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Dissociative feelings relapsing after lack of therapy

I am acting so frustrated towards the people around me .I dont even like looking at peoples because everything reminds me of my old breqkup.and this is qcting as a trigger to my dissociation.I kept all those hard feelings I got by that heart break in a part of my brain and it comes and goes taking large amount of time from my life.and giving me headache and all.
.I become so dissociative after that ...
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Is this normal for DPDR? (memory problems)

Hi there,

I have experienced DPDR for a few months now and I feel as though I’m slowly recovering. However, there’s something that is concerning me A LOT, and that’s memory issues.

For example, I go for a walk and by the time I’m finished the walk I can’t remember being on the walk. By the end of each day I can’t really remember anything that’s happened on that day.... yesterday is a mystery.

Many ...
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DP dR kissing just doesn't want out is trying to behave

ANy info would be greatly apricated. Am I fighting between a yes and no. The characteristic of multiplicity ringing in the ear, sorry if I got this wrong

A woman in China partially lost her hearing after her boyfriend reportedly ruptured her eardrum with a passionate kiss. Apparently, the kiss reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out, and caused the breakdown of the ear.
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Dp Dr I'm in discovery

I'm tryin to get out the way, please come up for me so it doesn't seem like teeth a yuk mouth and object in the mouth. I'm too new so it doesn't seem like food in the mouth I want to be a person not an object not anything out of the ordinary am I a shell Who ear is in the way....So it doesn't seem like toddlers children got four. Is there anyway to ...
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Can you tell the alter to get out this log jam this is terrible.


Because I work with the baby alter and the straws are fine the eating is fine. Can your sexual alter who loves men don't mess this up for us. What could be happening. I'm tried of blaming my psychiatrist. What is going? It has to be no family selfishness...What is the protector thinking here. How can you get this ...
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Stepping Out

My depersonalization seemed more about stepping outside my body. It seemed like I was watching myself from 3 feet away. It didn’t happen all the time, mainly when I would get in a very stressful situations or when I was getting a beatdown from a parent. Anyone have similar depersonalization experiences?
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