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Sudden memories causing depersonalization?

I'm new, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I honestly didn't really know where to put it.

There's a very strange occurrence that happens to me, seemingly at random. I can't pin down any triggers or causes at all. A memory will come to me, very suddenly, and then I'll forget it pretty much instantly. Immediately afterwards, I feel detached from my body. I'm diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, and i've felt ...
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Friend opinion

I have a friend who’s been very depressed and has at one point mentioned feeling emotional and battling suicidal thoughts. He’s doing better but it seems like he’s just getting himself by. He told me he sometimes he has spells and doesn’t remember where he is just sort of finds himself not knowing who he is or how he got there. Does that seem like depersonalization? -not looking to diagnose my friend simply want opinion.
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What is happening to me?

(i dont know where to post this, so i guess ill post it here since i consider myself a survivor of trauma?)

recently something really strange has been happening to me: whenever somebody starts talking to me, it takes my brain a while to register what the words mean? like i know that they are saying something and i hear that they are saying something, its just i dont "understand" it so i have had ...
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Feeling different

I feel so heavy and disconnected and lacking vibrancy, I never ever felt this way before and I'm so sad and almost disappointed in myself :(
I'm still desperately craving...vibrations, I don't know how to put it, and I can get them but still...I don't feel like myself anymore, nothing is the same and unlike before I can see all the truly bad implications of things.
I feel less connected to my family, father especially.
Lately ...
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Need some venting..

Hello all,

I am BrokenRecord and I have mostly been active in the OCD forums 6 to 7 months ago due to my anxiety attacks back then.. I have quited to visit this forums just because keeping in the loop of reading posts and asking reassurance was everything but help to my illness.
But now, I am back with a whole other kind of I really don't knows..

Im having a very weird kind of ...
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Is he really gone? TW

Hi, sorry im not doing an introductory post first, we've had a few different accounts on here before(bad with passwords). promise ill do one at some point.

(sorry in advance if im a bit rambly or scattered but im going through alot right now)

so on january 10th we were on a bus coming back from a routine doc appointment. it had been just me and j for awhile now(used to be a system of ...
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Can someone diagnose me?

This is probably going to be long and confusing.
I think i may have depression for around a year now maybe? but in the last 6 month it has gotten worse (if i even have it). For ages ive felt like ive been waiting for something to happen and i dont know what btw. When im around people i feel really uncomfortable, im constantly thinking about what my face looks like or how i pronounce ...
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I'm losing my mind.

So for the past 2 weeks I have done nothing but lay in bed and thought. And thought and thought. And yet more thinking. All of it philosophical in nature. About numerous topics ranging from utopia, morality, god, the soul, meaning of life, evolution, whether life is suffering, social darwinism, you name it, I have probably obsessed over it. My parents are worried about me but everytime they try to talk to me I push ...
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Cant understand languages I speak, feeling like I'm fading.

Lately over the past two years I've begun to notice that when people around me speak, even in english, it sounds to me like a garbled alien language. I'm having more and more difficulty understanding direct conversations, and my sense of self has gone away almost completely. I only feel safe and whole when I'm by myself in peace and quiet and I'm not sure what this is called or how to describe it, really. ...
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This is nightmare, please if anyone can talk with me...

Hi. I'm 32 year old. I suffered from depression and anxiety now for 17 years and never try anything to heal myself. I've spent my whole 20s hiding in my room and isolated. Now this year my dog died and my dad got cancer so I went through lot of emotional stress and cried every day. Then I was overwhelmed by thoughts of death, death of my parents, how time flies, how things are not ...
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