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Delusions symptomatic of underlying major mental illness?

Friend thinks people are constantly following/Gangstalking her, wearing certain colors to harass her, thinks she may be microchipped, thinks her mind can be read 24/7 by certain individuals, no touch torture believer, thinks people constantly breaking into her apartment while she isn't there and rearranging or removing items. Only clear hallucinations I can think of she had was being hypnotized by her TV years ago and once hearing a voice telling her "they" could hear ...
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I delude myself quite a lot.

This is only an issue for me and not anyone else because I don't let anyone know about these things that I'm thinking.

And its only an issue because I'm forever disappointed when my dream of a brighter future turns out to be a delusion.

I think it's because I'm childlike in my thinking.

Can delusional thinking be because of a childlike approach to the world?
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I Have Magical Powers

I am convinced that I have magical powers. I'm not making this post because I believe I'm wrong. I know I have magical powers, if you want to ask me about them feel free. If you also believe you have magical abilities, feel free to comment as well.

If you have any opinion about me and my beliefs, or beliefs about people who believe they have magical powers, let's discuss! Thank you.
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Twillight-zone like life episode.

Let me describe a twilight-zone like life episode that a person (myself) experienced. I would like to know what type of clinical diagnosis such an experience may correspond and how a psychological disorder may lead to such an experience ?

An afternoon a person wants to make a trip of two subway stations, it enters the metro train at station S, during the trip the person notices that the time to travel the two stations ...
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Imaginary Fleas

Hello, I have posted before about my ex, I was with for 28 years and started to accuse me of having affairs with people I didn't even know.
We are separated but still in the same house for one week a month until my new house is ready.
He now thinks he has fleas and is a "host" to them . He blames me of course because the dog got out of the yard when ...
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Question for DDJ partners? Safe to holiday?

Hi everyone. My DDJ husband and I separated 2 months ago but we are still very much in contact several times a day. He is still in denial though does take his recommended dose of Risperidon every day. We don't really discuss my imaginary 'affair' as he has pretty much closed the dialog on that conversation which is hard for me, because to me it means we can never, ever reconcile. This is probably a ...
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DDD Hubby

Hi everyone, this is Goodwife. Last time I had posted, it was years and years ago. My husband still has delusional disorder persecution type. He has been on and off meds, in and out mental hospitals. I am drained and feel empty. I really don't know what else to write. 17 1/2 years of this $#%^.
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Is there hope?

I have read most of the posts on this forum and it brings me comfort to know that I am not alone, but at the same time it is so incredibly depressing. My wife has cut everyone out of her life and has now turned her sites on me (and the kids). It’s the usual accusations of infidelity and “abuse”. The kids, in their 20s, are dumfounded by what they are witnessing and have tried ...
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Newly engage - he has delusion jealousy.

We’ve been engaged for only 6 months.
I adore him and will never leave him despite his problems.
His jealousy stems from an ex who cheated on him while he was away with work.
I also lost an ex to cheating so although I am not the type of person who would cheat, I know how it feels and could never put another person through that especially one I love.
Because of his job, ...
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Fear of self-enucleation?

Hey, I had a "psychotic" episode back in 2013 where I was feeling very elated and attempted to castrate myself with a microwave. It obviously didn't work. The next year I got suicidal and angry eventually attacking my mother. I got help with a psychiatrist but it stopped as an adult.

Now, I'm having fears of self-enucleation. The psychiatrist did say I mavyhave body dsymorphia along with aspergers/ocd. I know it's probably just my mind ...
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