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Husband is having a delusion - please help, anyone

My husband of 2 years is delusional - he believes his insides are twisted/not aligned and that he can repair this problem by moving, contorting and breathing. He believes he is the only person in the world that can do this and that he is a medical miracle. He has had x-rays, cat scans, blood tests etc and there isn't anything physically wrong with him. His first episode was in April this year...I let it ...
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Vent--delusional partner

First off, let me say that I have suffered from manic and psychotic episodes in the past and I believe that my partner's current delusions were caused by trauma from my psychotic break three months ago. My psychosis originated from traumatic childhood memories and research into ritual abuse. During this break, I believed that I was being manipulated by a universal cult and that my partner was literally God and that they would kill me ...
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Does anything work?

I can’t get this person to seek help. Everyday and everything comes back to this delusion that I took her million dollar lottery money. There are other things like she thinks I am constantly cheating on her, She thinks she is an angel, etc. She tries to get back at me and makes me suffer constantly. A few years this has been going on. I have tried everything as I am sure most people have. ...
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I see a Spider Help!

Hey there,

iam not sure if this is the right forum but iam currently in a bad place mentaly... And i dont know where to ask this question...
Nobody believes me at all. Everytime i wake up there is a spider right next to me on the wall. The first couple of times i was in shock, it looks real but later i figured that its moving weird and its actually not real. It very ...
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So scared of inheriting Delusional Disorder

Hi everyone, I am a first time poster on this forum, and I'm just so glad that there's some kind of outlet for what's been going on in my family life.

I have a 57 year old father with Delusional Disorder, who has been consumed by this illness since 2007/2008. I think this illness came about when he essentially lost a personal injury trial a few months prior. He dedicated about 5 years of his ...
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Letters never sent.

Saturday 3/28/2020

Dear humanity, please survive this.


-- Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:17 pm --


You are loved and protected with the power of love.

This is spiritual and defies time, distance, and reason.

Like a prayer you're surrounded with all the light from hope and love.
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To the shell of the person that I married

I've been lurking on these forums for awhile, looking I guess for some kind of advice or outlet. I posted a few months ago on Reddit about my current situation and since deleted it; frankly, most of the advice given was unhelpful, if not unkind.

I am convinced my spouse of four years (together for nearly a decade) has a delusional disorder, likely stemming from PTSD. Most of his delusions center on infidelity, but are ...
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Friend with apparent delusional disorder


Someone whose been a friend for over thirty years appears to have been exhibiting delusional disorder for these past 3 years. She hasn’t been officially diagnosed or seen a doctor about this, but here’s some history:

Firstly I have to avoid going into specifics just in case she ever reads this, and shall refer to her as “Mo”, which isn’t her real name.

Around a decade ago “Mo” was assaulted by a guy she’d ...
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Delusional disorder on Dr. Phil show (Feb 21 2020)

On Friday, the show's guest was a woman who accused her father of sexually assaulting her when she was a teen and videotaping the incident. Years later, she was now accusing her brother-in-law (her sister's husband) of selling the video on the dark web.

This was a family of attorneys, and they were struggling with the accusations. According to the guest, who is about 50, a few years ago, she suddenly remembered the assault, a ...
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DDJ is it worse around the holidays?

Having such a rough time right now. My DDJ spouse of 20 years, seems to get so much worse around the holidays. Most of our separations have come around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Is it just that way with us? Anyone else have the same problem?

Just reaching out today because I am in hell. I used to love the holidays and now I dread them.
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