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Dualing with deClerambault

Episode 1:
A college crush that somehow finds a way to my dreams where it weaves a world for us to live in. A beautifully intoxicating home for every stray thought and hope and desire. A world that evolves and solidifies with every visit until I’m falling in love with my crush and the future I dream of. When the story threads dry up I create another world and another with different career paths, different ...
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My brain feels blocked

My brain feels blocked. I can't form thoughts or process information. My doctor reduced my invega shot from 78 to 39mg five month ago. I am supposed to feel better but my brain feels even slower. I feel stuck. Any ideas?
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Wrote a letter to my husband’s doctor

Day before yesterday was the pits. More paranoia from my husband, more bizarre thought processes, and the continued accusation that I’m having an affair with that poor guy Albert. As his anger grew, he kept screaming at me that he knew when I did it, and he was going to text Albert and call his wife, and go confront him and knock him on his ass. I told him I was tired of denying bs ...
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Another day, another delusion

Hello all:
Another stressful day today, irrigating the farm. Up at 3 a.m. my husband did not catch the voice mail from the irrigation manager yesterday, saying we might not get to irrigate today. So he stressed about that and was angry “why didn’t he keep calling until he got a hold of me.” I just say “I don’t know” to most of what he asks. Why didn’t my husband actually check his phone during ...
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Delusional Disorder and break-ups

Hi, I’m new to this forum- my bf of 7 years left our shared home in March after accusing me of some pretty strange things. He didn’t recognize a shirt in his closet and told me that I put it there either because of my infidelity and/or because I might be in a cult (neither is the case). He had a whole elaborate set of stories and connections to explain his paranoia. To note-he had ...
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Wife with Delusional Disorder refuses treatment...help

I'm not sure how this works but I will get right to the point.

My wife had been experiencing some major paranoia since the 2020 election began, and she got caught up in the whole Q-Anon phenomenon.

Since then she's had many delusions running through the whole Delusional Disorder spectrum (Grandiose, Jealous, Persecutory & Somatic). She's been in residential treatment twice (voluntarily) in the last two months, but each time she refuses treatment and medication. ...
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Here we go again; DD husband

My husband has Delusional Disorder that comes and goes. If it was present all the time it would be easier to leave him. I guess it’s a little bit present all the time (believing he has an intuitive ability that lets him know what people are thinking, even with zero clues/facts). He quickly interprets the smallest of actions to mean something much greater. His jumps in reasoning don’t make sense. But there it is.
Then, ...
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Paranormal Living

So there I was sitting at my desk. In a moment of weakness, I searched for changes to a playlist. Shortly after I pressed the search button, there was a crackling noise, and a bit of ink appeared on one of my comedy flashcards. I studied the watermark and it looked like a heart shape. Not perfect, but close. I looked at the ceiling to see if something fell, then tried to scratch it, to ...
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Growing Hope - The Gratefulness Thread

Walking Honey felt good today, the weather was warm. I'm thankful for the nice spring day. I took the dog out in the yard with my bare feet touching the grass. It's still dry and dormant, but the first signs of leafing out on the southernmost portion of the landscaping, a bush was unfurling its leaves. The new lilac bush by the front was just starting to form tight buds.

The highlight of my day ...
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The severity of your Delusional Disorder

Hey There, Folks .. I've been rediagnosed with Delusional Disorder, Persecutory type from Schizophrenia. I was wondering about severity and insight with this condition. I see and hear a great many things that all point toward my doom but I have the ability to sit on the fence, so to speak. All these things feel real and I'm sure they're engineered to warn me but the intensity comes and goes. Stress is a huge trigger. ...
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