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Missing time and memory loss?

Has anyone else had it where you wake up and have memory of say, monday morning, then nothing and you wake up on thursday or sunday having no memory of what happened and people tell you about it but you honestly wonder if it happened at all? am I alone?
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False Memories

I am having constant false memories that I know cannot all be true. If all my memories are true, I would be suffering major consequences. I have also asked people close to me if the thoughts I have are true and they assure me that they are not.I have memories of myself doing or saying terrible things. IF I had actually done all of these things, those who are close to me would have seen ...
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Advice needed - New Member

Hi, i'm not sure if this is the correct forum, if not, my apologies.

I need some advice.
My twin was diagnosed with Delirium, he has cerebral palsy and is 22 years old, this happened last month for the first time, he produces music and is up at nights, lack of sleep. He is on respiridone and another drug to help him but it barely works, he also experience sundowning at times. This has been ...
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Was this delirium?

My partner was diagnosed with inoperable cancer back in April and I have been his caregiver up to this day 24/7. The therapy consisted of chemotherapy and radiation combined, totalling to seven weeks. He was also prescribed all sorts of medications, some to control the pain, some other for the nausea, other yet for his understandable anxiety. He is now one month post therapy and things are looking better, although we are waiting for the ...
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ICU delirium/psychosis

Hi. Really struggling. A year and a half ago I had. PE that put me in a coma. I was comatose for a week and apparently woke up in a rage when I finally came off the vent. Was then out in a medical coma bc of a massive freak out I was told I had. I was in the ICU for weeks and developed terrible delirium/psychosis. I thought the staff were making fun of ...
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ok, first off i dont know if this post belongs here but i think it does. About a year ago like every couple of months i was seeing my ex girlfriend (its explanied in another post) and those stop, NOW i hear voices and the other day i was with my boys next to the sea and i think i saw a demon ( I KNOw, right? it looked a lot like balrog from lord ...
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More Information on Delirium?

Does anyone know of and could recommend any viable sources of information about delirium disorder?
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breaking down the walls in a padded room

blunts dipped in embalming fluid.

I feel at home stuck in this maze of agent orange and rocks. whatever you bring to this city i'll taste it. walk down the street trained for this. steady as the razor in my cheek. pulling down everything that surrounds me. this madness is my method. don't step over here, my intentions are the illest, i'll rip you up. this room leaks, posioning your world, infecting the brains of ...
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Thinking causes delirium

Thinking causes me to have mental problems. I can perform at a normal level of cognition for short periods of time but after aggravating my symptoms I have to become inactive / stop thinking or my symptoms just get worse and worse.


I posted in the dementia forum about cognitive problems but I think I more clearly understand what's wrong.

The problem is mental endurance. If I don't do anything all day, just ...
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Delirium, not Delerium

I believe it is called Delirium
Delerium is a band ;P
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