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Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time but I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I also wanted to say for those of you who are struggling that things can get better. I was in such a dark and self harming place but I have managed to heal. I still have scars but my partner loves me despite all of that and, whilst I don’t love them, I think I can live ...
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My mind is all over the place, stilllkeep wanting to end it

Edit: My AWOL due to covid mental health team is coming to see me sometime soon. I would tell them that my mind keeps going over the image of shoving a knife through my eyeball into my brain but all that means nothing much to others ugh. All they will do is fumble their words and then the same old nothing will happen i bet. That or they will think that i am not serious ...
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so sad to see

I work in a court.
Yesterday appeared a young, new attorney. Half my age.
As one recognises another, first thing I notice are the terrible scars on her forearm. The gown we have to wear do not nearly cover them. Others are going to see them.

My heart ached. Just so sad. Her efforts to cover them with tattoos only seem to emphasize them.
I wanted so much to tell her how well she's doing. ...
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Why should I live

I don't feel like explaining.Sorry.I just get right into whqat's going on now.My therapist told me to call him if I had any suicidal thoughts.But I don't think he'd believe me if I haven't done anything yet.I'm so tired.I'v been thinking about it for years now,but never had the guts to do more than self harm.But I think I should do it now.I feel useless.
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Why not?

Life is hard. I don't believe that I've had it that had, but still it's hard.
~~~Warning!!Triggering content~~~
I need a reason not to die. I can't find one now. My family was the main reason why I didn't do it in the past, but from this point of view, the dissappointment that I see when they look at me, maybe it would be better if I did do it on those many occations that ...
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Re: How are you today thread (trigger warning)

Well I've held from posting since Christmas.

I felt like I was tired of whining. Which is all that I seem to do here. Which should not be considered as a judgement on anyone else; only myself.

I'm not sure why I've picked today. Everything seems fine. Well, not out of the ordinary, at least. Wanting to cut...? Adult $#%^?

Idk. Well maybe I do.


-- Wed Feb 03, 2021 4:28 ...
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Very difficult days and dangerous ideas

Hello to everyone,

My life in the last few days I can only describe as extremely difficult and confusing. Due to an irrational fear that I have towards my new boss, and for thinking a lot about an answer, I was almost fired. I am a hard worker, I deliver more than 12 hours a day and I always aspire to work within excellence. But in recent months, this has not been enough, they want ...
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TRIGGER WARNING i was clean for 1 year and i just broke it

does anyone know how i can get myself back on track? i totally fell apart today and broke my 1 year of being clean and i feel awful about it, but it also just felt right. i dont know what to do and im so confused
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Head/Face Beatings for Stupid Actions

Self-harm was never a big issue for me until my late 20s and early 30s.

Now, going on 33, I find myself beating the $#%^ out of myself almost daily. It's easy to reflect on myself and why it happens: stupid actions and failure triggers it every time.

Being confronted with my own stupidity again and again fills me with the desire to literally beat it out of myself. I have a long history of ...
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Telling Therapist

Just wondering if people have advice on this. Partially a vent just to get my thoughts out into the world.

My SH tends to be very dissociated, so I usually don't intend to do it, it just happens. I think partially because of that, I am very ashamed of it and hide it because it makes me feel like such a weird person. I'm used to lying about it, so I told my therapist I ...
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