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Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

Why not?

Life is hard. I don't believe that I've had it that had, but still it's hard.
~~~Warning!!Triggering content~~~
I need a reason not to die. I can't find one now. My family was the main reason why I didn't do it in the past, but from this point of view, the dissappointment that I see when they look at me, maybe it would be better if I did do it on those many occations that ...
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Re: How are you today thread (trigger warning)

Well I've held from posting since Christmas.

I felt like I was tired of whining. Which is all that I seem to do here. Which should not be considered as a judgement on anyone else; only myself.

I'm not sure why I've picked today. Everything seems fine. Well, not out of the ordinary, at least. Wanting to cut...? Adult $#%^?

Idk. Well maybe I do.


-- Wed Feb 03, 2021 4:28 ...
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Very difficult days and dangerous ideas

Hello to everyone,

My life in the last few days I can only describe as extremely difficult and confusing. Due to an irrational fear that I have towards my new boss, and for thinking a lot about an answer, I was almost fired. I am a hard worker, I deliver more than 12 hours a day and I always aspire to work within excellence. But in recent months, this has not been enough, they want ...
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TRIGGER WARNING i was clean for 1 year and i just broke it

does anyone know how i can get myself back on track? i totally fell apart today and broke my 1 year of being clean and i feel awful about it, but it also just felt right. i dont know what to do and im so confused
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Head/Face Beatings for Stupid Actions

Self-harm was never a big issue for me until my late 20s and early 30s.

Now, going on 33, I find myself beating the $#%^ out of myself almost daily. It's easy to reflect on myself and why it happens: stupid actions and failure triggers it every time.

Being confronted with my own stupidity again and again fills me with the desire to literally beat it out of myself. I have a long history of ...
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Telling Therapist

Just wondering if people have advice on this. Partially a vent just to get my thoughts out into the world.

My SH tends to be very dissociated, so I usually don't intend to do it, it just happens. I think partially because of that, I am very ashamed of it and hide it because it makes me feel like such a weird person. I'm used to lying about it, so I told my therapist I ...
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Final Bow

About three months ago I was diagnosed with a severe illness that is causing me constant pain.

I am deeply in love with someone else but I can't tell them about this so I have stuck in a relationship because I keep being broken by them because of this illness which makes me feel worthless. I know they are being abusive. I just don't care anymore and they make it impossible to leave them.

I ...
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Favourite distractions

Mine are coming here, reading, colouring, cleaning and music.

Whats yours?

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TW suicide

I lost another friend to suicide! Thats 4 in just over a year! There's a picture of a group of us on a day out and out of that group there's only 2 of us left. I'm heartbroken :(

I'm safe tho, I'm with my bf.

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Broke my streak TW

Im so annoyed with myself for giving in. I was at almost a month again with cutting. I just needed to feel some kind of relief and nothing else was working. I managed to keep it superficial tho which i suppose is a good thing.
I have made it to 17 months before so i know i can do it again, things are just hard atm. I just feel like a failure again ...
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