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Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

Broke my streak TW

Im so annoyed with myself for giving in. I was at almost a month again with cutting. I just needed to feel some kind of relief and nothing else was working. I managed to keep it superficial tho which i suppose is a good thing.
I have made it to 17 months before so i know i can do it again, things are just hard atm. I just feel like a failure again ...
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Why do I want to die?

I'm not sure if this is the spot to put this but...

I feel like life is meaningless and I am frankly fascinated with death. I do not understand why people are afraid of it. I am sort of an agnostic and I would just about kill myself over curiosity.

I can't seem to feel meaning in anything I do. I am trying religion and it's not really working for me so far.

I am ...
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I feel like there is no way out. I am in exile, I am not safe, and I think I am going to die here.

I have tried everything to restore my human rights and go back home. I went everywhere to try to get help. But when your human rights are not recognized, there is no place to go and you don't exist. All I can do is cry. I am ...
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Self Harm when you want to hurt others? (MAJOR TW)

Hi guys, call me Rory.

So, if I'm being honest, sometimes I want to hurt people. Nothing super special, not particularly random people, I won't go into detail. When I get urges to do this, to see injury and stuff, I end up harming myself just to get the effect of injury.

What could this mean? Also does anyone else do this?
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Do you remember why you self harmed?

I think i do but every time i try to remember the details become distorted. like a painful memory trying to be hidden. when i was 14 i think i did it because i wanted to have powers in my dreams. as silly as it sounds.
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How long have you not cut?

Going through the different posts on this forum, I realized that all of us are going through something.
I want this topic to be a place where we can discuss the amount of time we've been clean, the length of time we haven't hurt ourselves.

I'm new on this forum, but I have been self-harming for about six years now.
The good thing right now is that I haven't done it in about 5 ...
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It's all going downhill + hopefully some good aim

So, yesterday I drank myself to sleep and while I was at it I relapsed. I hit rock bottom, lost everything I worked towards my whole life. I fell out of college (again). University education was what all I ever wanted and dreamed of. Because of Covid-19 (a major part in this all) I can no longer afford it anymore. I've been supported financially mainly by my parents, but because of the pandemic they noted ...
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Smoking cigarettes as SH?

More and more studies come out saying how bad for your health cigarettes. At the same time less and less smokers there are overall.
Thing is, the more aware I am of this, the more I want to smoke.

In many ways, it's comfortable. It doesn't leave any immediate marks, isn't as scary and anxiety-inducing when you actually are about to do it, and doesn't destroy me in the moment when i'm here and young ...
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Self harming at 6 years old...

What would make a child of 6 cut themselves with a razor?
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Anyone else poke their veins just for the blood relief.

*mod edit* I don't want to oil. Myself or anything but I'm addicted to bleeding my veins and arteries. This way less scarri g and bigger benefit. Just wondered if anyone else does it. So relaxing. However tonight I hit a leg artery and lost a .it of blood...at the same time it was exhilarating
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