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Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

It's all going downhill + hopefully some good aim

So, yesterday I drank myself to sleep and while I was at it I relapsed. I hit rock bottom, lost everything I worked towards my whole life. I fell out of college (again). University education was what all I ever wanted and dreamed of. Because of Covid-19 (a major part in this all) I can no longer afford it anymore. I've been supported financially mainly by my parents, but because of the pandemic they noted ...
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Smoking cigarettes as SH?

More and more studies come out saying how bad for your health cigarettes. At the same time less and less smokers there are overall.
Thing is, the more aware I am of this, the more I want to smoke.

In many ways, it's comfortable. It doesn't leave any immediate marks, isn't as scary and anxiety-inducing when you actually are about to do it, and doesn't destroy me in the moment when i'm here and young ...
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Self harming at 6 years old...

What would make a child of 6 cut themselves with a razor?
Read more : Self harming at 6 years old... | Views : 1043 | Replies : 11

Anyone else poke their veins just for the blood relief.

*mod edit* I don't want to oil. Myself or anything but I'm addicted to bleeding my veins and arteries. This way less scarri g and bigger benefit. Just wondered if anyone else does it. So relaxing. However tonight I hit a leg artery and lost a .it of blood...at the same time it was exhilarating
Read more : Anyone else poke their veins just for the blood relief. | Views : 310 | Replies : 1

First ear piercing

I'm 18 and I haven't properly self harmed in just over a year (wahoo 8) ) but I just got my ear lobes pierced and it was amazing. I sound like a total psycho but the feeling was immense and I booked another appointment to get my cartilage and nose done. Is this bad??
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I think Self Harm is helping keep me here

Hi all, im new here, to this site. This post may never make it through protocol. And i know SH is destructive, (part of the point for me at least) but it feels helpful for me. Sadly. Feels preventative sometimes. Just curious if anyone out there feels the same. No worries either way. Take care everyone
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Cutting addicton?

I feel like cutting is my addiction... I haven't cut in a little over 3 months and have been having really bad urges to do so lately....i feel like no one i know understands even though they want to help. I guess I'm looking for maybe a self harm "sponsor"? Like they do at AA meetings? someone or a group i can go to in crisis and just say "I need a meeting" and have ...
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Tips to hide self harm scars?

I’ve previously self harmed, I got drunk and hadn’t done it for so long, I had an argument with my ex girlfriend and it turned sour; ended up self harming and being drunk I went through some nerves and it left *mod edit* really nasty scars, they’re around 3 months old and bio oil isn’t fading them... how can I hide these? I’ve started gym with friends and it prevents me from swimming or even ...
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About to fall down again.

Hello. I'm absolutely NOT sure whether I should post here, anywhere else, or if I should even post this somewhere. I simply found this pretty interesting site while searching about schizoid personality disorder, which I might have (my psychiatrist says I'm not quite there, but I should be careful, otherwise I might go over the edge; and I on the other hand feel like I'm there already). ANYWAY this is out of topic. Thing is, ...
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Cutting out of boredom?

I’ve started to notice that some of my cuts are cuts I did when I was just bored. But the thing is, I don’t want to stop cutting... what should I do exactly?
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