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Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

Jaded and cynical

I am a 20 years old NEET with no motivation to change anything about it.

For the longest time I was told to 'grow up', that things like passion, enthusiasm and enjoyment are childish and I need to grow out of these things. So now that I'm an adult, I did grow out of them.
However, it sucks. It stripped me of all hope and motivation. And the only way I'm able to feel happiness ...
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Accidents or how do you tell?

Have been having a hard time lately. Good days / really bad days. Not bipolar. Noticed today doing dumb stuff resulting in minor injuries. Immediately after think *that was dumb*. Like...poured boiling water out of pan on dishes in sink which splashed onto our hand. Stupidity, early onset senior moment, inattention or something else? Just day before grabbed bath handrail after applying body oil. Hands still oily, slid down hit our tub side & hurt ...
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dealing with stress and cutting god daughter, want to cut

I have a history of SI though no acts in a decade. god daughter 15 has severe cutting issues.
have been dealing with her relapse and now significant life stress and finding it very triggering.
worst I've been in years. she only cuts on one arm that I am aware of but after a long break she has started again. her issues stem from emotionally neglectful mother, made worse by being sent to boarding school ...
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first relapse in 4 years

I cut for the first time in 4 years. I feel ashamed and lost and honestly scared bc this is BY FAR the deepest one yet. *mod edit* I am taking care of it how I have all previous cuts but holy $#%^ it hurts. *mod edit* other superficial cuts accompanied it, healing nicely but man am I worried about this one. It was done when very very very drunk, motivations are foggy at best ...
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10 years ‘recovered’... I want to relapse

Anyone have a similar experience? I now have a family. 10 year old impressionable girls.
Suicide is not on the plate. It’s not a want. I want to cut and I’m at my wits end. Any advice from someone who has gone so long? How to past this moment

Thanks, M.
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Afraid to Visit Doctor for Treatment of a Selfinflicted Burn

I have a self-inflicted burn that does not appear to be healing even though it has been roughly 3 weeks since it happened. I think the burn may be infected, but I am afraid to visit the local Walk-in Clinic/ Urgent care for treatment because I am not sure what will happen as a result of that. The wound is obviously self-inflicted and positioned among many old and new self-harm scars. Can I be ...
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Uk pip face to face... Possibly going to cut infront of the

I have an up coming pip face to face with capita, I have had dealings with them in the past which beyond screwed me up mentally and it was only by the people supporting me I didn't kill myself or end up homeless as I lost most my benefits for 7 months until tribunal.

It's been two years since and I'm deeply affected and haven't really recovered from the trauma of it all. Now I ...
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I have to admit this somewhere. And I really have no one to tell that won't freak out, be disgusted, or 5150 me (lock me up).

After a year clean of no self injury, I started cutting again because my emotions and thoughts were too convoluted, hazy, and out of control. I see my new psychologist this Thursday (I've only seen her a few times) and I'm not sure if I want to share it ...
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Depression and suicide

Hello everyone.

I’ve Been strugling with depression for the past 2 years.

Im 33 years old. I used to be the finance director of our family busines (auto parts), lived in a nice rented appartment, made good money (for brazilian standards), used to travel quite often.

I ended a relationship, and by observation, I got really sad with the perspective of getting older, being more mature, I really believe that the best part of my ...
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