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Call backs, cues, gangstalking after many years escape.

So I have unfortunately had to learn to be leery of people wanting to be my friend. Thank goodness I have someone in my life I trust...but who is mostly clueless to how this ra/mc stuff works.....tho I have spotted bits of programming signs in him. We helped one another escape different groups and deprogrammed as much as possible before we even knew what we were doing. It took him a little longer....but my story ...
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I am being stalked and need help

I used to have psychological issues and I ended up in a cult years ago. I got out of it and got well psychologically. Although I deal with some PTSD.

I was intimate with the leader of the cult who has full blown NPD. He stalks me years after I broke up with him.Police didn't help me much. So I do what I can to keep safe although it causes me stress.

I worry how ...
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Trigger warning; physical reaction to stress or 'flashback'?

Hello people. It's quite here, but I'll still give it a go, looking for answers.

I have DID. My abusers thought cult stuff is exiting, and I was their guiny pig. I can't remember much, but I do know they did brainwashing, poisoning, sex slave training, and a lot of programming/pavlov.

For the last three months I've been having very weird sensations when I lie in bed. TRIGGER WARNING BUT IT'S NOT SEXUAL

At first ...
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I am wondering if there is anyone who would dare to discuss mind control and programming and what to do about it.
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Study of Cults

It's funny how cults take advantage of people and environments to not get acknowledged. The indoctrination of fear to instill in people once they know about the cult can heal and turn from it's repercussions. What next for cults how else can they exert control, so that their jealous sport agenda can be served? How can we collective divert their influence in a different direction or altogether get it stop? How can we not share ...
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Need answers regarding a sort of cult abuse **TRIGGER**

*Disclaimer* : I have dissociative identity disorder, and I've been in therapy for the past two years. The reason I need answers is because most of the information about this incident is spread out between different parts (alters). And since I do not have all the necessary information I need to make sense of how all of it escalated, it would help if you'll helped me piece this together.

I was roughly in 7th grade ...
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Looking to connect with others. I think I was RA in daycare and am having a hard time.
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Well I just want to start off by saying, if you are reading this please make sure you are in a safe place because you never know what sort of amnesiac boundaries you might have and I have heard that survivors of this kind of abuse can be dangerous to themselves and others, without even knowing that they have experienced the abuse in the first place. What I read could be incorrect, but I would ...
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Being contolled?

Hello. I posted most of this in a different forum here and someone suggested I put it in this one instead, so I hope that's okay. I had read a post from someone about a friend of theirs who was doing strange things and when I read it felt exactly the sort of thing I think I'm going through. It is something to do with being hypnotised online and Monarch Mind Control. Anyway, I'll just ...
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Hypnosis Abuse on a friend


First of all I'd like to say that I am new to this forum. I have a really serious issue that I have tried to resolve but I can't do it on my own and I really need some help. I have a friend I talk with over the internet, she is so dear to me and she is like the older sister I always wished I had. She lives across the Atlantic ocean ...
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