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Advice in grieving my marriage, and family... :(

I was married for 18 years to my husband and filed for divorce about 15 months ago. We are not legally divorced yet but in the midst of a high conflict divorce that seems to make no progress, other than spending up all of our savings.... I am pretty sure after doing a lot of research, and not being able to put my finger on it until recently, that I was married to a man ...
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Dealing with a run-away orphan

There's an orphan in Mexico that I met several years ago through my volunteer work and became like a father figure to. She calls me dad and I love her like a daughter. She was forced out of the orphange awhile back and I decided to help her out rather than see her suffer on the street. She's 16 years old. I began by putting a plan together that involved her working and going to ...
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How to cope with an stressful 'work'

I'm about to enter a residency program (medicine) in my country

My problem is I've tried to complete this program 2 times but I just can't, every time I've tried I quit because I'm not able to cope with the amount of work. Attending and Consultants nagging me, I'm just sleeping 2 hours a day or nothing at all. I have to eat in just 30 minutes or less and get back to work. I ...
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Seeking to be okay with oral repitition

Ironic in a way as this may be, I’m thinking about reiterating this in other places since it’s a concern to me which I would appreciate feedback on.

A long time ago, there was a sketchy imposter teacher who when it came to teaching mannerisms curves his fingers taps them while essentially repeating the same under-explained statement on math.

Association of unpleasant things relate to him and that flimsy teaching method from someone who was ...
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Coping with a deformity

i had surgery about three years ago and there was a complication that occurred that is a not a known complication and it has ruined my life.
I had self esteem issues before but now it's to the point where I can't leave the house because of the way people treat me.
My psychiatrist says that if I begin to go out and face the crowd, eventually it will become easier. For example ok let ...
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Advice on grieving?

Does anybody have any practical advice on grieving and coping with ambiguous loss? I lost my boyfriend of three years to schizophrenia.. his personality underwent a radical and aggressive change and there's a void in my emotional life that's silently ruined my life ever since. We went a few years without talking, although I sent letters, stayed in contact through family members etc. He almost died over christmas last year and I broke down. Luckily ...
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Is it common to cry when meditating in some way?

Early on when I first started to doing breathing exercises there'd be a churning of thoughts going on in my mind with some which are grief inducing to make starting crying then and there. I wonder, is it common with ppl who are starting to meditating or even ppl with experience that every now and then a particularly negative thought might emerge which can cause that but they'll continue anyhow?.
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need helping coping

I work at a pet store as a dog bather, and I would like help coping with two issues without becoming heartless.
1. I am not use to seeing dogs that are shaking, howling, or pooping because they are scared of the environment, the people they don't know, or what will happen there. The worst part for me is having to bath/force a dog to do something that is clearly afraid of me(tail between legs, ...
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How to finally deal with issues ive had since i was a teen?

No idea where to post this, i hope its okay here?


I’m 30 years old, and lately I’ve been reflecting on my life. And I’m started to realize a pattern. I have problems with my self esteem ever since i was a teen. It doesn’t matter if its men, or friendships. Whenever people get close, eventually the day comes when they do or say something where i will completely cut them out of my ...
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Helped my anxiety..

Hi guys,

Thought some people here might be interested in an open day (UK) happening in North Wales.
I wanted to share this info, because I have personally lessened my anxiety by taking an 8-week mindfulness course which runs at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (Bangor, Gwynedd).
That's only my personal experience, and I was skeptical of it before (did my training Sept - Oct, 2014), but I would highly recommend getting more ...
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