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Is my coping mechanism for survivors guilt normal?

Just as a bit of background, I'm 24, female, Caucasian of German decent and asexual.  Don't know if any of it really matters in this scenario but, hormones has something to do with mental health so....just throwing it out there I guess?  Anyway, it hadn't really bothered me until recently, but I've been feeling something strange and the best way I can describe it, is like a survivors guilt sort of thing.
So, my ...
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Hi guys, I was diagnosed with BPD 4 years ago when I was 23 whilst I was attending a Therapeutic Community. This TC felt like a whirlwind, to be honest it really messed me up for a while, especially at the end, when you have been going there for a year everyday, then nothing. People went there own ways, therapists disregard you except for a monthly email/phone call. This did not bode well with my ...
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How to best treat fixing overly sexual brain?


I'm so tormented all the time from living wrong for many years the way it has like programmed my brain overly dark and sexual out of my control. I try to be a respectable guy with what I can control, but it's ugly how like every chance my brain gets it tries to relate sensory input (words I hear, things I see, etc) to sexual things. So often it's in such an overly dark ...
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Coping with loss

I'm just going to come right out and say it. I lost my mother on May 6th, 2017, and I don't even know how I'm functioning. The pain and feeling of loss runs so deep inside, I wasn't even able to get out of bed for the first two weeks. I had to see her lying dead on the dirty ass floor in her room, and then I had to see her in a box. ...
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Music & Art Therapy

Have been diagnosed with Delusional Disorder for 15 years, a neurological imbalance caused by multiple traumatic experiences. I would love to thrive and explore music & art therapy as a treatment of traumatic disassociation to overcome, understand, reveal hidden messages from frozen trauma as part of my healing.

Would anyone have any recommendations or book reviews, group discussions or links to assist with my journey, or preferably New Zealand based.

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How to deal with recurring negative thoughts?

Pretty soon I'm going to be in a situation that will cause me to think a lot about a particular bad memory I have and the thoughts will likely make me feel depressed, alone, and hopeless. Sadly I can't see my therapist before then. I'll do a lot of positive self talk and all but I wonder if there are additional ways to stop obsessing over the same bad memory?
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Excellent coping strategies for schizoaffective..

I have been schizoaffective for the past 34 years and I now take an effective medication regimen of Risperdal Consta, Geodon, Seroquel, and Celexa to control my symptoms of auditory and visual hallucinations, severe paranoia, depression and mindreading. I am left with residual symptoms of mild paranoia and religious delusions of reference, which I do not mind.

I have developed coping strategies on my own which contribute greatly to my wellness over these last 34 ...
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Coping Strategies for Schizoaffective Bipolar and Schizophre

I struggle with social withdrawal, affective blunting, and poor hygiene (negative symptoms ), mild paranoia, and religious delusions of reference, (positive symptoms). My mood symptoms are under control and have been for many, many years.
I take three different atypical antipsychotics and one SSRI antidepressant to treat my schizoaffective bipolar.
I have many coping strategies that I have developed on my own, that work in keeping me as well as I can be and happy. ...
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Dealing with OCD thoughts - my approach

First, avoid logic. No logic will work. It will simply make you ruminate and go round in circles.

Second, never look forward to a true or false answer. Everything in the world is fuzzy with a blurred border. OCDs typically obsess because they think everything is well defined and crisp. Nons on the other hand know that nothing is 100%. If you claim that you are a pure girl, you are lying. There will certainly ...
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COMET / Competitive Memory Training

Hello :)

A quick introduction about me:
I've been dealing with self-esteem/self love issues latley. Better said realised that I've been having this type of "problem" since childhood. I've been studying for the last 5 years and I'm about to finish my master thesis but at the same time also working - so it can get a bit stressful now and then. The self-esteem issue has actually ...
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