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Dyad technique for emptying

There is a technique called a dyad which is very helpful in weeding one's mind and emptying the soul.

It can be used to bring relief to mental suffering, achieve enlightenment, and drill down into a topic or theme.

Here is an interesting resource that explains about dyads: http://dyad.org/index.html

Here is an actual dyad about "decisions" that was transcribed and published online. http://www.engeljournal.com/decision-dyad/the-david-engel-experience/2010/04/01/
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Procrastination is an issue for me at times in my life; I just don't want to get started with things, I put things off. Then, I feel bad or guilty because I'm stuck not doing things.
I have accomplished a lot in my life, however. It's just that thinking about doing things drains energy.
I want to get a better flow in life happening.

There are patterns in me I can observe:
1) fear of ...
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i love these coping skills

so i have been working on several coping skills since i got out of the hospital in march. My favorite by far is deep breathing and visualization. I love whenever someone takes me to my safe place it feels so good i don't want to leave when i learn to do this on my own i will stay there as much as possible. And deep breathing is really relaxing to. Does anyone know any other ...
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Edited by admin - Chucky

I noticed edited by admin - Chucky has been doing a string of TV and media appearances lately about how to seek therapy and get help, here's the links...

Webchat: Edited by admin - Chucky

Edited by admin - Chucky

Hope people find these helpful. I had to seek therapy a few years back for some skeletons in the closet so I know how much of a daunting thing it can be. You say to ...
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An odd question...

...I'm wondering is anyone could direct me to literature or studies I'm sure I've heard about before. Once upon a time I heard there was a positive corellation between children who move a lot in childhood and grow up to go into show business (I seem to remember comedy spicifically, but I cold be wrong). I've looked and looked and can't find anything. Any ideas greatly appreciated!
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Reducing the overwhelming feelings

One bane of my life and no doubt almost everyones is shopping. Particularly food shopping in a supermarket. I like many others find the world in general a very overwhelming place. Lots of noise, movement, activity, people etc. One way i have found of coping while in the supermarket in particular is to listen to music. Drown out all the noise. I also quite often wear my sunglasses. I wear them a lot because they ...
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Grounding Tecniques

Good for Anxiety, Trauma etc. Learned this from my social worker when I was seeing her.

One thing she told me is to put my feet flat on the ground, like It's the root of a tree, and to concentrate of being rooted down.

The second one seems the most interesting and more likely would work...

She said first look around the room and focus on 5 items... mine would be the computer, the ...
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Comfort Bag -for Anxiety sufferers

How do you prepare yourself for panic attacks while away from home? Reach into your comfort bag for security, distraction or relaxation. Prepare yourself for anxiety and panic attacks by taking along comfort in a bag.Difficulty: Easy Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

1. Choose a bag.

Decide what kind of bag is appropriate for your needs. If you drive a lot, you can take more in the car. If you carry a purse, maybe a ...
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coping tecninics i want 2 stop self harming plz help

:? hi im kitzzz im new 2 this, the thing is does anyone know any good coping stratages for self harm? i just seem to be doing it more n more and i dont want 2 hurt those who are close to me. any sugestions?
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Cognitive Distortions

1. All Or Nothing Thinking:You see things in black and white categories. If your performance falls short of perfect, you see yourself as a total failure.

2. Overgeneralization: You see a single negative event as a never-ending pattern.

3. Mental Filter: You pick out a single negative detail and dwell on it exclusively, so that your vision of all reality becomes darkened, like the drop of ink that discolors the entire beaker of water.

4. ...
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