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Wondering what can help when feeling nervous or panicked

Some days I just get stressed out and even when I'm trying to remain calm I start trembling. I didn't even notice it was a thing I do but apparently its pretty noticeable to others that I'm shakey. Any idea how to fix it? I'll try to stay still but can't seem to.
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Tips & techniques for dealing with bad memories?

Any recommended tips & techniques for dealing with bad memories you'd rather forget?

I'm in my early 40s and about 7 years ago I confronted my NMom & NStepdad. We're limited contact now & I am a lot more content. However, I still go through the process of 'grieving' for the life I didn't have. I realize I probably spent 30+ years of my life with high-functioning depression. I do have some good memories, but ...
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Coping with break-up (?) and breakdown

I've never been in a relationship so I'm genuinely asking here. It wasn't really a break-up but it feels like it. I was in "deep like" with a guy twice my age. He said I could trust him with anything. Talked to him about my bipolar. He pretty much detached as fast as he could. I still have to work with this fellow. I'm so upset and hurt, that I don't ever want to deal ...
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Help coping after daughter physically abused

I have awful anxiety and depression. I've just recently gotten back in control of things, and then, of course...

Divorced my husband after last year he flipped the hell out and tried to kill my dog. I spent 6 years with him simply because I felt I was better off suffering with him and knowing my children are safe than divorcing him and having to hand over my children to him every other weekend. He's ...
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Listen or sing this song 6X, daily, to erase, reduce ACEs

Erase adverse childhood experiences - song lyrics

Uses NLP, Jesuit-technique "can do" auto-suggestion,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7GHktK ... e=youtu.be
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Workplace Stress and CBT

I am generally an anxious person and I would like to learn to apply CBT to reduce stress at work. Is CBT appropriate to all situations?

For example
when my boss gives me a job to do at the last minute I know I have to do it. But it makes me angry that it is last minute without notice when I feel he had a responsibility to plan things better. This makes me frustrated ...
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Coping mechanisms for violent impulses?

Hello, long time listener first time writer.

I was wondering if there was a reputable resource for coping mechanisms regarding violent impulses, and the aftermath of trying. At the moment the most I do is bury them down until I snap. Though the thoughts never go away and have been increasing in intensity and reactions the more I've just ignored the impulses and stopped myself from acting on them.

I'm not in therapy at the ...
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coping mechanisms from childhood

The other night me and a couple of friends were talking about abuse, because of all that metoo stuff and Harvey Weinstein etc.. and like different coping mechanisms? (we had all survived some kind of abuse)

one thing my friend said was that people can't hurt her, because she won't let them, she's kind of inpenetrable in a way. She avoids getting that close and vulnerable with people. Which also means she often hurts people ...
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Is my coping mechanism for survivors guilt normal?

Just as a bit of background, I'm 24, female, Caucasian of German decent and asexual.  Don't know if any of it really matters in this scenario but, hormones has something to do with mental health so....just throwing it out there I guess?  Anyway, it hadn't really bothered me until recently, but I've been feeling something strange and the best way I can describe it, is like a survivors guilt sort of thing.
So, my ...
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Hi guys, I was diagnosed with BPD 4 years ago when I was 23 whilst I was attending a Therapeutic Community. This TC felt like a whirlwind, to be honest it really messed me up for a while, especially at the end, when you have been going there for a year everyday, then nothing. People went there own ways, therapists disregard you except for a monthly email/phone call. This did not bode well with my ...
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