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Hi I am desperately looking for answers...

About 10 years ago when I was 13 I saw something happen that made me so sick to my stomach I wasn't able to think about anything else for months ... but about 2 weeks after the incident I had some visual change happen along with a weird feeling in my head. It resembled dreaming in a way but not entirely... just really weird and uncomfertable. The thoughts about what happened went away after a ...
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Recently diagnonsed -- Conversion Disorder

:? I am very confussed --- I have been dealing with unexplained systoms for over 6 months now --- I have had serveral MRI - Was told I was having mini strokes--- all types of test have been run--- they can't find anything medically wrong with me --- I am 40 year old mother with 5 children --- they say it is stress ---- but I have ...
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Does anyone know if CD has genetic markers? I have a 15 year old who has ADHD and suffers with Depression. I have the same dx, but last week I finally put a name to what happened to me 20 years ago! I also have an 11 year old with Bipolar. Both my husband and I have mental illness in our family.

Like so many of you, I basically woke up one day (17 years ...
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I figured it out

You can't worry about hurting other people through arguing or acting like other people don't want you to act. I know it feels bad, but that's what you have to do, at least for now. I would tell people. I would even tell people that I can't worry about any problems that might develop in you, because as funny as it sounds, you are probably the only one having this problem. By the way, I've ...
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conversion disorder

Don't dismiss this. This is a serious problem. I imagine for the most part that the problem is with walking. You need to say that everything is cool. You have to reach this point. You have to concentrate. There are several things that could put up barriers at this point. The number one thing is your brain. You have to ######6 destroy everybody out of your brain. I don't care if others are having problems ...
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managing conversion disorder

One thing that I would consider initially to get rid of the fear response is that every time your mind "jumps" from the fear response is to beat yourself like hell with a belt. Do that three times a day and you will very quickly get rid of that fear response.
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is this really CD??

never mind, see Serpicor's reply for why I have deleted :roll:

wasting my time
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screw them

Yes tell people everything is cool, but at the same time everybody is the enemy. That sounds blunt but it seems like a lot of this stuff is associated with being stuck in a happy-go-lucky mindset. Yes your family is sacred but if something is messing with you you have to react. As well, if somebody bombs your house and kills everybody you know you have to be able to escape and survive on your ...
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somatoform disorder? or not? please help

-please read this, you can really help me, perhaps-
Hello everybody, my name is lucas and I'm 22. Since I was 14 I've been experiencing a lot of apparently neurological symptoms, to which I've not been able to find any organical explanation, yet the truth is that the doctors I visited have only done perhaps half of what can be done to diagnose something like this, an because of that, I'll soon go to a ...
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My Girl friend has CD...

Hi, my girlfriend of 16 years has had CD for 1.5 years, and i just researched it because i was curious, and i found this forum. Reading the posts is helping me cope with it, it was a huge shock reading all of the apparent symptoms and problems caused by it. I love her so much, and i feel completely helpless, i feel like i can do nothing to help her, i want to help ...
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