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This is a pretty long story, but all the details are important.

When I was 16, just before I went to sleep or went to bed, I would have these sort of jerking and twisting motions in my limbs (and head).

I had been aware of this involuntary muscle movement for quite some time and it didn't hurt or anything. When I started working in a restaurant, with dark background, flashing lights, occasional loud noises, ...
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Conversion Disorder or Not? Or is it just "me"

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I have conversion disorder

I was having a lot of blackouts and cataplexy after intercourse last year. My left hand went in and out for several months and in the summer time, my body seemed to get better. Now this year, beginning in October, my toes have been tingly - almost numb. I went to my chiropractor and she didn't know why this is happening except it may be raynoud's syndrome. - because they turn red white and blue ...
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my 18yr old daughter has CD and we're struggling to cope

My daughter has been diagnosed with CD, she cannot focus as her eyes continualy role, she makes constant noise and cannot string a sentence together sometimes not even being able to say one word without struggling, twitches and drops things, has numbness in her feet, chest pains and top lip turns blue, very shaky on her feet and constantly messing with her hands. It is tearing me apart watching her suffer and i dont no ...
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Conversion Syndrome

Is Conversion Syndrome an illness that can be or may be cured in time or is it disability (classed as disabled)?
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just been diagnosed wit con disorder

hi ive ju st been told ive got conversion disorder is there such a thing. they told me to start of with that id had a stroke then said my lymph nodes was raised then i was having fits i was completely terrified yet i was trying to tell them i wasnt then they said it was all in my head. now i see a psychiatrist every 2 weeks whose told me it my job ...
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New Here,Urgent Advice Needed!

Hi there,

that´s Patrick,25 from Germany.

I will try to give you a very brief overview of my situation.

Since June know I am suffering from body wide muscle weakness,twitching,lack of balance and coordination.Along with that I experience a whole lot of jittering,shaking and fatigue.

the weakness seems very real to me and is affecting every muscle in my body although slightly stronger on my left side.My muscles vibrate and jitter often with every movement ...
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Chest Tightness Conversion Disorder?

For the last nine months I have experienced tightness around my chest and head. It NEVER goes away. When it started nine months ago, it was mild. I has increased in severity until now, when it is almost unbearable.

I have been on antipsychotics for a year and I wonder if they are the culprit as they can cause muscle stiffness. I do not experience stiffness anywhere else in my body.
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Hi Im new and I have Conversion Disorder

Hi im 22 and was diagnosed last year. Im from the UK and im trying to talk to people who have the same condition. I also just wondered if the treatment is different in the US and if you get more support. or if like here people shy away from you.
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Hi all

im new just registered after finding this and i cant believe other people have conversion disorder :D :D

not that i want other people to have this but am so happy that its not just me, mine started in may of this year i lost the feeling in my left hand it started with pins and ...
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