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Campaign on Conversion Disorder.

Hi Everyone.
I'm trying to get a campaign underway in the hope of it benefitting people with CD in the UK but can't do it without your willingness & help. I posted about it on the mental health forum here:
http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/ ... n-Disorder

Hello Everyone.
I'm new to this forum but recognise some of you from Psychforums although I haven't been there for a while. I'm "bonica" here & ...
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can anyone put a name on this symptom? or had this?

"can anyone put a name on this symptom? or had this?
by Hamlet » Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:00 pm
So I have anxiety issues. I was in the middle of giving a presentation infront of class, and I was stuttering out of anxiety and it was frusterating me and my voice was fluctuating and really bothering me and making me more scared. And then I lost my voice...but I was still talking! UM. I ...
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what was i thinking

I had a funny moment a couple weeks back with the conversion disorder not funny then but now. Anyway so we had just gotten done watching a movie at 1:00 in the morning i chose after to take a bath dont ask me why just wanted one. Anyway i was in the tub for awhile and before that i was trying to hurt myself so i poured alcohol in the tub and got in nothing ...
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My story that lead to a CD diagnosis, and a question!?

My story coupled with some questions, if anyone cares to try and answer or at least subject their opinions I'd appreciate it!

It all started 3 weeks ago for me. I was home working in my house when all the sudden I couldn't see, I felt completely disoriented and off balance. I fell into my chair and sat down for a half our. It came in cycles I could see one minute couldn't the next. ...
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do doctors really understand this?

I have just been diagnosed with CD. In fact I wasn't: I was told it was all in my head, to go home and see a psychiatrist. Great minor detail... I can't walk. They dismissed me from hospital with out walking aids or any physio. And what am I meant to tell my boss? my doctor thinks I'm making this up? I haven't been able to walk normally for almost 2 months. This is obviously ...
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conversion disorder

hi out there i have a question to ask ? has anyone ever experienced a sensation like the one im going to describe. this has happened 3 times now and it scaring me. it sounds like a motor starting up and gets really loud i cant move or get any words out it doesnt last very long maybe a minute tops it leaves me fuzzy headed a bit like a hangover. 1st time it happened ...
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Just diagnosed

Went to big University Hospital on referral from local neuro for Parkinsonism, had 2 visits only to find out it is CD. First was in denial but now after a little research and reading your posts i must agree. Probably goes back to a car accident and nothing has been the same since, haved used wheelchair, cane, tremors, fatigue,weaKNESS,numbness and just about anything else, their suggesting psyh treatment, what does anyone think and does it ...
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hope it never happens again

yesterday i was so embarresed i was walking into windco food store and my legs started feeling funny. I almost fell right there walking but then i made it to the bathroom and i fell flat on the floor unable to stand again. To make matters worse i didn't have my cell phone. A lady came in and asked if i was okay i didn't know what to say so i didn't answer she asked ...
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raising awarness

I've just noticed something that i have looked for so many sites that have to do with conversion disorder support groups or forums and have found nothing useful it seems like no one knows about this and it hurts because it makes me think im alone with this disorder and it must make others feel the same. I want to do something to raise awareness i don't know what im only 17 any advice
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conversion disorder

Hi, I'm a newbee here,but am very grateful to have found this site:D I am so confused with this conversion disorder thing..and can't wrap my head around it..as to why it happened :o It started a year ago last March...just when I thought all was going well for me...than wammmmoooo!!!! I ended up having 2 teeth pulled and within 5 days...Had stroke like symptoms.. sudden onset of ...
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