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Think it's mild CD

Hey there.

I'm diagnosed with a personality disorder, having suffered with mental health problems for many years.

Since last September, I have experienced what I can only describe as bad blinking spasms. Sometimes my eyes will shut tight and I have to prise them open (annoying when trying to cross the road!) It started off fairly infrequently, then got pretty severe, then reduced, went away almost entirely for a few weeks, and is now intermittent ...
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New here, story, and new symptom?

Hi, I'm a 17 year old female with conversion disorder, anxiety, and severe depression. I was diagnosed in 2010 and have been in the psychiatric hospital three times, and was in and out of ERs for almost a year before my diagnosis. I had so many symptoms I don't even remember them all! It was very stressful and the doctors at the local children's hospital were about ready to pass me off as a Munchhausen ...
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Where are they? and why are we?

Where are they?
I am looking for anyone that has been cured due to any type of mental health therapy.
I have read a lot about cd/fnd and I have read many statistics I just can't find the 13% that have gotten better from CBT. Or the "most" who get better after they are told what they have and they accept the diagnosis. Where are these people??
Surely, 1 would say "wow that was difficult ...
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Relisting of conversion disorder, letter and petition,


The DSM is published by the American Psychiatric Association, but it is used all over the world. This book is referenced directly or indirectly by health insurance companies, government social health care, the medical community, etc. all across the globe. Regardless of which country you live in; it will have an impact on your diagnosis, treatment, and benefits received. The more support signatures we have will equal to ...
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Support group starting in Berkshire/north hampshire/surrey

If anyone lives in these areas and would like to join a support group please pm me
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Campaign for FND/Conversion sufferers

An amazing American lady has set up a website www.fndhope.org and some of us brits are joining her. We aim to put together details about the current situation with Conversion/functional disorders in our respective countries and around the world, we aim to discover whats is working for some in terms of treatment, we aim to try and discover better statistics about this condition, we want to discover who the ...
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How do you deal with Conversion Disorder on a daily basis??


I currently have conversion disorder that is stopping me from speaking. When i try to speak i stutter and have whole body convulsions and shakes. Sometimes the shakes happen without me trying to talk. I find this happens when i concentrate on how the conversion feels... Do you recognise any triggers?

Has anyone found how to stop this happening? Does CBT help? Do you think differently before the conversion occurs? Does your inner voice ...
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How to talk to professional about it?>

In 2009 a doctor on the nuerology floor told me that he thought I had conversion disorder. He said it didn't make since to diagnose it as TIA's when all the test results were normal even though my symptoms mimicked a stroke. There were times i had weakness on one side or had paralyses or vision problems and headaches.

He was the only doctor that thought of that but it was never pursued any farther. ...
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Looking for Help ?

My daughter (21) started having episodes of facial spams progressing to arm and leg jerking, eye twitching etc.... We have done all the medical stuff probably everyone here knows about, all the tests, scans, MRI, Cat Scans, blood work, etc and nothing has come back showing anything "medically wrong". She is also affected with Ocular Toxoplasmosis, which has reduced her vision somewhat.

The doctors here basically think it is neurological, and thinks it is caused ...
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What caused your conversion disorder?

What is the origin of your CD?
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