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getting over it?

Hello everyone, I was actually diagnosed with Somatic Disorder. For the last 3 years I have felt naseaus every day, pretty much all day long. I've had test after test and all sorts of drugs. Nothing has shown up on the test, and none of the pills work. Except gravol. I cant accept that it is all in my head, because if it was why cant I just think it away? Its become really debilitating. ...
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Newbie, Just Diagnosed with Conversion Disorder

Hi there,

I'm Dan, from the UK, and was diagnosed with CD just 2 days ago. I'm struggling with what to think or do, I can find very little info on it and what I can find seems to suggest that it is all put on but I know my symptoms are very real and I am not making them up.

The diagnosis was made by a neurologist after a hospital stay of a week ...
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hi,im new

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I was just wondering if any of you who have conversion disorder experienced deafness as one of your symptoms?
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conversion disorder help

I have recently been diagnosed with Conversion Disorder and my husband and I are looking for answers and wound up here. We are not sure how to live with this disorder and how to cope with the things that are happening because of it. The problems started about 7 weeks ago. We would love to talk to anyone who has this disorder, especially people who have been sucessfully treated.
The symptoms I am experiencing are: ...
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hi all :)

I'm seeing a pychiatrist the end of this month b/c i had problems with paralysis during stress and my GP refered me to check out CD. IF it is CD how will it be treated? with medication or talk therapy or something else? is it curable at all? i've had it for some years now. just want to know what to expect... and do ...
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Anyone with this disorder?

Hi all,

I am new here and joined tonight. Hope you are all well.

I am wandering if anyone here suffers with somatization/somatoform disoder? (Conversion disorder as well).

I have it myself and have never met anyone else with it. (I am diagnosed with somatization disorder).

To put you in the picture, I'm Becky, 30 and have been ill for 8 years with somatization/somatoform disorder.

I have been in a wheelchair until last year when ...
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Living with Conversion Disorder

I have lived with this for about 1 1/2 years, and I don't want to hear that we do this for any type of secondary gains. I have neurolgical symptoms that leave me housebound much of the time. I do have better days but there is no pattern. I also have Major Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and Panic Disorder. The jerking and shaking symptoms send the anxiety sky high, and I feel suicidal a lot. I ...
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Wellbutrin XL

hi, ive posted here b4. i dont have a username, but i go by fatryan. im bipolar I and in the process of finding the right meds. after trying basically every med, ive landed on geodon to control my manic episodes. it seems to work. ive been doing really bad lately with the depression side of my disorder and recently started taking wellbutrin xl again. ive noticed though, that every time i eat anything, i ...
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Incredible case - Conversion Disorder in my Girlfriend


First, sorry my english. Im from Brazil.

This is a history that must be told.

Since 2004, i found a beautifull red hair girl on the internet, and we start to talk each other. On this 2005 Carnaval ( early february ) i travelled to her city, 340 km from here, to meet her for the first time.

It was a magical moment... I was waiting until mid night in front of the citys ...
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