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CD lead to a horrible speech disorder. Need informations


Since the age of 17 I suffer from a slurred speech who got worse and worse since then but I just found out the cause yesterday!

For years I went to see all kind of doctors and I had speech therapies until I just decided to give up because everyone seemed to think I was just faking it.
I am 29 now and recently I have experienced a very hard time... I lost my ...
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PNES - NCBI Article

Paper from September 2015 about PNES (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures).
Might be informative to some people ->

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Almost beyond hope

My 16 year old daughter was dx with conversion disorder six months ago though the symptoms started when she was 10. Among other things she has episodes of parasleep in which she is violent. Because of this I can not take her out of the house. We travel by self pay ambulance to doctors' appointments. She needs residential psychatric treatment. It is not available in my state for minors. Out of state no one will ...
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Repressed memories?

I have always suffered from weird sexual feelings - I was attracted to older man and had weird sexual (aroused) feelings around them, including my father and his friends.
I started masturbating and only hardcore almost bsdm was turning me on, I didn't know why.
Most important thing - I had these nightmares, when I was shaking, had feeling like someone was "inside" me including something in my anus (finger?), I couldn't move or scream. ...
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Does it come in spurts

I am having conversion attacks I didn't know I was I went on this psych forums list looking to hone in on my disorder and make sure that I had schizoaffective disorder make sure it is the only thing .I will try to link my voices to people that I used to know right when they would talk about something or not want me to say or do something however strenuous that might cause them ...
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Conversion Attacks went away but something worse remains

I was diagnosed with conversion disorder in 2013. My symptoms were stroke like and mostly effected the right side of my body. I can't even describe the pain. Now i'm no longer having attacks because I have people. Theory presented by my psych squad: conversion pain got so bad that I split. So now i'm DID? Well this got interesting the last time I had something medically wrong with me. I didn't want to say ...
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All in my head? Treated like a nutjob

I won't get into the great long story or anything but basically I went from parathesia in my legs to complete paralysis in a week. The mri shows no problems with my spine and my blood work is normal (electrolytes, potassium, thyroid function, glucose, vitb12)

No other tests have been done.

I'm in agony. Mostly my legs. Probably because I can't move them out of an uncomfortable position. I can't pee and I've been constipated ...
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I am at a loss!!!! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE

I was just diagnosed yesterday after having Sotoseizures for 13 years now & then Dec 5th, 2014 I got sick & couldn't talk right now I stutter, my arms swing, my head turns to the right, my mouth twitches, I hurt from head to toe. PT & speech therapist say its cause I am so tense all the time...I feel like now I am just "Crazy" when the doctor said yesterday (1st time I've seen ...
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recently diagnosed with CD: feeling hopeless

The morning of May 21st, 2012, I awoke with a REALLY stiff neck and truly unbearable pain. Little did I know that my life had changed, and things would never be the same again. I immediately sought out a chiropractor and had a few adjustments over a couple weeks...didn't help. Then, I got my first MRI (of many) which showed a SLIGHTLY bulged disc of no clinical significance. Nevertheless, physical therapy was prescribed.
Over time, ...
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Conversion Disorder Seizures

Hello dear friends,

Have you or anybody you know had seizures that were not epileptic seizures (NES) and related to DID and Conversion Disorder?

I am having these types of seizures and although I have found literature on it my T has never worked with anybody that has had this condition.

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