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CD and Autism


I'm new to this board but have been on others within the site for a while now. I have Autism which is due to developmental delay from being born with my thyroid not working.

My question is.... Could CD only show symptoms at the times the stress was occurring, by that it mean it may come and go in the same day? For example I mean I find having to go out in public ...
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curious do these look similar to conversion symptom

Got new symptoms and when they are brought up in session my psychiatrist nods mhmm
In the past year and a half my vision sometimes completely blur and clears up.for a bout of six months a lot of muscles in neck region stopped being able to be flexed noticed when sleeping couldn’t pick my head up right.my memory often completely blanks and I can’t remember anything when I’m in a conversation I later remember I’ve ...
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I'm new, and wanting help.

Hey, everyone. I have recently been diagnosed with Conversion Disorder. And boy, does it sound weird to say it (well, type it). My struggle began over a year ago, with what I assumed was a mysterious sports injury. I would have moments where my left leg would 'lock up,' meaning I basically lost function of the limb. It would become incredibly stiff and I would struggle to move it. I became prone to partial muscle ...
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Learning to help my wife with Conversion disorder

I'm new here, I discovered this page because I was actively seeking out other people to talk to with this disorder. My wife was diagnosed in February of 2017 with CD and also has Disassociative disorder. She has what's called non specific trigger CD, as was diagnosed by the CDC mental health division where we live after all neurological tests were negative. She has it rough, she daily has symptoms of feeling what she calls ...
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Is there symbolism to these symptoms?

A little over a year ago I began to have panic attacks at school I was 17 at the time. I had always been anxious at school because I felt sick constantly but I took some aspirin and pepto bismol and so that I could eventually become distracted by my school work. Gradually the anxiety increased until I began to panic nearly everday. People would ask me what's wrong but I hated their attention so ...
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Online ongoing surveys/studies/call for participants

Current Surveys / Studies / Call for participants going on.

Study of Patient Credibility
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Urinary retention

Although I was never officially diagnosed, I think I very likely had this condition, associated with hypochondriasis. Only recently I discovered these are actually categorized diseases.
Initially, when I was 16 years old I just noticed I was urinating frequently. Over the following year, this evolved to urinary retention, I had troubles urinating, couldn't really do it easily. I was paranoid and thought I had bladder or prostate cancer. Did all kinds of tests, which ...
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Allergy as a psychosomatic disorder? [HELP]

Hello, I wanted to ask if somebody has allergy of some sort and has seen a psychiatrist/psychologist/psychotherapist and discovered it was psycho-somatic?

I have spring allergy but it lasts in the summer too, so I don't know how to call it. I started to wander if it's maybe psychosomatic. As a psychologist I want to share my thoughts and experience with you and I would appreciate if you shared yours.

I am defensive, little narcissistic, ...
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Think I have conversion disorder

Hello :) new to the forum.

I have no history of chronic mental health problems and am usually a happy, non anxious person. Unfortunately I recently had an incidental finding on a scan (hopefully benign but under investigation) and it has turned me into a nervous wreck. I am permanently terrified that it's going to be cancer, despite reassurance that it probably isn't. I am constantly on ...
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Undiagnosed but curious

Hi all my name is Rita,
I'm happily married with four beautiful children and I am 29 years old.
I have just completed my spring semester with As and Bs and am part time military. That means I'm in the national guard. It's a lot of fun even though some people think I'm crazy for thinking my job with the guard is an exciting way to spend a weekend. So anyway now I've shared some ...
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