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The rebuilding process

It seems to me a sudden realization. An entire lifetime of half truths or out and out lies I've perpetuated on anyone (potentially) that has had the misfortune of meeting me...
Especially women but certainly not exclusively
I've been married/divorced multiply times and having committed this pattern of behavior with them all
My latest relationship has ... for what ever the reason brought clarity to me like none other
I FEEL her suffering and personal ...
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I hate my self for what i did, I need some help

Hey guys, I'm huge liar i lie about everything when i moved to the new city i created my own fake life and from small town loser i became pretty popular in the big town, but i created a whole new identity about who i was before who my parents are and everything i even lied to my girlfriend about that who I'm. I presented myself as that cool guy with money and stuff which ...
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All over the place

Where to even start?? I've been in and out of therapy my whole life. LOTS of anxiety and diagnoses. I portray myself as this self help advocate and I've actually helped a lot of people start therapy and get sober. I'm proud of that. I have an amazing therapist who, in two years, got me out of my house after being agoraphobic and suicidal. That is why I believe so strongly in therapy with the ...
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I feel guilty about my lying.

I have lied about everything. I have no real friends, because they don't even know the real me.
My mom left my family when I was little, and ran away with her drug dealer, leaving my dad with 5 kids. I've never forgave her. I've lied that my mom was dead. I've lied that my mom was on vacation in Mexico (she went to Mexico a lot when I was a kid, even though she's ...
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I can't stop lying to my wife

I really am trying to change all of my negative quality's that have slowly deteriorated my marriage. My biggest thing right now is my lying. I do things then even though i know my wife is going to find out I lie about them. We're trying to work things out and I've really been being honest with her until last night she doesn't like me drinking and I drank we're long distance so I planned ...
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I am the worst

for as long as i can remember i have been a liar. i get backed into a corner and i just lie and lie and lie. even when everyone knows that i am lying i still cant help it. i have some repressed memories of taking things and lying about it, and according to my mother and father i have been lying and since i as little. i have been ruining my life with my ...
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Only realised recently that I lie compulsively

i only came to the realisation recently that i lie compulsively. I actually believed a lot of the things I was saying to friends, families and loved ones that I'm actually believed a lot of it.

What do you do when the lies catch up with you and the people that you care about most deeply get hurt. It's easy to say don't lie but to someone that has done it for a long time ...
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Please Help.

I want to tell my mom about my lying but I know she'll say I'm using it as an excuse or to get sympathy. How do i tell her in a way that doesn't make me look like I'm trying to get out of the lies I've told? I'm ready to accept the consequences of what I did but I also want her to know why I lie so much.
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Boyfriend compulsive liar - should I tell his psychologist?


I originally made this account to discuss my sexual addiction problems, hence the name...
My boyfriend has a serious compulsive lying problem.
He has kept me away from his treatment and I've always respected that as it is his therapy however it has put me in a rather frustrating and difficult position.
I won't go into details of the lies but some are extremely disturbing, shocking and severe. But he lies to everyone, in ...
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Should I Or Should I Not?

I wasn't quite sure exactly which topic heading to post this under because the "big picture" falls under many categories such as possible NPD, DPD, BPD and a few others.

However, the present issue at hand is this.
About 1.5 years ago I got out of an absolutely crazy 8.5 year nightmare of a relationship with a woman who has many issues as a result of being 3rd generation Foster Care, sexually abused as a ...
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