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compulsive internet liar - help !

Hi, how's everyone? I stumbled upon this site very recently and thought it could be of help. I'm struggling with my own lies and I seriously want it to stop. But anyways, here's the deal:

My lies on the internet have started many years ago. Perhaps at 12 (I am 20 now) and though it was normally nothing too serious, and I don't lie outside of it, the situation has started getting worse perhaps ever ...
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Serious lying problem

My name is Thomas.

I'm currently a sophomore in high school at the age of 16 years old. I've always been a bit of a lazy person, and ever since I first started getting real grades in the 6th grade, I've gone down the wrong road.

It started with my first few missed homeworks. I'd get in trouble with my parents for missing them, but the worst was yet to come. I'd attempt to lie ...
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Someone please help.

I'm in the beginning stages of realizing that I am a compulsive liar and always have been. I just recently had a huge wake up call with the last relationship I was in. It starts out with me telling little white lies and once I get caught lying...I TRY TO LIE MY WAY OUT OF IT!! It feels like I can't help it. Its like I have word vomit, the lies come out without me ...
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Brand new here - son challenges

My son has been lying for a very long time. He's 17. I can first recall him at 3 or 4 not taking responsibility for his actions, but figured, hey, he's a little kid. They tell lies.

Then he began to learn how to manipulate. He told his 1st grade teacher he had major surgery so that he could sit next to his friend.

And it grew. His addictions include pot, cigarettes, doing what he ...
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I stole again today and I just lied about it. I feel horrible. I hate them so much. I have told them to back away many times but they never listen. Don't do the things that make me hate you please. I am trying to get better everyday. I'm doing it all by myself. Can't you see? Don't you trust me? Why do you always feel the need to help me? You will never understand ...
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Help me please

So I have come to realization that I have this lying addiction these past days and I hate myself so much for it. It all started when I was a teenager or maybe even younger and I think it had to do with my family situation living in an environment of abuse even though it was never directly to me it affected me a lot. Growing up around people who seemed to have everything made ...
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my lies ruined some one´s life i feel suicidical

from 18-21 i was in a relationship with an older woman 27-30 i told her i wanted to marry her and have kids with her which was a lie!

i feel such guilt about this wasting her time like this that i want to kill my self. a year passed since i ended the relationship and i still life in the mentalhopsital since i feel so guilty.

i wasted 3 years of her life now ...
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Please help me, I can't stop, and I hate myself for it.

Hi, I won't say much, I just can't stop lying, I've repeatedly lied about having a boyfriend to my friends, and for two years now I would tell them that I might die from some serious illness that I don't feel like mentioning here (I do not suffer, nor did I ever suffer, from said illness, obviously), then I told them I had surgery and everything is fine, but some of them have started becoming ...
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I lie a lot about little things that don't matter. I'm a young female who once lied about my virginity to my own boyfriend. I lied to my friends about having a nonexistent little brother. I ended up telling my friends the truth but how can I explain to my boyfriend that I didn't want him to judge me????? :oops: :shock: ...
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Lying to Entertain and a STORY IN THE DESC

I probably shouldn't be super dramatic but I'll keep it brief.

I make white lies to tell stories and make things up to relate to other peoples' experiences.

My mom told me this story;

One day a man robbed a store. The police found him, put him in jail for a year, and released him. The man robbed the store again; he was caught and put in jail. Then he robbed the store a third ...
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