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The damage we do...

I really wish I could go back in time about 35 years and do so many things different. My lying has caused so much damage to my wife and my relationship. It is so hard to repair and takes so long. But mostly I wish I could change what I did so I had not caused her to have to deal with so much fear, lost security, and loss of the life she wished she ...
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Looking for a Clinical Term

I tried searching, so I will just post my question. Possibly someone with a Psych degree may have the answer.

I'm looking for the CLINICAL term (if one exists) for someone who says something opposite of something that they are actually guilty of.

For example, four people are talking in a social situation. Person one says "Did you hear about Marcie? She got fired from the grocery store for taking money from the register.". Person ...
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It's far too late for me

I'm 19 years old and have been lying for as long as I can remember. In youth, I was always a bold faced liar, sometimes being called out for it, other times not. I would lie all the time in school as I couldn't fit in with peers. I would lie at home as to flee from getting in trouble. I'm beyond any saving at this point because these lies are embedded in everything I ...
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CL stemming from self-confidence issues, how to stop?

Right now I am wondering how to put this into words, so if this sounds a bit jumbled I apologize.

I have always had a problem with me lying, mainly because I always felt awful afterwards, with hours and sometimes days of going "why", then another lie comes up and days turn into months, years and you get the idea. Done the lying bit for a while and I want it over with.

One of ...
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First day admitting I’m a compulsive liar

Hello everyone,

I am finally admitting that I can not stop lying and it is and in all likelihood end the relationship I’m currently in. I know I love this man and yet I have lied repeatedly to him about significant things to cover up my poor actions- ex. Texting a guy and then deleting the texts and lying about, we started talking again after a 6 month break (during which time I dated another ...
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Lying Personas

Alright, so basically if you're a compulsive liar with fake personas please take the time to answer these questions...

1: How many personas do you have?
2: Do these personas tend to try and match the personality of whoever you're talking with?
3: What is your thought process when creating one of these personas?
4: When creating a persona do you have a goal that you want to achieve?

Thanks ...
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Online studies related to Compulsive Lying

Current Surveys / Studies / Call for participants related to Compulsive Lying.

Lying Behaviors
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Character Creation?

I need help or at least some stories of shared experiences. I don't know if anyone else does this or is even aware that they do this but I litteraly create characters to manipulate the people in my life, this isn't always for bad means to an end in fact it's often not it's like a compulsive habbit I feel safe when I do it. But it's not like a concious thing you see? Like ...
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Moving beyond lying

Hello. I am somewhat new to the forum.

I have been an on and off liar for many years. I have seen it as an annoying habit. I'm never trying to hurt anyone, just sometimes stories get embellished, usually to make someone else feel better. Recently, I found myself at it again. I lied to someone that my son had died of an overdose. I don't have sons. I have daughters. At the time, I ...
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Name For A Specific Kind of Lie

So there are different kinds of lies. White lies and lies of omission for instance.

But there is another kind of lie that I am searching for the name of and information on.

It's kind of like a lie of omission, but not quite because the liar isn't deliberately omitting anything.

It happens when a group of people come under the impression that a certain thing is true about someone.

So for instance, a group ...
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