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Character Creation?

I need help or at least some stories of shared experiences. I don't know if anyone else does this or is even aware that they do this but I litteraly create characters to manipulate the people in my life, this isn't always for bad means to an end in fact it's often not it's like a compulsive habbit I feel safe when I do it. But it's not like a concious thing you see? Like ...
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Moving beyond lying

Hello. I am somewhat new to the forum.

I have been an on and off liar for many years. I have seen it as an annoying habit. I'm never trying to hurt anyone, just sometimes stories get embellished, usually to make someone else feel better. Recently, I found myself at it again. I lied to someone that my son had died of an overdose. I don't have sons. I have daughters. At the time, I ...
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Name For A Specific Kind of Lie

So there are different kinds of lies. White lies and lies of omission for instance.

But there is another kind of lie that I am searching for the name of and information on.

It's kind of like a lie of omission, but not quite because the liar isn't deliberately omitting anything.

It happens when a group of people come under the impression that a certain thing is true about someone.

So for instance, a group ...
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only way to kill the devil inside, is with the sword of trut

I had this interesting insight today.
Little background.
I am a compulsive liar.
I have been my entire life.
I also have addiction issues(food, drugs, maybe sex/love).

Anyway. I have been playing with different therapeutic techniques lately.
Actually I have been exploring different therapeutic techniques most of my life.
But I seem to have touched on something very profound recently.

With a combination of meditation, somatic-psychology, Jungian inner dialogue ideas and with the help of ...
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Lied to People Who Are Now My Friends, Please Help!

Four years ago I moved across country to where I didn't know anyone. I was feeling pretty insecure and after a couple of months of just working was desperate to make friends as I returned to college. This lead me to one of my biggest lies I've ever told, I claimed to have a job that I never had. I hate myself for it but I've also never came clean about it out of shame ...
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Admitting My Compulsive Lying

Hi everyone,
My name is Lin I'm 20 and recently have admitted to my mom of my compulsive lying, she knew before about how I constantly lied to everyone about everything, even little things, but I stopped doing it to my parents, and there was a period of time where I didn't lie at all, but recently I started lying again, more and more, mainly to online friends, At first it was just to my ...
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New July lying, tracking lies and getting honest journal

This is my second time doing this.
I learnt a lot. I will make a post about everything I learnt.

Here I plan to do 3 things.
1) track and record when I lie. Reason why I lied
2) the moment I am aware I lied, I get honest about it asap
3) If I don't get honest about it right away, make sure I do asap
4) start getting honest to everyone close to ...
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Fake Profiles

Has anyone else created fake profiles for websites?

Ever since I was in elementary school, I've been making fake profiles for e v e r y t h i n g. Facebook, Forums, Dating sites, other social media, etc. Even in online games, I give out wrong info about myself. I don't know what it is that makes pretending to be someone else so exciting, but it is. It really, really is. All the work ...
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I don't know what to do


I'm new here and I really want to understand what the hell is wrong with me and how to solve this problem.

I have lied since I can remember even when I was younger I would always make up lies in order to draw attention to me. For some reason, I always feel like the truth is never good enough.

I know that I lie for attention and to make myself look better I ...
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Please help

I have been lying to my online boyfriend regarding certain aspects of my life for many years now. After many thwarted efforts to meet (on my part) we decided to meet again but I have been so wracked with guilt about the lies I have told him, I told him I couldn't do it. I managed to come clean about two big lies, my real name and my age. He was very understanding and forgiving ...
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