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Lying Behaviors
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Character Creation?

I need help or at least some stories of shared experiences. I don't know if anyone else does this or is even aware that they do this but I litteraly create characters to manipulate the people in my life, this isn't always for bad means to an end in fact it's often not it's like a compulsive habbit I feel safe when I do it. But it's not like a concious thing you see? Like ...
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Moving beyond lying

Hello. I am somewhat new to the forum.

I have been an on and off liar for many years. I have seen it as an annoying habit. I'm never trying to hurt anyone, just sometimes stories get embellished, usually to make someone else feel better. Recently, I found myself at it again. I lied to someone that my son had died of an overdose. I don't have sons. I have daughters. At the time, I ...
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Name For A Specific Kind of Lie

So there are different kinds of lies. White lies and lies of omission for instance.

But there is another kind of lie that I am searching for the name of and information on.

It's kind of like a lie of omission, but not quite because the liar isn't deliberately omitting anything.

It happens when a group of people come under the impression that a certain thing is true about someone.

So for instance, a group ...
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only way to kill the devil inside, is with the sword of trut

I had this interesting insight today.
Little background.
I am a compulsive liar.
I have been my entire life.
I also have addiction issues(food, drugs, maybe sex/love).

Anyway. I have been playing with different therapeutic techniques lately.
Actually I have been exploring different therapeutic techniques most of my life.
But I seem to have touched on something very profound recently.

With a combination of meditation, somatic-psychology, Jungian inner dialogue ideas and with the help of ...
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Lied to People Who Are Now My Friends, Please Help!

Four years ago I moved across country to where I didn't know anyone. I was feeling pretty insecure and after a couple of months of just working was desperate to make friends as I returned to college. This lead me to one of my biggest lies I've ever told, I claimed to have a job that I never had. I hate myself for it but I've also never came clean about it out of shame ...
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Admitting My Compulsive Lying

Hi everyone,
My name is Lin I'm 20 and recently have admitted to my mom of my compulsive lying, she knew before about how I constantly lied to everyone about everything, even little things, but I stopped doing it to my parents, and there was a period of time where I didn't lie at all, but recently I started lying again, more and more, mainly to online friends, At first it was just to my ...
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New July lying, tracking lies and getting honest journal

This is my second time doing this.
I learnt a lot. I will make a post about everything I learnt.

Here I plan to do 3 things.
1) track and record when I lie. Reason why I lied
2) the moment I am aware I lied, I get honest about it asap
3) If I don't get honest about it right away, make sure I do asap
4) start getting honest to everyone close to ...
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Fake Profiles

Has anyone else created fake profiles for websites?

Ever since I was in elementary school, I've been making fake profiles for e v e r y t h i n g. Facebook, Forums, Dating sites, other social media, etc. Even in online games, I give out wrong info about myself. I don't know what it is that makes pretending to be someone else so exciting, but it is. It really, really is. All the work ...
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I don't know what to do


I'm new here and I really want to understand what the hell is wrong with me and how to solve this problem.

I have lied since I can remember even when I was younger I would always make up lies in order to draw attention to me. For some reason, I always feel like the truth is never good enough.

I know that I lie for attention and to make myself look better I ...
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