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new to the forum and unsure

Hello :) I am new to the site as a whole, as well as this forum. I've been struggling lately and am completely unsure where to go. For years now I've have some suspicions that I might be a compulsive liar, or something of the sort. I am nervous to go to my therapist or parents about it, mostly for fear of judgement. Admitting that I have ...
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Does anyone feel like they are totally telling the truth, but only from your point of view, so it seems like a lie?
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How can I recover from a massive lie to my partner

From a very early age, I've been a compulsive liar. At first, I would lie about small things as an act of self preservation. I would tell my parents that I'd done chores when I hadn't or would tell classmates that I had scored better on tests than I actually had. Furthermore, my affinity with lying was fueled by the fact that I was really good at it. I felt like I was getting away ...
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Leading a double life...

It's weird this time if year because no ones playing out and I've got far to much time on my hands to think.

I've never thought about my life in this way before but it's just occurred to me that I've been leading a double life and I've been doing this for all of my life.

I'm sure this must fall into the realm of compulsive lying because all I've ever done for all of ...
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Who Do you wanna be?

Best thing I ever did for my kid was say

You wanna be the guy who makes mistakes & can correct them?
Or You wanna be a liar?
Cuz these are 2 VERY different guys
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Compulsive liars...

Do you feel as though everyone else is a liar too?

I used to lie all the time and to be honest I didn't even know I was doing it.
I think it was because I felt ashamed of who I was and where I was from and what was happening to me and it was a defence mechanism.

It went on up until recently really and I still find myself doing it now but ...
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I really need motivation/advice right now

I’m sorry that this will be super long, but I’m searching for hope. I want happiness, I want to succeed with my dreams but it’s tough. I need some kind of encouragement here, somewhere to tell the truth. Somewhere to open up to a place full of strangers that I’ll never see again. I could use some unbiased advice, and hope.
Being honest about everything is tough. This place is anonymous, and I don’t have ...
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New member searching for help

: :| Hi I am Doc and a compulsive liar.
I have destroyed my relationship with the woman I love. We are not together now as we both have ailing parents.

I am so thankful for finding this forum. I am in tears. I need to overcome this so we can be together. She says she needs time and I am willing to do what's needed.

This ...
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Lying in a relationship

I always seem to lie when I am in an uncomfortable position. I say whatever I think will make the situation easier in the moment. This led to me losing my girlfriend of three years because she could not stand my lying anymore. I have tried to end my habit, but I always seem to mess up. I have trouble committing to things in general. How can I be courageous enough to tell the truth ...
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My brother is a liar and manipulator. Can someone help?

Hi I am wondering if I can get some help. My brother has always lied to some extent.He sometimes asks for money and after he forgets about it and acts like i never gave him those money. If I say NO he rings my parents with stories and I am always an awful person just give him what he wants he will pay it back . He lies, he's selfish, he uses me, he's irresponsible, ...
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