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Prisoner of War (Trigger Warning)

Part 1. I was a prisoner of war at the tender age of 13, along with my mom and dad. This took place in a Saharan (African) country. It lasted several weeks. Combat was taking place albeit sporatic, gun fire, machinegun fire, occasional cannon or tank fire, bullets pinging off our walls. There existed from the first day of the revolution a general order that any civlians would be shot on sight by the army. ...
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North Africa, Sahara Trauma

I am not a (official) US armed forces member. I have served my country. I am a US born, combat, wounded veteran of multiple conflicts. I am a former prisoner (of Revolution). I have provided support for my dad who was a USN officer providing Intel for US armed services. I provided active support at great physical risk as a child. That is to say I was on several occasions experiencing existential threats. I was ...
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Combat Medic in need of advice

Short background about myself, I was a combat medic and immediately was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan where I spent 10 months. Everyday was horrific and about a 1/3 of the way through I was moved to the trauma bays because my fellow guys just knew "doc ain't right". I can't and won't begin to explain what I've seen or done especially with the EWIA's... I was discharged due to mental reasons. It seems like my ...
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Hello all. I am a first time poster. I returned from Afghanistan about 10 months ago after serving a one year tour (Federal govt employee) and have experienced anxiety and possibly PTSD like symptoms. Immediately after I returned to the U.S. I would sometimes feel short of breath and that I could possibly pass out. This specific symptom has gotten much better over the last several months (and is essentially non existent now) but it ...
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Veteran Father with PTSD, not sure how to help

I guess it's story time. I'm a young adult finishing up college at the moment. My father served in the Special Forces in Nicaragua back in the 80s before he met my mother. For years my father never wanted to talk about his military service.

Fast forward and I'm off to college. Suddenly my father is having issues with PTSD that he hadn't suffered from in a very long time accompanied with bad depression. He ...
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Definition, symptoms, and treatment?

What exactly is Combat PTSD? Just interested
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Therapy for PTSD

I wasn't in the armed forces, or have combat PTSD. I did have sexual assault related PTSD and found a therapy that can be used to treat ANY kind of PTSD... is in fact frequently used with combat PTSD. It saved my life. It sounded like hocus pocus at the time.. I held NO hope of its actually working but I was already in the office, already paying for the hour visit so I gave ...
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It's a strange feeling...

So, I detached from the US Navy over a year ago. Since I detached, my life has kind of been a blur. I am doing very well in college, trying to make myself better, but a few weeks ago, I had yet another serious mental breakdown (and to be honest, it was induced by alcohol). This one was the worst I've had in a while, and it cost me dearly... My fiance became scared of ...
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What to do in the mean time...

I'm not sure if this is where I should even post this - but I'm posting here because this is the only clear diagnosis I have as of right now and I didn't know where else to write. If it's not correct, I apologize - I'm new here.

I was diagnosed with PTSD after suffering two long abusive marriage with two different men. The first was horrific, the second not as bad but nonetheless, abusive. ...
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PTSD Treatment In Veterans

Just thought i should share with you guys the latest news about PTSD that's apparently been experiencing by US Veterans.

United States veteran health care is currently in a labyrinth of inadequacy. Add to this the fact that some crucial medications do not work, as reported by a brand new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. According to the study, probably the most widely prescribed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) narcotics are ...
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