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I have been diagnosed with a thought disorder

Im not sure what the symptoms are now but going through Wikipedia it seems I have these:

Derailment but not very severe
Pressured speech/flight of ideas

Any1 had similar minor issues such as this?
I am told to exercise which I have started doing and I am also doing meditation.
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I am terrified! I am 16 years old, and last week I was told I am borderline intellectual functioning (74 IQ). I have never been in any special classes or needed them. I was always a A,B,C student until 9th grade. I started missing a lot of school (90+ 9th/10th grade year). I dropped out in 11th. I am now in GED classes. My brain since 9th grade has been terribly foggy, but it has ...
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Really curious about a lot of threads here..

Not entirely sure what I'm getting at, but- and taking into consideration how super vague most of the posts here are (which really is completely fair given the context)- this whole is sub-forum is loaded with threads and people that, anywhere else, would be just crazyhard to find. I'll for sure's be skimming around a bit and PMing some members here, but also, in my own sad, short-sighted attempt to kill some of the subjectivity, ...
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the feeling of shame?

I was wondering if it was familiar to anyone... I experience swings in the way I see the world. Any time I feel good about the world, I remember good things from my past, I smile even laugh, the world seems good, etc... a few minutes later I experience a shift in my feeling... I feel VERY ashamed and pessimistic (very dark) as if I was ashamed of myself of having been happy.
Has ...
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Mystery Cognitive Condition

Hey what's up guys.

Unfortunately I'm dealing with some sort of mystery disease and after several years of trying to figure it out I've not made any real substantial progress. My GP was of course unhelpful and couldn't understand anything besides what an anti depressant or adderall could treat so I started my own research. I also saw a couple psychologists who said that I just needed to talk about my feelings and that it ...
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Attention Deficit Disorder/Autism

Hello, this is my first post on psychforums.

I believe I have ADD or some other kind of cognitive disorder.

Its always been difficult for me to take instructions, I did very poorly academically at school and have lost many jobs because of the symptoms.

Often my mind can drift of into a fantasy, like I am in my "own little world", when I am doing something that doesn't engage my interest, I also suffer ...
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I'm having problems.

Hi I'm not sure if it's is where I should be posting this but I'm having problems thinking. Everything I try to learn hurts me. And when I'm talking I'll get stuck trying to say a word but can't. I once tried to say Indian for 5 minutes without success and gust give up. I used to be really good at writing and talking. But I used to get twitched down my left side of ...
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neurological disorder-total insomnia

Hi, my name's Josh, I'm 25 years of age, and was perfectly healthy before all this, except for some swollen nodes under my ears that would get sore every once and a while. I have a horrible issue here and think I may have a severe neurological disorder or fatal insomnia and possibly dying. This is my third bout with this and I'll explain what's going on now and when it all started. Currently, I ...
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I can't think

Sorry. How I describe it to other people is usually that "I can't talk or think, even in my own head" "I have no thoughts" "It's kind of like I'm stuck in a different personality, only it's like I'm just a much dumber version of myself"

I also get confused a lot and have a really hard time making things sound coherent

How I know I should, and can be talking hasn't changed, and when ...
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Simple, Inexplainable Project Block

When I entered college three years ago I began learning to program for my computer science degree. While I had other interests in philosophy and fiction writing, I saw little reason to believe I would not be able to have a career in programming and UI design. However, the more I programmed, the slower I became. I would manage my time and plan, but no matter what I would continue to blank out as to ...
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