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The Trappings of Thought

Recently I went through a few weeks of an extremely traumatic experience where unintentional, meaningless, and completely random thoughts have seemed to cause a scar on my brain and is proving to be quite the lengthy process to recover from. It all began when I heard voices in my head threatening me with violence, talking amongst their selves about doing something to me while I was sleeping, and then making me feel entrapped into a ...
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Blank Mind

Hey guys, this is my first post so here goes,

My mind is completely blank every second of the day. There are never any thoughts in my head. It is always empty. And even if I desperately try to think, I am unable to generate thought. I can’t picture or visualize anything in my head either. It is just darkness. I can’t focus on literally anything even entertainment: from YouTube videos to movies to video ...
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I can't think

My thoughts are becoming more and more different from people's thoughts as I'm having more and more trouble in raciocinating. When people hear what I think about stuff they say that it seems that I'm from another planet, I have absurd considerations. For example, my family was talking about schizophrenia and suddenly I realized I didn't know why people think schizophrenic people are crazy, I thought they were nice people to become acquainted with. I ...
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Difficulty Thinking - Memory Problems

Hello. I have a few questions about what certain cognitive issues can be or if there is a term for them. I would like some light shed on some of my issues.

I am in my early 30s. I have A LOT of "brain farts." I can probably literally listen to a song 30 times in a row and still forget most of the lyrics. Overall, I have a terrible memory (short-term and long-term). Many ...
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I'm ruining my life!!! TW (trigger warning)


Only as I've gotten older I come to realise that I haven't really done anything in my life since I was 5. This isn't because I don't want to, but because I just can't retain information and since I've grown up it's gotten significantly worse. I don't know if it is down to psychological trauma or maybe it's because of the times I would go "cold-turkey" on medication as a child ...
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please help me

Is there some kind of disorder that messes with your brains ability to ground abstract concepts? I think I may have it. It's hard to explain basically it's that all of my thought patterns are too "rigid" and "fragile".
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Something isn't right

Hey guys. I'm a senior in highs school at the age 18. Things have been starting to feel very weird lately. I've been going through phases where I can't feel like I've been to somewhere I've been like school or elsewhere. It's like I've slipped into a different existence and the real me is still in real life. Everything I do in this "existence" doesn't feel real but only in that existence does it make ...
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Swirling in my head; Clouded mind;? Please help!

Hey guys I'm new on this forum but I'll try to be specific as possible.

Lately I have been feeling that my mind is extremely foggy. When I turn my attention inward I can feel a type of "swirling" in my head. Almost like I can feel this pressure transitioning to different areas of my brain.

The swirling pressure will be in tense in my frontal lope, then starts to transition to the back of ...
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Thought blocking

Hi guys!

I'm 20 years old, male.
I'm gonna describe the disorder that afflicts me by a year: in my mind I have clear all the thoughts but when I have to express them in words a blockage occurs, the feeling is not that someone has stolen thoughts but rather than an interruption of the spontaneous flow of thought (from brain to mouth), this is accompained by a feeling of discomfort.

It isn't an isolated ...
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My little hallucination

Hi... Lateley seems I have no freedom. I've been seeing and hearing things that are really there, that come together to taunt me as if the world werean organic being which is digesting me. Because voices will string together ideas making reality look like a bunch of signs at face or implying value. My main concern is that if I ever do get ahead in life, that something like this will just come along and ...
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