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A part of my mind is gone after taking an edible

Hi, I could really use some help. I’m in a terrible place and I feel very alone. I wasn’t sure where to post this because I feel like it isn’t a very common problem. I really struggle with anxiety as well but I think this is a separate problem. I’m a 22 year old male and I feel like a part of my mind has disappeared because of an edible I took. It's like a ...
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Need Help To Identify Potential Mental Dysfunction?

Hello! I'm new here. It's nice to meet you all. :)

So I'll keep it short and sweet. I've wondered about having a dysfunction for as long as I can remember in general (childhood events did not help much, either) but I feel like recent events and my environment are exacerbating what may have previously existed, including creating a new set of problems.

I think it got ...
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Memory Troubles: Who to Talk To

Memory issues to such an irksome degree is a relatively new phenomenon for me, but it's something I've been experiencing more and more (possibly somewhat due to age) probably due to my attentions being wrested away by focusing on depressive thoughts. There's more to it than that however. I spent a great deal in my mind, in analytical mode poring over every action with an excruciating conscious awareness. Being stuck in this state perpetually, combined ...
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Trouble with Memory - What could this be?

For the past 6 or so years, I have had trouble with memory in a certain area.
When someone is spelling out a word to me that I'm not familiar with, I cannot visualize the spelling in my head. I have to ask them to spell it out very slowly, otherwise I cannot comprehend it. The same goes for a series of numbers (for example: a phone number). I know this isn't normal because I ...
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advice for Executive Disorder/ADHD in a formal meeting?

I'm a PhD candidate closing in on my defense and I'm panicking again because I remember my preliminary defense, after which all the panic attacks started, and during which I began to realize my thought processes are for lack of a better term retarded.

I have already been diag. with generalized anxiety disorder and dysthymia since childhood. Recently a friend whose family member was diag. with Executive Disorder recognized some of my symptoms as either ...
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Questions about avolition

I just found out about Avolition the other day. Had never heard about it before but I think I suffer from it.

I'm a 36 year old man. I haven't had a job in almost a year, I'm broke, can barely afford food and have been relying on my parents for help. Almost every job I've had in life I sort of stumbled upon or they were offered by a friend or acquaintance. I never ...
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Difficulty reading

I have a hard time reading. I was wondering what kind of healthcare professional I can see with health insurance or places I can visit for free tutoring/instruction on how to read.

If I can see an educational psychologist, I was wondering what would an educational psychologist do exactly.
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Difficulty reading

I have difficulty with reading. I wanted to know what kind of healthcare professional I can see with health insurance to fix this at low cost or for free, or if there are places that I can visit where I can get tutoring/instruction with reading for free.
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The Trappings of Thought

Recently I went through a few weeks of an extremely traumatic experience where unintentional, meaningless, and completely random thoughts have seemed to cause a scar on my brain and is proving to be quite the lengthy process to recover from. It all began when I heard voices in my head threatening me with violence, talking amongst their selves about doing something to me while I was sleeping, and then making me feel entrapped into a ...
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Blank Mind

Hey guys, this is my first post so here goes,

My mind is completely blank every second of the day. There are never any thoughts in my head. It is always empty. And even if I desperately try to think, I am unable to generate thought. I can’t picture or visualize anything in my head either. It is just darkness. I can’t focus on literally anything even entertainment: from YouTube videos to movies to video ...
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