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From BFF to IdontKnowYou

Hi everybody,

I´m new to this forum and I hope I found the right topic for my problems, as my english is not the best. But I couldn´t find the right forum in my language and also were afraid that the person I´m talking about could find herself in my sentences. So please, if I chose the wrong position for my question, correct me!

Why I chose this area "cognitive beh..." is because I started ...
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Is ERP similar to CBT ?


Its been only a few years since I understood that I'm a lesbian. It's causing severe impact in my life. How people look at me worries me the most. This resulted in anxiety problems. I don't know how to recover from it. Wrong thoughts and feelings are darkening my mind.

Recently I consulted an OCD therapy treatment clinic in Toronto. They suggested for Exposure Response Prevention. That was the first time I heard about ...
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Rate how you feel?

I did CBT a few years ago. I think I have anhedonia. At the start of every session I had to rate how I felt from a number between 1 to 10.

I don't feel anything. It wasn't successful.
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rOCD / OCD ...

Hi ...

I definitely have been experiencing OCD for a long time ... I also suffer from anxiety and depression ... I also have had Epilepsy for almost my entire life ...

I am 54 years old ... I am a retired Math and Computer Science teacher - I had to retire after 21 years due to the Epilepsy ...

Anyway, I feel that I definitely have rOCD - I have been going to counseling ...
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CBT with multi-dimensional awareness?

Hello folks,

I am wondering whether this exists.

I am interested in identifying therapists who integrate psychic/intuition/metaphysical awareness.

Specifically, the issue is RAD. I may be looking in the wrong place but I believe CBT deals with attachment disorders. I think it would be especially enlightening if the therapist had an awareness of the spiritual aspects described. In my particular situation my lover has RAD. I am connected to her at a deep level. There ...
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4th therapist and a new one is needed


I have been in therapy on and off for the past 4 years, as it all started with my marriage having problems, went into me figuring out he is either narcissistic or sociopath or both, and abusive, so i left and got divorced.
That was 3 years ago.Last 7 months i've been in regular therapy, and i feel i am not yet where i want to be.
I don't have any clarity on my ...
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Play the Script Until the End

Can anyone please explain me the procedure of Play the Script Until the End under CBT..
with an example please, say that I'm worried about exams.
can anyone take it as the feared thought and explain.
Thank you..
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A couple of questions about CBT

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can give me some advice relating to CBT.

I have been suffering from depression for many years and I decided to read David Burn's book, Feeling Good. I've been working with the Daily Record of Dysfunctional Thoughts, where I write down each unpleasant emotion, cognitive distortion and finally create a rational response.

However, I have a couple of questions:

At one point in the book, he talks about writing ...
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I'm Commtting to the Work of CBT; Is This a Support Group?

I was hoping to talk through my issues, related to numbness, and attachment trauma, and the sense that others will not help me do my duty, and that others cannot be relied, upon. One of my therapists gave me some worksheets, and I have been working through them; could I talk about them, here?

Basically, my goal, is to confront my family, and their enablers, and I can show my work, which has gotten me ...
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Irrational should statements

Does anyone ever deal with irrational should statements? As I made evident in a post below, I think that these these are more common in cognition than we realize.

Of course, one probably familiar example of should statements are things that are partially premised on socialization, like "if I don't have a job then I don't have worth" of "If I am not beautiful then I don't have worth". There is no way to prove ...
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