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I'm a gentle little boy in a huge man's body

I used to be this skinny little autistic kid, and parents and educators always told me that anything that went wrong in my life happened because I 'Was playing games', or 'Wanted to cause trouble for them'
I was supposed to know better because I was 'So smart'
This year is the first year in my 42 years on Earth that I've stopped listening to criticism, opened up, and started acting on impulse, to overwhelming ...
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What could make a child this way ***TW***

Child age 7 had or*l sex with same age peer. Started acting out same behaviors on dolls. Then at 11 played humping game with same age cousin. Humped sister and pushed dogs face to privates clothed. Urges to sexually touch other people.
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I want to speak with others than have experience of , and remember starting to have DID/ NOS in childhood. For me, I think I remember from 5 years . But I'm not sure of the break. Is this even possible. I read an article about DID in a three year old. Is there anyone else out there who can shARE their experiences with me? i have also posted in the other forum trying to ...
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obsessed with browsing the internet

i am obsessed with browsing the internet all i do is browse it. also...im very physically ugly. i dont like it. i wish i were pretty. also im very dumb :'( all i do is cry. i cant even remember most of my life.
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My Mother Acted Like A Child - What was wrong with her?

My mother, for as long as I'd known her, and according to my aunt - her whole life, has been mentally, emotionally, and socially below average. I never had a good relationship with her. She was completely selfish and self-centered as a child is. It was always "me, me, me." She never acted like a mother. (I'm trying my best to put this factually and not emotionally.) As a child, she was always jealous of ...
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Hi all,
I think I have misophonia. I don't know, I get irritated when I hear the clicking of pens or the sound of erasers rubbing against paper. I burst into tears, cry my heart out, scream my head off, and curl into a ball when my mom makes a noise. I also have grapheme-color synesthesia, sound-color synesthesia, emotion-color synesthesia, pain-color synesthesia, time units-color synesthesia, a bit of taste-color synesthesia, and a bit of smell-color ...
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Calm violence in a child... worried

I am a full-time nanny for one child and have encountered some worrisome behavior in the 6 year old I watch. He's got other behavior problems, but what's below is what I'm really concerned about.

A couple of days ago I drove him to soccer practice and allowed him to play on the playground for a few minutes. Within about 2 minutes of getting on the playground he very calmly walked all the way around ...
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When a Child Will Not Speak? Mute?

I'm just wondering what is the diagnosis when a child decides to become mute but only in school and around strangers but will speak when around close friends and family? What is it and why does it happen?
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Generation of "Entitled" children

New blog, about children in the Millennial generation, who have developed an overall sense of entitlement & self importance. Check it out:

http://psychperspectives1.blogspot.com/ ... ation.html
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Child-self in a war with Adult-self

Hello, I have a friend who has this issue, and I want to understand more about it. I figured this would be the proper place to ask about such a thing.
Does anyone experience this?
How could you describe it for me, like how it makes you feel, how it affects your social life, etc.
and what steps are you taking to get through this? I need you to be specific, like specific things you ...
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