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Feeling Like I Have No Right To Be Angry Now

I’m currently going through a big bump in the road with my life, I’m 23 and have found myself fixating over childhood sexual, physical and psychological abuse lately. For years I’d tried to move on and develop some sense of mental strength despite a difficult childhood. I’m realising now I’ve never given myself the chance to properly process anything. I really am the type of person who NEVER talks about my personal problems, I’m generally ...
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Merry Christmas

To everyone here, especially to all those who regularly offer support to others, wishing you a Merry Christmas and hoping for good things for you and those close to you in the new year.

Merry Christmas !!
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Feeling like my abuser was two different people?

Does anyone else have experience with this? And if so, how did/do you cope with it? When I was a child I was abused by my significantly older brother (to give an idea of how much older he is than me, when I was five he was starting college.) And yet, despite the constant criticizing, scrutinizing, teasing, and yelling and occasionally hitting, he did have his moments of tenderness as well. There were a few ...
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Surviving a psychopath. Why my father did this thing? *TW*

Hello everyone.

My story is a bit long, like, I believe, most of you.

At this moment of my life (male / 35 years old) I am connecting actions that happened since I have conscious, and I concluded that I have been living continuous lies and reality alterations.

I found out that my father is (so far) a psychopath and narcissism. I have been studying deeply for the past months, almost a year, the behaviors ...
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I was abused when I was young may trigger

When I was 11 I was abused by my cousin he was 2 or 3. Years older than me I have always felt I should of said no but I didn’t he made me do everything to him I can’t tell my mom what happend I told my counselor about it because this happend I have felt like I might be gay because I didn’t say no sorry if I posted this in wrong forum
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Another Penny Drops

I have some respiratory issues which I thought stemmed from my MBP as a child. Turns out it is not COPD (thankfully) but was still caused by my childhood. Spent way too long with the specialist (very nice man) who was trying to work out the "why" of my issue. We both think we found it.

Anyway the by product was the conversation. He asked many questions about my childhood, about whether I could breathe ...
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I am being haunted (TRIGGER WARNING)

Hi there, I’m a guy who likes both cats AND dogs (yes, we DO exist), major history buff, avid swimmer.
And I am being haunted…
Now before you call the Ghostbusters, it is not the spirits of the dead that are haunting me, it is my mother, her voice, her essence.
Let me explain.

Me: Autism, ADHD, IQ 142, photographic memory, adheres to absolute logic, didn’t know I suffered from autism or ADHD until age ...
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Done with my mom for good

Thanksgiving came and went and I didn't call my mom. I am not in her life anymore. She is not in my life anymore. I don't want her in my life. She tried to weasel herself into my life again, and I sort of got scared she would do it, force herself into my life again and make me so unhappy. She said some really mean things about me recently. Made fun of me about ...
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EMDR or Something else to treat issues from childhood abuse?

I was emotionally and physically abused as a child and now have issues associated with that. I'm looking for some kind of therapy that taps into the subconscious mind and helps treat issues from childhood trauma. I've heard EMDR is great but that it works better for single episode victims. Is there a therapy better than EMDR that taps into subconscious and focuses more on general ongoing physical and emotional childhood abuse instead of single ...
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Trust and socialising - or at least I saw a Picaso

Last Monday my dear wife dragged me into town to see a display of impressionist paintings from the Hermitage. This is not something I enjoy, but it was big for her.
It was a semi private showing after hours for members of her old University Alumni with guest speakers, also ex-Alumni being executives from two of our biggest banks.

I hated most of it. Not the art, just being there. I always do. Parties weddings, ...
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