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What are later effects of childhood sexual abuse???

I was sexually abused when I was about 3-5 years old. While it was a traumatic and serious event, I haven't been able to root it to many of my problems. I have problems with compulsive lying and trycilliomania (sp?) - aka pulling out hair - and I clearly have self-esteem issues, etc. But I can't connect the dot between the sexual abuse and my current condition. I feel like I've acknowledged it to the ...
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My name is Tierra and I am 15 years old. I am afraid to say anything because I am afraid of something worse happening. I am not going to go into detail but I have just moved in with my grandparents a year ago. I just came from another foster family until my grandparents said they wanted me. And I thought it was going to be so kewl living here with no fighting and no ...
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Help with my daughter

I'm not quite sure where to place this. I'm a young mom. My daughter is 10 and I am 28. My daughter has a pretty severe bipolar disorder. Lately it's been worse. She goes to therapy and all of those things, but it doesn't seem to help. She's been cutting and burning herself a lot lately, and she's been extremely unhappy. She even thinks that her stuffed animals want to kill her, and stuff like ...
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:?: I am the step mother of a 9 yr old.He is a very lovable child ,but I am scared for him.
He lives with his mother and stepfather in a very abusive home. The stepfather has been charged with 5th degree domestic on the mother and yet she still stays with him.
The concern is that my stepson has been telling us things that his stepfather ...
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Dealing with child abuse

Hello everyone

I am new to this forum, I was sexually abused when I was fourteen and have not really recoverd from this, I still do not trust men and have allowed this to take over my life, I have done certain things to hurt myself and never really felt proud of who I am... I am now in my early fourties and have fought a battle to get here. I have seen several Therapists ...
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Anger management help for a single dad?

I'm curious how other single dads handle life without a mom for their kids. I'm divorced two years now, I have 3 boys and haven't had a stable job for many years. Lately I have been trying to grapple with many different responsibilities - I've just changed jobs, and am still interviewing for the best one; trying to keep up with the bills on a paychack to paycheck basis; and keeping my kids 85% of ...
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How Affected Are You By Childhood Abuse?

I thought I might post this poll in a couple areas of abuse. Please feel free to post, and if you care to, comment on your answer.

I voted that the abuse bothers me now and then. As I continue in therapy I am finding that I have very little memory of a lot of things. Especially the things that had to do with my mother and father. They weren't monstrous parents......but they were both ...
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